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Discover the power of AdWords Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Discover the power of AdWords Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

SPEAKER: You’ve got a lot to do. But you don’t have
a lot of time. Whether you’re optimizing
ads, finding new keywords, or expanding to
new markets, it can be difficult to
stay on top of each and every single one
of your campaigns. Dynamic Search Ads can help. DSA lets you focus on your
most valuable campaigns by automating the ones you
don’t have as much time for. Here’s how it works. Using Google’s organic
web crawling technology, DSA scans your website
to determine which search queries to show ads for. If a search is relevant to
the content on your website, Google will automatically
generate an ad with a headline and landing page
tailored to that search query. That means you can still
reach your customers with relevant ads while
spending more time managing your most strategic campaigns. To provide control over when
Dynamic Search Ads will show, Google organizes your website
into recommended categories that you can select to target. Each category is
customized to your business and only matches to
searches where you have a relevant landing page. You can also select
subcategories and add negative keywords
for even more control. To provide transparency, you can
see how each of your categories are performing and which search
terms are triggering your ads. Each category includes
a recommended bid, samples of the
queries you’ll target, the pages your
customers will land on, and the text ads
that will appear. People are searching for
your products and services. Let Dynamic Search Ads
help you reach them with relevant ads every time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

4 thoughts on “Discover the power of AdWords Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

  1. Introducing more powerful Dynamic Search Ads, built for your business
    Whether it’s “hotels near me” or “nearby hotels,” people often search for the same things differently. Couple that with shifting product inventory and content hidden deep within your website, people don’t always find what they’re looking for. That’s why three years ago we introduced Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). Today, we’re excited to announce that DSA has been enhanced and retooled from the ground up, and is now available to all advertisers globally.

    You can learn more about this announcement on our blog [http://goo.gl/RrtB1a]

  2. Really useful for big ecommerces. However you have to take caution and check as often as a normal serach campaign. We have collected some expert advices at this blog post https://www.vivaconversion.com/blog/dynamic-search-ads-opiniones-de-expertos/

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