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Digital Marketing News 10-5-2018: Global Advertising Stats & The Future of Customer Data

Digital Marketing News 10-5-2018: Global Advertising Stats & The Future of Customer Data

Welcome to the digital marketing news, I’m Tiffany Allen and with your first story. I am Joshua Nite and you can come together Right now okay over me great because well I’m never gonna pass up an opportunity to quote the Beatles But this week there is kind of a supergroup combination of big players in the marketing data field happening So we got hashtag client s ap. Mm-hmm got the Microsoft’s maybe you’ve heard of them Yeah, Adobe very big with graphics and PDFs and buildings made out of mud. They have announced a data alliance So this is called the open data initiative The idea is that data on each of their specific platforms will be able to be shared across The platforms in a very groovy kind of vendor neutral interoperable kind of way So I think this is super cool for marketers this is gonna break down those silos between your sales and marketing and customer experience and Enable that single view of a customer that we’re always talking about and that idea that all of these departments are working To the same goal. Mm-hmm, you know treat customers right have them buy stuff, right? So maybe we should all be sharing data and getting a bigger view of that customer journey So I’m super stoked about that keep an eye on that in the future open data initiative or the OD I will do speaking of data. Yes, there’s new data brent Spiner So a new forecast from Zenith shows that the global advertising market is expected to expand by 4.5% this year And then by 4.2 percent in both 2019 and 2020. Oh my yes Those are those are large numbers if we think about it in terms of billions of dollars No just percentages. There we go. So driving growth will be social media advertising Predicted to rise by 16% annually from 2017 to 2022 out from last year until you know later Search with the forecast annual growth of 8% over the same period and display is the fastest growing Subset of those advertising categories with an expected annual growth of 13% over the same time period you know largely By video ads hmm replacing static image ads on social media Replacing radio star ads on social media. Absolutely And online video spend is set to grow by about 18 percent annually and social media ad spend by 16 percent Annually, that is amazing. It is amazing So what’s interesting about that whole thing is that the display advertising market will be the third almost a third larger? Than the paid search market by 2020 my gosh. So speaking of display ads Mm-hmm, if you were going to display an ad right now digitally what platform let you use the Internet Good idea more specifically though Maybe think about reddit. Oh so reddit. We’re always surprised when it pops up Maybe it’s time to quit being surprised because they in less than a year after launching their native video format They have now had 1 billion video views They are approaching 1 million native uploads per month Wow So that’s in addition to all the content that people are posting From YouTube or elsewhere and reddit is said they’re not seeing a drop in Links to video content either so all of this seems to be additive, right? So a lot of growth happening on reddit They’re saying they have around 330 million active monthly users and their ad revenue has tripled in just the past three years, so Amazing growth on there. Their audience is growing is your audience on reddit? Probably yeah reddit is a very weird heterogeneous community So it’s not to say there is one particular type of person they cover all kinds of demographics so I would say take a peek some of the sub reddits see if your audience is going to be there and Again reddit is a very prickly community. So definitely come with authenticity and come with value, but I think it’s worth exploring, right? Great So did you hear the news last week about that? Facebook data breach? Yeah. Yeah. Yes The Facebook went ahead and can confirm that that there was almost 50 million user accounts were compromised following a hacker attack late last week attackers exploited a weakness in the u.s. Tool so allowing you to view your profile as somebody else had something with authenticating tokens No elves gnomes internet So the view s feature has subsequently been temporarily disabled from the platform to you know Obviously allow for further investigation and troubleshooting This is the second time this year that Facebook has been forced to apologise to users after their personal information Wasn’t manipulated so we are seeing some trust in Facebook’s ad platform Just their data overall data protection kind of dwindling folks are starting to pull some of their ad spend from Facebook We saw this in the last attack it lasted for about a week and things bounce back Many experts are saying this probably won’t affect Facebook long term However, it’s kind of a blight on their record So they haven’t yet determined who is responsible for the attack, but they have of course follow GDP Our complaints were needed over in the European Union and have reported it to law enforcement So we’ll keep it out for developments on this story. But for the time being okay change your Facebook password and everything else regularly Yeah, good password hygiene is good. I feel like this isn’t gonna have a lasting effect for Facebook I mean as somebody probably says every three months the Internet has an incredibly short memory so not something that would be deeply worried about but definitely something to be aware of and to maybe Make sure that your customers know that you are careful with their data even if some other people aren’t right, right Speaking of people who are awesome Yeah and careful of data. Yeah, I’m sure we wanted to highlight one of our blog posts this week that was the top post that people were reading and looking at and thinking about so if you aren’t aware this we want to let You know, it’s called. Mmm. Stop gambling with your marketing and go pro with ten tips from PubCon speakers. Yeah, this is great We got a huge collection of folks who are speaking at PubCon Including Joe Parvati Deborah Jasper. We had printer Virgie and Scott Monty and of course our only Odin and several more So that’s definitely worth checking out that’ll be linked in here Or you can just go to tougher and Glock and find it your own self Yeah, and if you’re going to pop Khan do check out Lee’s Speaking engagement check out what he’s talking about. I got a sneak peek. I think it’s pretty cool I’ll also be there if you want to meet me a celebrity and newscaster in person betta, shake hands But yeah, it’ll be a really great time to kind of have the best minds in search come together and learn talk explore etc Absolutely. Oh speaking of the best minds. Yes I wanted to highlight also something cool that one of our clients has been doing so hashtag client Dell does the Luminaries podcast we heard of it. Yes you familiar with it. I don’t know why I’m jaylen I’ll have you out of this, you know about this they Their last episode of their podcast just went live and it is super fascinating This this company is called daiquiri da Qri sadly has nothing to do with booze but it has to do with augmented reality suite and their CEO is right a shot talks about how a How a I combined with augmented reality is going to change the way that people live and work Wow, that’s amazing. So super interesting I mean imagine like you want to install a new HVAC system in your office So you just put on your glasses and you look up and OH overlaid on your office is all the pipes and you can see like OOP that one goes through a Raccoon and we can’t have that can’t have it So a really interesting application of this across industries super cool to look at so please check out cool stuff from clients. Yes Well, that’s all the marketing news we have for you today We’ll be back next week with more news If you need more in the meantime You can follow me on twitter at tiffany underscore Eleanor top ranked at top-ranked and you can find me at nitrites That’s an ite WRI tes. If you enjoy our videos, please make sure to subscribe on the youtubes and Singhal button So you see when we put new stuff up. I’ll see you next week. Thanks for tuning in. Bye You

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