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Diamond Hill Mine Documented Crystal Pocket Mining

Diamond Hill Mine Documented Crystal Pocket Mining

100 thoughts on “Diamond Hill Mine Documented Crystal Pocket Mining

  1. Hey Brian! My Fiance and I are taking a trip down to diamond hill mine mid to end of July next month. Would love to meet up with you there if you have the time. I can let you know all the details if you do meet up with us 😀👍

  2. Watching now… JUNE, 23, 2019 From 🇵🇭👍💕💋💯😍💟💔💡✨🌹♥️🎶💞💖💝❤️⌚😃😃😃😃🤗

  3. They say you have to go to y12 for dimonds this is not y12😒you probably when in creative mode and put it there

  4. [STILL!? these no good organic pebbles just won't stop! Will they? The Diamonds will hear about this, and then I'd suggest that you hide!]

  5. Love the vid, just a heads up- the music volume is wayyy louder than you talking, so i had to keep adjusting it so i didn't go deaf lol

  6. Pensei que voce fosse mostrar no fim elas lavadas e limpas ora bolas tivemos que so assistir ver elas sujas, sem graça

  7. I hv a crystel but I m not sure its real diomond I found in between the rocks and I'm not professional I can't checked it

  8. Minecraft is a trending game, and Diamonds are really Rare in Minecraft, so a lot of people that play Minecraft come here to see diamonds in real life

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