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Diversity – How Push Has Succeeded Through Diversity

Diversity –  How Push Has Succeeded Through Diversity

We went out to the team, we said what do
you think we stand for? Four things. The first one was was about being always ahead The second was about family, how they
felt that they could come to this business and we were a second family to
them. We could look after them, many of them were in their early 20s, but we
could help them to really live the lives that they wanted, to with the support of
a second family. The third one was about being open. Open in the way we communicate, telling about how we’re doing well and when we’re not doing so
well and the fourth one is about speed. The Google Awards that we received. We’ve won awards for Innovation in Mobile. We’ve won them for Highest Customer Satisfaction. We’ve won them for being able to Grow Business Online. We’ve done that by having a group of
people that really, really know how to go out there get the best results and they
do that with the background of coming from all sorts of walks of life. So that diversity in our culture has really helped us to win the awards by engendering an openness and fostering a spirit of real innovation. My name is Jai and my role at Push is the Head of New Business. My name is Tariq. My name is Ashish Desai Hi, my name is Charlie. I’m Marie I head up the Search Team at Push. Hi, my name is Shabana. My name is Leslie. Jas I work in the Finance Team here. My name is Aurélia. Sam Jay My name’s Ian. My name’s Sunny and I’m an eCommerce Account Manager here at Push. My name’s Nemash. I’m a PPC Exec on the Multi-Marketing Team. I’m a Web Developer for Push. I am the Head of Strategy Development, here at Push. We’ve got a very diverse team, so you’re meeting people from all over the world who have grown up in completely different situations to you. Very young, very diverse, very bubbly and everyone works hard but also has a lot of fun. It’s really great because you’re sort of meeting people from different backgrounds. There’s a lot of crossover in terms of work. We don’t work in silos anymore. Diversity is key now. We have all age groups, including myself. I feel like it’s very diverse. I feel very young when I’m working here. I like the fact that it’s fluid. So if I want to test something, if I want to test something I can test it. It has to be myself. Me. Me. That would be a lie. They are lying to you. Ricky. I think I’d have to say Isuru. Because Isuru can get away with things that other members of the team can’t get away with. Oh gosh. I can’t obviously say myself. I’m 100% the least the funniest person at Push. I don’t tell the joke and I
ever get them people try and tell them and I’m like I don’t,
is this a joke are you laughing. The funniest person is Ian. The funniest person at Push has got to be Ian. For sure. Yeah. If somebody spoiled Game of Thrones for me, it wouldn’t end well for them. Ian’s inappropriateness makes him the funniest. Some people give me some tongue-in-cheek here in there, but I know deep down I’m very special. So the future of Push is a global advertising agency. But an advertising agency that hasn’t been created before. So every day we think we’re building the advertising agency of the future. It will grow to become an even bigger company… in London and not only in London. but on an International level as well. Working alongside big companies like Google and Microsoft, we are definitely definitely growing at a very fast pace. We are probably going to be the best if not the biggest agency in Europe, in the next couple of years. We’ve got the right people in place, we’ve got the right owners in place, we’ve got the right technology in place. Developing what we’ve got with Google and accelerating the same kind of relationship with people like Bing and Facebook and really being the digital marketing agency of choice. I think I’m in a very exciting journey in the point of my own career. We’ve been massively proactive in developing relationships with them. We’ve really stepped forward to develop the relationship we have with Google. In many respects if you look where we’ve come from in the last few years to where we are now, we’ve got the strongest relationship. One of the strongest relationships with Google in Europe We see no reason why we
shouldn’t do the same with, with, with, Bing and Facebook because it gives us
the chance to really know that each of us can achieve whatever we want to
achieve regardless of where we come from what our background is, what are heritage is, because we know that there’s no there’s no ceiling there’s no glass ceiling
there’s no barrier so we are looking hard at how we can keep developing that ethos and that culture.

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