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Digital Advertising versus Print Advertising: 9 Reasons Online Advertising is Better 📈

Digital Advertising versus Print Advertising: 9 Reasons Online Advertising is Better 📈

– So welcome today, to
Business Brand Breakthrough. My name is Dawn Larsen,
if we haven’t met before, and today we’re going
to talk about a topic that lights me up, but pains me as well. I’m walking through a
grocery store the other day and I come across this. You’ll see it’s a printed advertisement, and you’ll see through the thickness of it that it’s almost 14 or 15 pages long, of people who bought print advertising. It’s so unfortunate, and it hurts my heart to know that all of these
business owners and solopreneurs, and some big companies in this print media spent a lot of money
putting print ads out. Now, I watched for a good
20 minutes to half an hour as people walked by this print advertising that’s on a rack in the
corner of a grocery store, and no one picked one up. I did, so that we could use
it in today’s instruction. So today’s topic, we’re
going to talk about why digital advertising
is so much more important to grow your profile, leads, and sales as a business than print advertising. All this is good for right
now, in this economy, with us using smartphones, is really for garbage. It’s just not an effective strategy, and I’m going to prove to you
today all the reasons why. So I want to shout out
to Brenda, and Paul, and David, and Fred,
welcome to the show today. I’m glad you could make it all
the way from the East Coast. Okay, so, today, if
you’re just getting in, I want to talk about
why online advertising is so important versus print advertising. And if you’re just getting
on the broadcast now live, feel free to ask questions in
the comments section below. And if you’re here on the replay, please, leave your questions
and comments below, because I come back in
after every broadcast and answer those questions. So today, online advertising,
why is it more important than print advertising? And you know what, I’m
looking at these print, I actually called to find
out some of the prices. And, you know, it’s amazing how much. They start at $150, and they go to $1400 for a print for one day in a print news
media, and you don’t know who saw this ad, and you
have no way of tracking how successful it is, and it’s crazy. It’s crazy how, you know, we
are still, as business owners, using forms of advertising
that we can’t track, that we can’t measure how many people have come to our business
as a result of putting our investing into those ads. Today I’m going to give you nine reasons that digital advertising
should be an important part of your advertising mix. So just in the comments below, can anyone kind of indicate what business you’re in, and if you
do some digital advertising. That’s Google ads, mobile ads,
Facebook ads, YouTube ads. So just comment below,
so that I can kind of get an understanding of who, you know, who we have online. One of the big reasons
that digital advertising, now we all see it while
we’re on our PC computers or on our mobile devices,
it’s the ads that pop up. And some may say that it’s
irritating and aggravating, but advertising has been
around for a long time, and it really supports
businesses growing their leads and sales, and supporting,
you know, the economy. In the olden days, just five years ago, we used to watch ads on TV
and that was our only way. And again, we had no
real measurement, we just through estimations
found out how many people were actually watching TV, but
we didn’t have any tracking on the effectiveness or
the impact of our ads. Now, digital advertising
has disrupt the marketplace and really showed that
we can track everything that our people who are
watching our ads are doing, and so, it’s very powerful. One of the major benefits of
online digital advertising, be it display, which is like
an ad visual, or video ads, or mobile ads that only show
up on your mobile phone, and then the other one is search word ads, which are keywords when
you’re actually searching for something on the search engines and, you know, ads come up that
are word ads, all of these are incredible ways to
connect with your customers. But digital ads give you
the ability to get insights. I can tell from the ads that
we place for our customers, I can tell: what cities they’re from; what economic background they’re from; how long they stayed on
the ad if it was a video; if they click through to the website; what page they clicked
through to the website; how long they stayed on the
website as a result of coming; and if they actually made a
purchase as a result of that ad. All of those pieces of
information can be acquired just from a simple ad placement. You don’t get that in a print ad. You have no idea, unless
you implement a whole bunch of marketing strategies inside that ad. Meaning that you’re
asking for customer codes, and things like that. But I can tell you that
digital ads, hands down, give you so much information
about who your customer is, what devices they’re coming on. We have one customer that, you know, he told me when he came on as a client, most of my clients come to us on iPads. And I’m like, hmm, that’s interesting, given that the cross
section of the customers we serve usually are mobile devices. But, sure enough, you can see
that through all of our ads. It helps us target our message, it helps us design our
ads, it’s invaluable. Print ads, radio ads, TV
ads cannot tell you that, that’s one of the powerful
things of digital advertising. The other is targeting. Now, more than ever, we can
target specific audiences. It doesn’t matter if
you’re a car dealership, or you’re a fashion store,
or if you’re an HVAC dealer, or if you’re an industrial
commercial mining company, or a construction company, we can target as granular as I can, you
know, geo-fence around a store like Costco, and
target all Costco shoppers. Or I can target different
mining locations in Chile, in a geographical area, or just
by their mailing addresses. I can geo-fence a certain
sort of neighborhood inside a city, that maybe is
