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Digital Advertising: How do you measure ROI? 💰

Digital Advertising: How do you measure ROI? 💰

So how do you make sure that you’re
getting the right results and how do you measure that so you are confident in
knowing that you know these customers came from a digital platform? Sure the
best thing that you can do before you start any advertising whatsoever
traditional or digital is make sure you have tracking in place. So I talked about
Google Analytics tracking goal tracking set all of that up before you spend a
dollar on any sort of advertising and I’m talking about billboards TV
commercial radio ads but even Google Ads Facebook ads YouTube ads and really from
the traditional standpoint I would start using UTM codes or vanity URLs a vanity
URL on a billboard would not be the actual website but a different website
and then somebody types that in. A campaign specific website. Yeah and it
will redirect the actual website once they type that in that’s just one way of
tracking your traditional media. I think the best way that a lot of people don’t
know about is there’s this thing called call tracking where you would actually
use a different phone number on different pieces of media that you’re
advertising with so if you’re in a magazine you would use a different phone
number than the phone number you’re putting on a billboard and anybody that
calls that phone number you know is coming from that billboard or that
magazine or that Google Ad so that you can really put a return on investment to
those numbers and not just say oh well that’s for brand awareness hopefully
we’re getting hopefully we’re getting business from that. So I would say my
number one piece of advice would be set up all tracking and measuring
opportunities before you spend a dollar on any type of advertising that you’re
doing and that can all be set up through Google Analytics. You also mentioned UTM
codes and I think that’s really important because with UTM codes it’s
just a little bit of text that you add to the end of your URL it doesn’t look
any different for the user they can still click on an ad in Facebook or on
Google but that can actually pinpoint not only the campaign but even the
specific ad that they use.

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