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Digital Directions – InBalance Physiotherapy and Pilates – Online and Facebook advertising

Digital Directions – InBalance Physiotherapy and Pilates – Online and Facebook advertising

I am Natalie Whish Wilson. I am a director
at InBalance Physiotherapy and Pilates here in
Launceston. I started umm my own business in about 2006.
It was just myself and my office manager and lots of
big ideas. When I first started the business I didn’t
even have a website. I think it was two or three years in
before I actually found someone to develop a website for me, and now we are on our second
website. So it’s been quite an evolution from going
from using a paper diary to being able to advertise
ourselves online with the services that we offer.
We’ve also now integrated an online booking system for our Pilates classes, at our Pilates
studio. What I’ve found in the past that it’s
really difficult to measure the effect that putting an
advertisement in the newspaper or on television might have.
I was introduced to Facebook mostly through my children and once I’d established a Facebook
presence I became aware of, of people advertising to me.
Then I soon came to realise that you could actually use Facebook quite effectively – it
can be very targeted. It, it gives you arr feedback through
its Insights as to, you know how many people you’re
reaching. How much organic growth you get as opposed to paid advertisements. Even you
can control your budget and if your ads are not
working can you can pull them. They allow you to target for example, the
Launceston area, males or females and age demographics,
and also what interests people have. Started some antenatal and postnatal Pilate
classes and it was very easy for me to then to target the
demographic, obviously women in a certain age group, and we were able to fill a whole
class just through Facebook advertising.
Facebook is really easy, it’s a great hook in to your target market and it’s so easy
I don’t think that I’d ever go back to any other form of umm print
or digital media.

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