a certain demographic. So if I’m working with a car
dealership and it’s subprime, I’m focusing on this area of town. And if I’m looking for the
people in a certain area of town that are going to buy cars for their kids, I’m focusing this type
of advertising there. So I can target both
geographically by age, I can actually target now with
digital advertised based on your website searches, so if
you are typing in keywords, our ads for our customers
show up because of the SEO, search engine optimization
in those keywords. If your behavior is you’re
starting to search for a certain, you know, sort
of dehumidifier online, my clients that we placed
ads for, their dehumidifiers will start to come up
visually, their ads come up in front of your search,
because we are able to target that granular. Say that you’re looking at people who are really into self-development, or are very proactive about their health. You can target them
based on their interests and their preferences. Everybody who follows, you
know, a yoga TV show online but is in their Facebook
group, you can target your ads to them. So it’s incredible, what
you can do with targeting with digital advertising. The other great part about
that, is that you can change up the type of advertising you do. You know, when you give your
print ad to the printers, to the newspaper or to, you know, periodicals like this, what you’re doing is you’re giving one ad. Most times, you’ve created it on the fly, in the rush, or a salesperson
who isn’t a person who is an ad copy specialist
creates it for you. They create this one
ad, you have one design and that gets put out. And it’s seen, and that’s
it, you had that one chance. With digital advertising,
you have the ability to design five or 10, 15
different versions of that ad. So when we’re targeting
homeowners, we’re targeting this ad to go with a
couple in front of a home, or engaged in their home. When we’re targeting
singles that are under 35, we have the same type of ad
but with different imagery, maybe a different message. And we can quickly see which targeting ads are working better. So with print you do
not have that ability, and it’s a very powerful tool. The other thing, again, as we were saying, is now voice search is so big, that now you can target your ads
based on what people are searching on voice, on search engines. You may have seen it,
you’re talking about Advil with your spouse, and all a
sudden, you start to see ads about Tylenol and Advil coming
up on your mobile phone. That is not haphazard,
that is by coincidence, not by coincidence, that is
because we are targeting you. So that is not by coincidence,
we are targeting you with digital advertising, based
on your voice conversations when you’re talking
with your Siri or Alexa, so it’s really powerful. Now, the third benefit that
digital advertising has is the creative, and I spoke
to that just awhile ago. I can customize different ads based on the target audiences
that we are working with. So for example, right now
we are selling many things, hearing aids for one client, and gas pumps for another client, and so,
we can target our audience based on what their interests
are, where they are, and how they interact on the internet, and it’s a very powerful option. So I could have creative,
that’s a static ad, meaning it’s just one visual. I could have an ad that’s
animated, meaning that it has multiple moving parts. I can actually use a
video, and we can use those in different areas on the internet, and we can measure very quickly which ones are the most engaging, and
getting the most action. And again, with our insights,
we know very quickly which are the high-performing
and the low-performing ads. The high-performing meaning
that they’re getting more people to your website,
or getting more people to buy, or getting more people engaged, whatever the priority is of that
ad, and then the lower or underperforming ads
are just eliminated, and very quickly. So different than print,
because this is out, and it’s out, and it’s out forever and you have no way of determining if a little tweak here or
a little tweak there would have made a difference,
and that’s really important. Now brand awareness, if truly the people who are spending 100s of
dollars in print advertising are looking to expose
their brand, their company, and get more profile in their community, or in a geographical
area, digital advertising is the best solution, and here’s why. Because there’s more impressions,
and it’s not guestimate. Print advertising can only
say, well, we printed 5000 and we only took back 1000,
so we think 4000 were taken. Watch your behavior when
you get print material, where it lands on your table
at home, and how many pages you actually look at it. I really feel bad for the
people in this periodical, who advertise on page three and further, because I found myself totally overwhelmed with three pages or four pages of ads, I didn’t even make it to
the end of that print media. But, with online advertising
your ad shows up in front of your target audience, and it’s there for three to seven seconds
while they’re going through their mobile or their computer, and you have their attention. And if it’s designed like
a great ad should be, it will capture their
attention and motivate them to take action, and to click. Brand awareness is best and most possible with the highest amount
of volume of people on digital advertising. Videos can have 20,000 views
for only a matter of $100. So some advertisers pay
$350 for a small, small ad in this print advertising. For $350 you could put a video on Facebook and get 10,000 views of your video. You get so much more exposure
than competing with here, I counted in the first five pages, I think there was about, you know, 50 ads. So it was crazy, the ads
that you’re competing with. Again, that’s a, my
microphone just fell off. That’s crazy, when you’re trying to get somebody’s attention. Digital advertising offers flexibility, this is the great part. Again, I can have different types of ads, I can do video on Facebook, I
can do static in Google ads, and on mobile I can do
