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Diet Coke’s Sexy ‘Gardener’ Ad Is a Viral Hit

Diet Coke’s Sexy ‘Gardener’ Ad Is a Viral Hit

I don’t want you to be no slave
I don’t want to work all day But I want you to be true
And I just wanna make love to you Love to you
Ooh-ooh Love to you All I want to do is wash your clothes
I don’t want to keep you indoors There is nothing for you to do
But keep me making love to you Love to you
Ooh-ooh Love to you CHORUS and I can tell by the way
That you walk that walk I can hear by the way
You talk that talk And I can know by the way
You treat your girl That I could give you all the loving
In the whole wide world All I want to do is bake your bread
Just to make sure you’re well fed I don’t want you sad and blue
And I just wanna make love to you CHORUS All I want to do is bake your bread
Just to make sure you’re well fed I don’t want you sad and blue
And I just wanna make love to you Love to you
Ooh-ooh Love to you Ooh-ooh
Love to you

86 thoughts on “Diet Coke’s Sexy ‘Gardener’ Ad Is a Viral Hit

  1. Mmmm…yummy yummy! <3
    Sex sells and there really should be more eye candy adverts like this in the media catering to female consumers!

  2. I'm hoping that is sarcasm… bc if women should be ashamed, guys have way more to be ashamed of then, it's about time the tables have turned.

  3. Simply have to say that sexy Gardner diet coke advert has made a sixty year old lady very very happy indeed!! Wow what a body, adore him, yum yum!!!

  4. Every time I watch this diet coke advert andrew gets better and better! Rationed now to NO more than three times a day!!!! Whoop whoop x

  5. Women will scream and cry objectification/rape if the genders were reversed.

    Men instead cheer him on and are inspired to get a body like that.

    Men 1 – 0 Feminists.

  6. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, cette pub, je l'adore ! Elle est passée en boucle pendant les vacances ( août 2013 ) et j'en était à chaque FAN ! La musique va très bien avec la vidéo

  7. If gender roles were reversed in this advert it would be critically bashed for being sexist and objectifying… which it is. However you won't see many men (or women for that matter) complaining very heavily.

  8. and if the gardener was female and the women sitting on the grass were men? how long before it would be banned

  9. They should've made a gay-version of this advert during the 2014 Winter Olympics in protest of the anti-gay legislation law in Russia. Rather than having a taking his shirt off in front of  group of women he could take if off in front of a group of men. 

  10. I have a body like that too and I hate it when sexy women just stare at me when I take my top off. Women of today have no shame.

  11. This just fucking ridiculous what if the can went into the mower and got caught in the blades, malfunctioned and exploded causing harm to the guy. No one aims that well and I think she was very irresponsible to do something like that.

  12. For everyone making these radical feminist comments. Men, we're better than them, enjoy the commercial!

  13. Sexism goes both ways. The reason why some "feminists" only complain when a woman is being objectified is that they themselves deep down think a woman is inferior and weaker than say a group of men ogling over one woman, which is sexist and therefore they think they need this kind of special treatment. Equal treatment for all genders I say.

  14. Everyone making these comments abt sexism or feminism. Go away. Just watch the ad and either stare at his body or laugh at the ad. Dont critisise it !

  15. me , my sisters and mama would run to the t.v to see this one too . We got such a kick out of it. we would almost run over my brothers . This one is my favorite… Also love Etta James music.

  16. An ad featuring a toned up and chiseled man taking of his shirt in front of a group of ogling young ladies becomes a viral hit.
    Somehow I doubt it would be such a success if the roles were reversed.

  17. The original advert back in the 90's was better lol…these look like a couple of wine moms out harnessing young men


  18. my anty is the 1 with blonde hair my sister told me to watch it and I was like oh my god it is 😂😂 my anty put it on Facebook because she works behind the scenes and acting

  19. This is sexism. The male is clearly objectified as stupid by doing manual labour and being treated like a sexual object. If it was the other way around it would be a scandal, the hypocrisy of feminism.

  20. Priceless look from the blonde girl haha! Love the way he looks as if to say you wait till you see what I've got haha! He's very hot!

  21. I'm here for the Stony fic written from this ad. And I really thought another man would show up behind that gardener and kiss him. Then the womans will gasp in horror. Still thinking the gardener as Steve and it worth it. Those abs :d Nom nom. Fic was better though lol. Stony all the way.

  22. I honestly have no problem with this and would have no problem at all if the roles were reversed. I am woman and not a 3rd wave feminist.

  23. I'm a gardener myself, I know how it feels lol it's a noble job being a gardener,beats being in front of a screen all day 😉


  25. Makes me wonder, if this was 4 blokes rolling a can of beer at a woman, who has to take her wet shirt off whilst they ogle her, would it make it to mainstream television?

    Sexual discrimination of the highest level here. But you won’t hear of it, because it’s obviously impossible to be sexist towards men….

  26. Oh the shameless hypocrisy we have all been conditioned to accept. Women sexually objectifying, humiliating, belittling, and physically hitting men in frustration is perfectly acceptable, is inoffensive, tolerated and promoted on main stream TV as we see every single day on TV adverts, sitcoms and Movies. Yet the people who whip up frenzies and scream equality when the shoe is on the other foot have no problem with these blatant double standards and are too stupid and ignorant to see the irony of their argument.

  27. This is incredibly offensive to me. This as insults me as a man. You mean to tell me that i don't have the logic to understand a woman could NEVER roll a can of diet coke down a hill and accurately hit the side of the lawnmower without popping the can, rolling it into the blades of the lawnmower, or just completely miss the lawnmower all together and then the guy haa to go pick it up for her. 😲

  28. Is he going to cut the entire park with that small grass cutter? Surely his employer should invest in a ride on motor for a green of that size. (What's this ad for again)

  29. Hmm wud a can of stella have the same affect lol 👍👍most probably swig the can n fuck off after beer gone

  30. He's a gardener like myself, I used to work on a very posh estate in Scotland for a nice family.
    The ladies in the equine side used to slag me off and call me the diet coke man…
    I'm 44 now and still look similar with a sprinkling of the silver fox look….
    The secret is to stay single,eat well and surf, fishing, grow your own vegetables and independence…
    It gets lonely but I love it

  31. This man is the man i wanna be. That physique though! An inspiration to MEN all around the globe. Thank you sir for this advert and your service to our gender

  32. The Virgin Atlantic 25th anniversary advert with the sexy air stewardesses walking in slow motion through London Gatwick was taken off air because a few feminazis complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about it, and yet this pile of horsepiss ran on television for years! Welcome to 21st century Britain where sexism is allowed as long as it's towards men and not women! 🙄

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