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Direct Response Marketing vs Brand Advertising For Small Businesses

Direct Response Marketing vs Brand Advertising For Small Businesses

If you’ve ever spent money to advertise – or
if you’re thinking about it – then stay tuned to find out how to get better results using
a direct response strategy vs straight ahead branding. Mike Liebensohn here with a video marketing
tip …. I was driving by a billboard featuring a local
real estate broker the other day – it had a big picture of a woman with a headline saying
something about how hard she promised to work to sell my house – or maybe it was about how
many years of experience she had and why she’s so qualified – I can’t remember exactly. But it mostly just a picture of her. Am I supposed to see it and say, wow! She looks soooo trustworthy – I’ve got to
just call her? Do you know how many real estate agents there
are just in my family alone! Like I’m really gonna call a stranger just
because she’s on a billboard? I don’t see how this type of “branding” style
advertising works for any type of small business. I mean, unless you’ve got big pockets and
a staff to bombard the public long and hard until this branding becomes etched in their
minds, how can this approach be effective? Back to the realtor – if she was on TV a bunch
of times, on billboards in multiple towns, on the radio – and sending me stuff in the
mail – THEN it would make an impact. Then I would feel like she MUST be a big deal
…. she must be important and she’s good at what she does. But just one billboard? I’m not saying she gets zero calls, but is
that really the best use of her money? So what is the solution if you don’t have
the means to do a big advertising blitz? Maybe still do just one billboard but use
some type of direct response offer – something like: “Go to our website now to find what
the other houses in your neighborhood are selling for – plus we’ll give you an exclusive
video about how to stage your house BEFORE having it appraised – all for free”. What a difference! Now the message is all focused on providing
value – catering to my selfish interests. Nothing about her company and why they’re
so great. Because I don’t care. Nobody cares. I don’t care how many years she’s been in
business! But I do care about getting inside info on
my neighbors and what their houses are selling for! So what happens next? People will see the billboard, they’ll go
to that website. And then the real marketing begins. You see, that billboard’s only job was to
just get the right people – the ones interested in selling their houses – to just raise their
hand and identify themselves. Not buy necessarily, but just identify themselves. And then you can systematically start to brand
yourself, educate them, and talk to them directly and over time help them get to know like and
trust you – until they’re ready to pick up the phone. And you’ll get the same result of doing a
big marketing blitz at a fraction of the cost. And this strategy can be used with any type
of media. This isn’t just about billboards – that was
just an example that I used. You can use it in a TV commercial, a radio
spot, a youtube ad, a print ad, a google ad – basically instead of “advertising” your
company – and spouting off the same platitudes that everyone else does – you’re gonna be
offering something for free that your target market would really really want – collect
their information – and then live to market another day …. If you’d like to learn more about this strategy
– find out exactly how to set things up and how to do it using video – visit my website
and download our free guide: 5 Steps To Consistently Getting Qualified
Prospects To Come To You If you have any questions or comments, please
post them on this YouTube video page. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon

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