animated ads that are moving. And again, with mobile,
your ads are much smaller, so you want to have moving
elements in your advertising, so that your capturing people’s attention, so really, really important. Scaling. Our clients this week,
we know we’re going into the May long weekend, it’s
one of the bigger weekends where people will be
on their social media, especially, the forecast is that the weather might not be nice. So as advertisers, we are looking at that across different markets. For the most part, we’re
looking at it as that’s the long weekend, we know
we have people’s attention for three days while they’re at camp, or while they’re at home. And so, it’s a great opportunity for us to get our customer
ads in front of people. So we actually can scale
our ads, we can increase the ad spend over the long weekend, and maybe reduce it on
a Tuesday/Wednesday, when people are coming back to work. We have the ability to double-up
our advertising frequency or to target an audience
more, and at different times. And so, you can’t do that with print, or you can’t do that with radio or TV. And so, it’s very, very, very powerful, when you know that you’ve
got that scalability. This weekend, a lot of clients
have added extra money, or extra investment
into their advertising, knowing that this is a great
weekend, that there will be some product buys, and people looking for different things and searching online. And we want to be in front of
them, so it’s really powerful. Again, one of the other great things about digital advertising
versus print, radio and TV, is the cost, it is so
much more cost effective. Yes, if you’re buying
advertising you’re usually paying a marketing agency, or a
digital marketing person, and I really recommend that you find a qualified digital advertising agency or digital advertising specialist. I get really frustrated
when sometimes radio and TV, and newspapers now are
doing digital advertising, but they can’t do all the,
they can’t drop the codes on your website, so that we can track who came to your website properly. They can’t put different coding,
so that once somebody comes to a product page that then
we can remarket to them. So they can’t do all of
those important things. So sure, they can buy
some mobile ads for you or some digital ads, but,
I’m going to talk about the important part, the backend of the advertising that’s missing. So anyway, with cost, digital advertising, for the amount of people that
get to see the impressions of your ad, are much more cost effective than any other advertising medium. But here’s the thing I always
get my clients to think about, the cost to acquire a paying client, and the cost to generate a lead. And a lead is getting
somebody back to the website to either our webpages
or our product pages, and a customer is when
they actually make a buy. Now, I can tell you that
the average cost per lead, and the cost per customer
is so much less and easy to track with digital
advertising versus other mediums. It’s very easy, because we
know that 3000 people came to the website from this
one ad, and out of that 66, I’m sorry, 3000 people saw the ad, so 3000 people saw the ad, and out of that 66 people were directed, or went to the website. And out of the 66 people, 13 bought, 13 made a purchase, or
13 people contacted. You have those numbers, and
you can tell what the cost to acquire a lead, or the
cost to acquire a customer is. And those are important
numbers when you are investing in advertising these days. And a digital advertising platform can give you those numbers. Other medium can’t really do that. The other real big bonus
is engagement with ads. When we put out ads for
our customers, we see that there’s people
commenting, liking and sharing, and engaging, sometimes asking questions. And the great part is
that we can ever ask, we can answer those questions
for people in real-time, or it directs them to the
website, if they have questions. Very powerful way of getting
people to share a message. And again, if you have some
really good advertising, then people will engage with it. You can encourage engagement by looking, or by writing in the word
section and reel of your ad, and really asking them to engage. So really important there. And nine, the most important
thing about digital advertising is the reach, this is the important part. I’ve talked about that we
can advertise in Chile, we could advertise in
B.C., we could advertise in a certain part of the city. We can actually geo-fence
your competitors. So with the car dealerships we work with, we geo-fence, we geo-conquest, we fence with GIS the areas
around their competitors. And when you go into a
competitor dealership, actually, an ad will be
served to you that says, from our customers, that says, we want you to be our customer, or we
want to be your dealer, and we’re willing to prove it to you, and here’s an extra $500 off any offer that you get at this dealership. We also can prove through
the advertising we do, that out of that ad, that
those people did go back to that advertising dealership. So that’s powerful, that is powerful. Digital advertising does so much more than print advertising,
and it is cost effective. Your reach is incredible,
and the great part is, that you can daypart, meaning
that you can take digital ads and you can only target a
certain time of the day. Try doing that with
radio, as soon as you say I don’t want to advertise
at 12 in the morning, they say, well, your
ads go up by $25 an ad. That doesn’t happen in
digital advertising. You only want to advertise
to customers at this time to this time, that is
awesome, we can do that. If a particular day of the year, you know that people
are going to be totally, like Christmas day and Christmas Eve, you may not want to put
ads out, or something. But we can accommodate that
in digital advertising, which is so powerful. Those are the nine main reasons that digital advertising is so powerful, and I just want to go over them again. So it’s insight, targeting,
the creativity that you have with the variety and what you
can make with the creative. Brand awareness, a flexibility,
the ability to scale your ads and either add
