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DIY Beaded Denim Jacket (NO SEWING)

DIY Beaded Denim Jacket (NO SEWING)

hey everybody welcome to my channel. I’m Miaira Jennings and in this DIY video I’m gonna show you how I made this DIY hand
beaded denim jacket. stay tuned alright guys, in my last poll I asked you
whether I should paint or bead this denim jacket and the majority of you
wanted me to paint it so I did exactly that and I followed a good old Bob Ross
tutorial. I’ll go ahead and link to the full video below and you can click the
top right to check it out. but you know what?
since this poll was the closest I’ve ever had, I decided I’m gonna go ahead
and do the losing option as well. I’m gonna beat a jacket. so I’m starting with
this plain denim jacket and for this project I’m going to be modifying both
the back and at the front of the jacket but feel free to do whatever you think
will look best. it’s completely up to you by the way you guys have to go check out
overqualified. I absolutely love the shirts. one of my favorite shirts. I love
what they stand for. being confident knowing your worth and knowing that you
are more than enough. so I will also link to the overqualified website below. you
gotta check them out. all right now back to the DIY. in addition to the jacket I’m
using a colored pencil, these colored round beads and fabric
glue. that’s it. for more information on these items just scroll down to that
description box. all right first things first I am using the colored pencil to
outline the basic shape that I want to create. and I know it’s hard to tell but
I decided to go with a nice little face I’m gonna do some lips, some
sunglasses. I originally wanted to do big fro hair but I realized it didn’t have
enough beads for that. so we’re just gonna stick with some lips a nose and
sunglasses and eyebrows. but feel free to create whatever image you want. once
you’ve drawn out the basic image outline, it’s time to start adding those beads.
now I must admit I first planned to actually hand so all of these beads onto
the jacket. I tried three or four and quickly realized that that was going to
take me an eternity. so I decided to start all over
and use the miracle that is fabric glue and
I’m so glad I did. so all you have to do is trace your drawing with fabric glue,
fill it in where it needs to be filled in and place your beads right on top. now
I personally think it looks better when the holes are not showing but that’ll be
completely up to you. and as you can see I’m starting off by creating some nice
juicy red lips. now just FYI I decided to go with fabric glue instead of a hot
glue gun or e6000 glue because this fabric fuse fabric glue not only
has an extremely strong hold but it also dries pretty flexible so you can move
around when you’re wearing this jacket and you don’t have to worry about the
glue cracking and the beads chipping off alright and now the lips are done and
looking good and I’m gonna move on to those sunglasses. I created sort of a cat
eye shape so what I’m first going to do is use my fabric glue to outline the
shape and make sure that each side is even. and then I’m gonna start filling it
in with the glue and adding my black beads you know I’m really already loving how
this is coming out. comment below and let me know what kind of pictures you guys
would add to your denim jackets cuz I’m already planning on doing about
five more of these all right and after those sunglasses I’m
just adding a little line for the nose throwing in some eyebrows and that’s it
guys. keeping it nice and simple here and it’s looking good and now I’m just gonna
leave this bad boy to dry for a few hours
and then we’ll be right back. okay and now that the back has had time to dry
I’m just flipping it over and we’re gonna add some little details to the
front of the jacket. all I’m doing is adding some lining to the pockets and a
little bit on the collar but you guys experiment feel free to do whatever you
want. this is completely up to you. get creative, try something different and
please continue to send me pictures of your projects. I absolutely love looking
at them and I want to feature you in my videos so I love when you guys send me
pics. all right and after I have added those red beads to the pockets I’m just
going to add a few red and black beads to the corners of the collar and that’s
it again keeping it nice and simple up here
and once I have left this to dry for a few more hours you already know I cannot
wait to try this on. let’s go and that’s it, just a few simple steps for
this stylish upgrade. thank you guys so much for watching. make sure you drop a
comment below to let me know you to think about this jacket and let me know
what you want to see me make next. if you’re not already subscribed, hit
that subscribe button and the notifications bell so you always see my
DIY videos. and I will see you guys in the next one. bye

4 thoughts on “DIY Beaded Denim Jacket (NO SEWING)

  1. Ok, I'm loving how this turned out! I hope you guys love it too. 😍 Thanks so much for watching! Comment below and let me know what you want to see me DIY next, and don't forget to get your Overqualified shirt 😎 https://overqualified-co.com/

  2. ♡♡♡ this! I've done jeans and jackets too. Seems I can't get enough. Creativity is a great thing. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. XOXO

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