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Did Facebook Ads Crash again? – Save your budget 100%

Did Facebook Ads Crash again? – Save your budget 100%

Hey everyone this is Chris, and it’s a really spontaneous video But given the current circumstances… as you guys know Facebook had a little bit of an issue The past couple of days was down, the ads manager we had big issues with the reporting, And sometimes you couldn’t even publish anything. So it was completely out of control and many advertisers Lost a lot of money and… We, or I wanted to take this this chance to show you the ‘Stop Loss’ tactic We have set-up with Madgicx and how it works and how it’s going to prevent you from From losing money during these circumstances As you guys know we have ‘Stop Loss’ in place Which is gonna cut or turn-off your ad sets and for that day, if the performances weren’t good early the day on so you have negative momentum. Right? And the beautiful thing about the ‘Stop Loss’ tactic is we don’t check on a (*30) or 15 minute period… We check real-time. So the second your ad set is unprofitable based on the criteria array A.I. calculated or you set up, it’s going to be turned-off. Right? Regardless, regardless of the reporting …regardless. This is really a powerful tool if things get out of hand to really, you know, don’t lose any money also That would benefit about this feature or having a fire in real time It allows you to use more tactics that are out there for instance many of you guys probably know about ‘Sneak Attack’ Teach by Tim Burd, and if you guys are in the AdLeaks group, then probably you’re going to know about this one. And, it’s working on a very fast, Spending rate, so Things might get out of hand using this tactic and having ‘Stop Loss’ there, Which gonna fire real-time, and not in the 15 to 30 minute delay, it’s gotta save you a lot of money Over time, right? Also, third and last criteria, We had it so often in our agency, that you know, the day’s about to end but Facebook still has some budgets open So they’re just gonna blow it. Okay, Facebook was gonna spend the daily budget they will Regardless of performance at that time. So you really wanna have ruled framework cutting the budgets if it doesn’t work real-time. That’s just one thing. I wanted to share about ‘Stop Loss’ and the power of Madgicx. Have fun save the money and stay cool during crazy times. Cheers.

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