more investment to it, or scale back and do less. The cost, much less cost than
other advertising mediums. The engagement is so
powerful, and the reach. One of the things I
want to tell you about, is you’ll get a lot of people
coming to you that want to, want to sell you digital advertising, and here’s the really important part. You want to go with a qualified
Google advertising expert. You want somebody that
knows how to do advertising, and has proven results,
because it’s really important. There’s a lot of people that
will tell you they can do it. When your salesperson
says, well, you know, I don’t know anything about it, but, our team in the back do. That’s not good, you need
to have, you need to talk to somebody that knows what they’re doing, so that’s really important. But here’s the thing, a
lot of customers come to us and we say, we did digital
advertising with a radio station, or we did it with some
newspapers, and it didn’t work. Well, here’s why it didn’t
work, because they can buy and create an ad for you, but,
that’s not their specialty, their specialty was what they
were in the industry for, but now they’re branching out. But, here’s the thing, is
for us, for our customers, we add custom coding in
the back of their website, and we know what pages need this coding. So on all of your product
pages we add specific coding, so that we can tell when
somebody comes in from an ad and they go to your product page. So say you are a camping supply company, and somebody comes in and
they go to the barbecues. So we know that they
went to the barbecues. The coding that we
dropped on can tell where they left the website,
because only 2% of the people that come to your website at any time come and make a purchase. So that means that we have
to remarket to these people at least five or six times before that we can convert them into a customer. That’s been standard in the industry. So we remarket to them. By having that coding on specific pages and specific areas of your website, that only a marketing agency
or a digital specialist can do, then when they leave your
website, they will begin to see your remarketing ads,
ads that we’ve created that are slightly different
than the ad they saw that got them to the
website, it’s a different ad. So if they watched a
video on your website, or if they clicked on a product, the ad that they get remarketed
will be different, but the ad will acknowledge
that they’ve been to your site, and it will give them a
different sales message, to convert them to come back
to your website for a sale. So you’ve probably seen this, you went to either a clothing retailer online, or a car dealership
online, and all of a sudden their ad begins to follow
you while you’re going in different areas of
different internet sites. And that’s why, because
they’ve used a specialist who has added coding to different pages. And it’s really important,
too, we have different ads. So say somebody went to
your product page, but they, and they put some products in cart, but they abandoned cart. And people who put products in cart, there’s like a 75% abandoned rate. So again, remarketing is very important. We can get almost 80% of those people back to the website within five hits of an ad to get them
back to buy that product. But we’ve got to remarket to them. So now, they’ve come to that page, but they abandoned cart, so we
have a different conversation for them in that ad, to get
them back to the website. And so, those are the key things that digital advertising can do. We can, you know, when we
use digital advertising for agencies, or for
businesses, we can target ages, and economic, and geographic
areas, and competitors. We can target even events. So with all my mining companies that we deal with worldwide, when there’s a mining trade show and it’s
beyond either their budget, or they just don’t have the
time to get to this mining show, we can geo-fence that whole mining show and all the hotels around, and still get their marketing message out. It drives ’em to a landing
page that has a sales video, a video sales letter on there,
that does the same thing as being at the trade show. But the best part is, that we can track how many people have
come as a result of that, and that, you know, strategy. Digital advertising is very powerful. If you have any questions
about digital advertising, please, leave them in the comments below, and give me the industry you’re in and I can give you some recommendations. Because, there’s different
types of advertising platforms, and they benefit different
types of businesses. For example, with say an
industrial commercial company that sells international,
we would focus them with Google advertising,
both display and video, and mobile advertising using geo-fencing. If you were a local
retailer selling clothing, we would use different platforms. We would use Facebook advertising mobile, and Instagram advertising mobile, and we would use mobile
advertising, as well. And so, we would have
different types of ads, based on the different demographics that your business serves. A car dealership, we use
all forms of advertising, and at different times of
the year different platforms more than others. But you can see that though
that digital mix, if you have a marketing budget, using
that digital advertising to maximize your profile, your leads, and your sales will
make all the difference. I hope you enjoyed today, I
hope that made some difference. If you had some ah-hah moments
about digital advertising, maybe something you didn’t
know about digital advertising, let me know in the comments below, I love to read these
after the video launches. Again, I’m Dawn Larsen from
Business Brand Breakthrough. If you liked what you saw, I hope that you’ll come back next
Friday at 12:00 Eastern, we go live every Friday 12:00 Eastern. And again, if you have any
questions for future videos, please, let me know and we
can take care of that for you. Have a great day, and
a great long weekend, and I hope you’ve got some
digital advertising working for you this long weekend. Take care.

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