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Digital Advertising: How much should I spend? 💰

Digital Advertising: How much should I spend? 💰

So Nate is there you know a formula or a
way to figure out how much a business should spend on digital advertising? Yeah
it’s a great question. It’s probably the number one question we get as an agency.
How much should I spend? Yeah, I want to advertise but I have no idea how much to
spend in the digital world and really that comes down to a lot of
research on our end trying to figure out what platform would work best for you
but then really trying to figure out what your goals are as a business. Is
your goal to kind of like we said before is your goal to gain ten new leads or
is your goal to simply just get your brand out in a new area? From the brand
awareness perspective it could be it could be anything you could
really spend as much as you wanted to because we have so many
platforms that we could use but if it really comes down to, I am just looking
to get five new leads per month then that really helps us understand what budget
to allocate to get those leads that you’re looking for. And if you have that
number of what does it cost per lead or you know how much is a customer
worth to me then that helps us figure out that as well. Exactly, so if your cost
per lead is a hundred dollars and you want five new leads your budget better
be five hundred dollars or more or the expectations just won’t match up.

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