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Disruption: It’s The Rare Ad That Stands Out That Captures Our Attention

Disruption: It’s The Rare Ad That Stands Out That Captures Our Attention

Volume works, if you have a large enough ad budget we can stop the discussion right here, because you can
merely stick that brand, stick your message in front of people enough
and then we’ll start liking it and for the parents in the room you know this is
true about your kids as well you want them to eat me something, and they don’t like it the first time, just keep serving it I guarantee you they will eventually come
around because we are hard wired for frequency to work, frequency is what it’s about, however I have yet to come across a client who’s like “I have plenty of ad budget”, everybody is struggling with how do we do it when we don’t have plenty of ad budget, so let’s really answer
those questions, we’re going to start with how we get our message in front of folks and there’s this concept called disruption and here’s what it has
to do, we’re all busy and your brain’s working all the time, in fact some of you are daydreaming about something else right now and you have trouble focusing, we don’t want to give our attention to anything else, and that’s the big challenge for us as markers how do I get their attention long enough so I can tell them about electric power or potato chips or
cars or whatever it is I want to tell them about One of the most effective
ways we have of going about this is called Cognitive Disruption, and here’s the way it works I gotta get your attention, I’ll give you an example, if I were to start a sentence and were to say something like “I’m going to take my dog to the …”, what do you think the next word is going to be “park” that’s right, your brain goes ahead and fills in that sentence well before you can get to the end of it, the reason your brain does that is because it wants to think about something else
as soon as it thinks you know what I was going to say you stop paying
attention and I want you to take a look at the ads that you see, posted today, how many cliches are jammed into those ads? all of them, it’s the rare ad that stands out that catches our attention, because once we think we know what an ad says we
don’t pay attention to it it’s not disruptive now if I were to answer that, finish that sentence in another way I’m
going to take my dog to the bar, all of a sudden your brain says “oh wait what” I
want to pay attention to that that’s a cool little image I’m going to post that in my social media account, and you get highly engaged, because it’s disruptive it is something
unexpected that your brain could not finish of its own because when there’s
something new we’re hardwired for new I’m gonna pay attention to that, so at minimum you can capture people’s attention and you do it well you get
people to highly engage and then want to reshare that disruptive experience
with their friends, so the next time you go to your social media theme you’re
gonna see that it is full of thing’s are highly disruptive, bet you haven’t seen
this before, this is an unexpected ending to this video and all of a sudden we want to see where that goes, we don’t want to see the same video that we’ve seen over again How do we put that into marketing? We do things that are unexpected, simple ads and outdoor executions, you put cows on billboards, you put oversize toiled paper rolls, or one time downtown Birmingham we put what looked like a failed parachutist on top of a billboard, the results you can get from being disruptive are unbelievable it will dwarf the amount of media you can spend, creative is more important than media is the upshot of all of this, you can get far more out of it, if you can’t outspend you got to out smart, if you’re trying to outsmart them you can’t
go with cliches, now you have been tremendously great, I am happy to answer some questions, feel free to follow us on any social media at Intermark Group, a couple
times a week will release a new video thats got a psychology titbit related to marketing, a kind of educational piece

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