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Digital Income System – Zero Out of Pocket Advertising

Digital Income System – Zero Out of Pocket Advertising

– What’s going on, guys? Brandon Frye here. Hope you’re having a
beautiful day out there. It’s a beautiful day here
with Digital Income System. Today, I got some great news. Just added a lot of new training for my Digital Income System team, especially with you guys
coming in on a budget. So, this video is really for not only my Digital Income System team to give you guys a video update here, but also, for you guys who
are looking at joining my team inside of Digital Income System. Quite frankly, the number
one team in the company. So, we just added some
new marketing options. I’m gonna go over those in today’s video. But first off, I just wanted
to point out how many people are freaking crushing
this thing on our team. I’m gonna show you a quick
sample here up on the screen of some video testimonials that our members are submitting to us. Also, some written testimonials. I’ll also have some other testimonials coming in from some people. One person is on vacation. When they get back, they’re gonna leave me
a video testimonial. Another person is stationed
in Iraq in the Navy and so, as soon as she gets back home from being, you know, on tour, she’ll be back and she’ll make
a video testimonial as well. It’s just crazy the amount of people who are having success with this system who are, you know, away
from their computers, out doing other things,
stationed overseas. Pretty crazy stuff here. Also, I just got a $3000 day. I had a $500 commission through bank wire. I also had a $2500 commission
through credit card and yes, guys, I am now
accepting credit cards for Digital Income System. You just have to fill
out an authorization form and all that good stuff. You just get in touch with
the sales team as normal and they have my information
on how to do that. I also just got notified
from our sales team that they just closed a $5000 sale, so that’s another $2500
commission on the way. So, guys, to say that the
business is going well is a complete understatement, all right? So, also, oh yeah, just remembered. I literally just remembered I had a check or an envelope that I
need to open here today, too. So, let’s go ahead and do that
on the video real fast here. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time opening checks here today. All right, so what do we got here today? Looks like just one in here. Let’s see. Careful not to rip it. I’ve been known to do that. All right and we have a $500 check, okay? On top of everything going
on here today, $500 there. All right, so a good day here. Good week, good month, good year here with Digital Income System. Now, what I want to talk
to you guys about today is I just spent the
last basically 48 hours putting together, (sighs) oh, man. So much training for my team members. Two video modules on how to use promotional graphics on social media and anywhere else online
that you would like to use. I also created a bunch of proof images and promotional images that
my members can use to push out to their own social media
channels or anywhere else online. I also created a full
fledged, a full video module. It’s a 30 minute video module on exactly how I construct
my social media posts, what words to use, what to say, how to catch people’s attention, and I put that all in
a video today as well and I just uploaded that and put it on our team training site. We have an exclusive team training site, in case you don’t know, where all of our team members get access to the very same team
marketing strategies, tools, resources, bonuses,
all the good stuff so we have access to the same stuff so we can be promoting
the business effectively and all be on the same page. But what’s cool about the training I just added over the last 48 hours, all these promotional graphics and images, on top of all the videos that we have. You know, I’ve created
a ton of proof videos. Not just me, but other
team members on our team have submitted some proof videos for our other team members to use. We have all these proof
videos you can share on YouTube, Facebook,
Instagram TV, or now, we got all these promotional graphics. I even teach you guys how
to put your link on it, how to get your own custom
link for Digital Income System, like a custom domain name for that to it and get that added to
these images really simply and I’ve got all this training now so for you guys who are on a budget and looking to come on board
with Digital Income System or for you guys from my team who are already on board
with Digital Income System, we now have a lot of free ways to start marketing the
business from day one without having any budget whatsoever or maybe you have a week
where you don’t have the same budget you had last
week or something like that. There are free options for
marketing this business so you can zero out-of-pocket costs for your marketing efforts, okay? And for you guys who are thinking, “I don’t have a big
social media following.”, there’s ways and I tell
you this in the training. There’s ways to build up
your social media following. There’s also ways to get attention and traction to your social media posts without having any following
whatsoever, all right? In fact, a lot of my
social media channels, I have very, very little following. They’re still, my ads or my
posts are still very effective and bring me on a ton of leads that way. So, again guys, I want to share every single thing that
I’m doing in the business to help you guys get your business going as quick as possible, as big as possible and I’m gonna continue
to add to my training and continue sharing things with you to help you not only advance inside of your Digital
Income System business but also, build up any future business you’re ever going to be a part of. These are tools and these are resources. These are skillsets
that you guys can learn and carry with you on and
on in the future, okay? So, I just wanted to give you that, guys. A quick update. I’ve been making videos
all day for my team and been on my computer all day, putting together graphics
and all this stuff. Ready to take a break. So, I just wanted to give
you guys this quick update. Again, if you guys are looking to get on board with
Digital Income System, with the number one team in the business, I recommend getting started with us and I will leave a link below where you can check out our team results. You can also check out my website for Digital Income System,
learn more about the company, our products, our compensation
plan, all that good stuff. And I will also leave a link or a video at the end of this video so you can check out all of our team bonuses that I’m offering, all right? Well, if you guys have any
questions for me specifically, reach out to me by email
at [email protected] Otherwise, check out the websites below and reach out to the call
center, the sales team and they will get you
set up in the business. I look forward to seeing
you guys on the inside. Have a good one.

10 thoughts on “Digital Income System – Zero Out of Pocket Advertising

  1. New Digital Income System team training just added! Watch the video to learn more and leave a comment if you have any questions. I would also love to hear from you at [email protected] if you have specific questions for me. Look forward to helping you reach your goals!!

  2. Hi Brandon, I have a question regarding positioning yourself inside of DIS and if i were to get positioned at the max level of 25k, will I be able to earn not only from the 25k level but the rest of the levels below it (1k, 3k and etc) even though I didn’t buy into those levels? Your clarification on this would greatly appreciated, thanks!

  3. Hey Brandon. My name is Anthony and I just joined under you today. How would I be able to access the traffic, along with the other awesome bonuses that you provide? Really excited to be a part of the team btw! Thanks!

  4. Hey Brandon. I just joined under you today. How would I be able to access the traffic, along with the other awesome bonuses that you provide? Really ecstatic about being part of your team btw. Thank you.

  5. Hello Brandon. My name is Yvonne, I joined your team on 8/12/19, and I've sent you several emails (including three today-please check) requesting access to the team training site for the marketing strategies. Please let me know what else I need to do to obtain access to the team training site. Thanks!!

  6. Hey. I have been doing so much research. I think I wasn’t to join you sir. I still don’t understand how exactly this works but I’m looking up all updated videos to understand

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