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Digital Advertising: How to Identify Your Target Audience🔎

Digital Advertising: How to Identify Your Target Audience🔎

So we’ve talking about finding the right platform
or platforms to fit within your marketing budget as well as your marketing goals. Can you speak a little bit about the different
targeting options that all these different platforms allow? Yeah, absolutely. I think even before that, the first step is
trying to figure out who your audience is and you as the business owner might think
completely differently than what the actual data shows. So I always like to hear from the business
owner who do you think that your target customer is? Well I think it’s a 40-65 year old female
who’s in the top 20% income bracket and they live in this general area. Okay, so that’s the target demographic from
the business owner. But then I also like to take a deep dive into
analytics as well and what does the data show me? And so I’ll go into analytics and i’ll look
at the age of most people that are visiting the website, the demographics, where they’re
coming from, who’s converting the most, because you may have an older generation that’s visiting
your website but the younger generation is actually the ones that are purchasing or converting
on your website. So I always like to look at the data too and
then kinda put them together and say here is what I believe the target audience is and
there’s a lot of really cool tools inside of analytics that show you the age of your
customers and the purchasing decisions of different locations and there’s a lot of audience
demographics inside of there that I would strongly suggest to the business owner to
look at. Yeah, that also brings up a good point that
it’s really important for you to set up different conversion tracking and metrics within analytics. Can you talk about some of that? Yeah, pretty much anything that happens on
your website you’re able to track inside of analytics. So somebody that submits a form, submits their
email, clicks on a phone number button, all of that should be tracked because then when
you actually start putting these advertising dollars to different platforms, you’re gonna
be able to see Facebook generated this many leads on my website versus Google that didn’t
generate as many leads on my website and where I talked about before with the unlimited budget,
that’s when you’ll be able to start shifting more budgets towards the platforms that are
working for you. And that all starts with setting up goals
in analytics and it’s time consuming and you may not know exactly how to do it, that’s
where an agency like us would be able to help with that or it’s a simple Google search to
try to figure it out for yourself. But, the first step is always setting up those
goals that you can see how did different audiences interact with your website and who’s converting
the most on the website.

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