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Digital Marketing News Today | Instagram Story Ads CHANGING

Digital Marketing News Today | Instagram Story Ads CHANGING

Instagram is one of the least intrusive
platforms when it comes to ad placement or advertising with the social media
network but Instagram just announced that they’re actually updating the boost
option to add it basically to Instagram like you currently see it on Facebook
for business pages they’re gonna make that option available on Instagram so
stay tuned guys because we have something very interesting for you in
today’s digital marketing news today update all right welcome back everybody and
thank you for joining me on today’s digital marketing news today my name is
Jordan Steen and I am also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel
we talk all about digital marketing social media marketing starting in
agency or online business personal brands so make sure you hit the
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this video so that way you get all of our news updates our templates guides
how-to videos and all of the free stuff we get away here at my channel now as I
mentioned in the beginning Instagram is adding a new platform or a new option
really to their advertising platform which allows you to boost posts and
since from a marketers experience there is already a lot of talk around the
boost option as far as using it for Facebook ads we wanted to go ahead and
update you guys on the Instagram boost post option and how we think it’s going
to affect the marketing industry oh and make sure to stay tuned to the end of
this video where we’ll give you an update on how to create Instagram story
ads so Instagram stories have always been a popular feature and that’s why
Facebook decided that they wanted to start monetizing so they started placing
ads between user’s stories on Instagram and it allow businesses to start
promoting those story ads to new users so essentially what’s happening is
Facebook has always had the boost post option for business pages and what
they’ve decided to do at instagram is add that same option to business pages
on Instagram and so this is going to make it easier for small and
medium-sized businesses who don’t hire out to large agencies to manage the back
end manager to start spending on Instagram and obviously this will
increase Instagram’s revenue for ad spend so quick question
have you guys ever used Instagram stories before if so make sure to leave
it in the comment section below I’d like to know just write yes or no if you’ve
used Instagram stories below so this new promote feature will actually be coming
out pretty soon and again this is different than Instagram stories
previously because you used to have to go through the backend manager now this
is making it a lot easier for small and medium-sized businesses to conduct
business and promote more Instagram content to their following or even to
new followers Instagram and Instagram stories are a great tool though to
actually increase engagement get people interested in your product or service so
if you’re interested in figuring out more tips and strategies to running
Instagram and using stories check out this video on the top right hand corner
so, currently there are about six million advertisers on Facebook’s platform and
only two million on Instagram I’m predicting that Instagram will see an
increase in advertiser and ad revenue because of the fact that they’re putting
this boost post or promote option out to the business platforms now personally I
don’t recommend using this option because of the fact that it limits your
targeting ability substantially and the ability to create special features or
special types of features inside of the ad itself so my recommendation as a
marketing professional would be that if you are a marketing agency or if your
business owner that’s serious about their Instagram marketing campaigns you
won’t want to actually use this platform because of the fact that it limits your
targeting ability and what kind of options you have when you set these ads
up now the promote option is only available to business pages and
Instagram business account so if you haven’t set up your Instagram page yet
or if you haven’t converted it to an Instagram business page then make sure
to do that but that’s it for today’s digital marketing news today update so
thank you for joining me if you haven’t already make sure to hit that subscribe
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of our digital marketing news today and social media marketing updates and since
you stayed until the end of today’s video here’s how you can create Instagram
story ads and how we’ve done it so effectively check out this link in the
top right hand corner alright thank you so much for joining me as I said this is
our first digital marketing news today update we’re gonna start doing these
every single Wednesday so we can keep you up-to-date with all of the newest
trends in marketing and digital marketing and I need you to do me a
couple of favors at the news voice like the newscaster voice was super annoying
leave it in the comments below so that way I know whether or not to do it again
if you guys like the personality let me know that too that would be great but
that’s it for me today thank you guys for joining me and I will see you guys
on the next video until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start
living the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started
with our free facebook ads training links in the description below guys see
you in the course, Cereal Entrepreneur, out!

10 thoughts on “Digital Marketing News Today | Instagram Story Ads CHANGING

  1. Hi Jordan. Been following you for a while. Great videos. Anyway, is there any way ( blogs/website) I can access these new updates in digital marketing as well?

  2. This was fantastic! Love the personality (the anchor voice). Made me giggle and I think you should keep with it for your Wednesday updates. I just started using the IG stories for about a month now. Still working on the navigation of it and hope to get better with it. Thanks for all you do and look forward to more.

  3. Thanks for these updates! Thinking of promoting my Instagram & Youtube soon through story ads, this really helps. Thanks!

  4. Thank Jordan, your videos are great. Stories are good answer to Snapchat but it does require more work from the marketer. I'm not sure how stories affect engagement numbers when they fade away.

  5. I’m 17 and I’ve taken graphic design, and entrepreneurship classes. I’m interested in social media marketing but I don’t have any education in it, do you have any recommendations for school or programs I can take before I even think about getting my own clients.

  6. hey man which video of yours do you suggest for me? I have my first very warm lead, but i havent spoken to them yet. very confdent they want it, very very confident they need it, and extremely confident they got the cash. I know all the info on all of the services ive spent hunfreds of hours learning and practicing. I know i'm ready back-end wise, but this is a potential 5k a month for sure and the dude owns a strip club that just opened so theres one too through the same guy. Really dont want to bomb this. Hve sales experience also. Thank you Jordan you rock!!!!!!!!

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