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Digital Advertising Tips from the Experts

Digital Advertising Tips from the Experts

[Music] [Music] Digital Advertising is super important for local businesses for three reasons. The first is budgeting. Super important for local businesses to have a budget of what they want to spend and what they can afford, digital advertising allows them to do that. Second is metrics, so you can see exactly how your ads are performing and furthermore you can allocate your resources into the mediums of digital advertising that are working better. And the third reason is targeting because you can tailor your products or you can tailor your business to certain groups of people or certain areas of the city that you think it would perform better, which is super, super important, especially when you’re on a tight budget. [Music] Everybody goes online nowadays for research for buying products, so it’s very important that they (businesses) put attention into their online reputation, and their online presence. Most consumers nowadays, they do research through Google, they do through research through Facebook, they see how they (businesses) respond to customers, they see what kind of ratings and reviews they (businesses) get, so I believe it’s very important that they (businesses) put attention to their online reputation and presence. Digital advertising can help bring that attention and make it worthwhile for them (businesses) to actually put that effort into their online presence. I believe they all have their merits, it really depends on what the client or the business is looking for. So if the business was looking for more of a branding campaign, you know trying to just get their name out there, if they’re new, I believe both social and digital display are the best options. Whereas if they’re looking to target people who are actively searching for their product or service then they’d want to focus probably on Google Adwords. And then if they’re looking to engage with customers and build that relationship then they want to focus on Social – whether that be Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or any of those social marketing platforms, that’s where they’d want to put their attention, because that’s the best way to build up that relationship. [Music] Too much information! They’re (businesses)trying to sell everything at once, they’re trying to compound their old ideas of how to create ads into new ones. People aren’t looking to read a couple paragraphs on an ad, they’re looking at quick information. Visuals drive marketing these days. People are looking for videos, images, things that catch their attention, and I think that business – the biggest mistake they make is trying to give too much information at first, you need to bring people in and then need to give them the information. I had a really good ad
campaign that was based around a quick jingle. Once they picked up this jingle we created for them – this little rhyme and a strong visual – people started connecting that so when they thought of that they didn’t think of all the different franchises they’d heard of through this brand, they thought of this particular one which was really important for them. [Music] So, probably the worst ad campaign I’ve ever seen is – we ran a social campaign for a bedbug company, and their whole purpose was just getting rid of bedbugs and all their creative revolved around showing images of bedbugs and you know they wanted to bring people to their Facebook page and they wanted to grow their Facebook audience and it was very, very difficult to do that because it’s not a consumer-friendly business. People aren’t on Facebook to look at pictures of bedbugs. So it was a very difficult campaign – unfortunately – just due to the the business itself, and what their services were focusing on. [Music] Oooo, I’ve seen some bad ones. Wall of text, as I said earlier, it’s really, really difficult to sell with. People aren’t going to go look on Facebook and see a bunch of white text covering an image and be like, “Wow, I really want to click that!” Or something ugly, bright, ultramarine blue, with orange highlights. It needs to be fresh, it needs to be new, and it needs to stand out from the crowd. [Music] Understand what the goals of your company are, what the goals of the product are, who you’re trying to target, and make sure you have a presence online. Visuals! They (consumers) want to see images, videos are super popular. You need a strong, single message for what you’re selling, so you need to have a clear idea of what you’re trying to get, and who you want to get. Make sure your website is up-to-date,
and your Facebook page and whatever other social media platform you use – Twitter, Google+. Primarily just making sure that everything is up-to-date, and then making sure that it’s out there for customers to find easily, and frequently. [Music]

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