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DESTR0YlNG Furniture Store

DESTR0YlNG Furniture Store

what up everybody how you guys doing
today so I’m currently over at Best Buy furniture with my boy Jordan right now
him and his family own this store we’re about to go in there and wreck it
before you head in there don’t forget to get that merch lest you turn that
converse like a bio as always this is a nice bed I think it would be
better if it was blue though right if it was blue I think it would be nicer if it
was blue blue like this looks a lot nicer though doesn’t it it’s
disappearing I’m just joking around is disappearing ink it’s cool right trying
to see how sturdy they are you know it’s like I got one on my house right now but
it’s not that sturdy do you think this is a firm one if somebody jumps on it’s
not gonna like break right you sure well I gotta test it out make
sure it’s good you told me it wasn’t God’s false advertisement well it’s
probably just the spring underneath right well this bed’s not firm enough me
I need I need a firmer bed yeah I don’t want to mattress anymore we’ll just move
on you got you have this in any other colors you haven’t blue by chance really
that’s a shame I can make it blue it’s pretty easy look look I was just playing
a joke I didn’t you pulled me I didn’t break this purposely you pulled me yeah
it’s a joke it comes out disappearing ink I don’t know where the but look look
this is disappearing I’m sorry I didn’t mean to break this it just it’s gonna
come out this isn’t this isn’t gonna come out this is this is broken now yeah you got to pay for that man I didn’t do
that are you gonna pay for it actually not before then you’re gonna clean this I guess you’re gonna have to pay for it
man you broke it you pulled a your security footage what we’re gonna have
to check it okay we’re good we’re gonna check out a bit I’m gonna I’m gonna
prove to you that you pulled me I’ll pay for it I’m just I just I just want to
shit I’ll pay for I just want to show you that leg you pulled me okay no
that’s fine yeah this is gonna come out though this is just disappearing I’m
just playing it see I’m just playing a little joke see look it’s kind of rub
out yeah it’s just it’s gonna look like it’s water it’s gonna dry I was get that
berate yeah we’ll see we’ll see what happens okay all right that’s fine I’ll
shake on it yeah no problem man okay I want I’m gonna clean this up too I’m
watering these plants these things are dead man use never like feed them or
anything do you not see that’s not fake its fake well you can literally see the
dead leaves no excuse me sir stop stop it’s fake its fake
can you give me more water I gotta feed the rest where’d you even get this water
from your buddy gave it to me at the front he told me to feed the plants I’m
sorry I said these aren’t fake either no they’re not your coworker just told me
that I gotta feed the plants no I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the doors
over there whatever dude I’ll get water over here I’ll feed the
rest sit down I’m not getting down how’s this mattress right here is this nice it’s got the gel memory foam inner
spring innerspring oh yeah so like it warrants its like bouncy
right oh yeah do you put your pudding whoa what was that
no it’s fine if I’m buying it’s okay I might buy it I don’t know we’ll have to
see yeah this doesn’t come in blue does it I mean I can make it blue myself look
at you is this appearing it’s not it see it disappears instantly look how much is
this $29.99 what did I do wrong what about this one right here this one
oh I like this one getting it what did I do wrong she did I didn’t do that she
did it can I hurt just as one I don’t know some
make these breaking everything you cops are on their way
have somebody from the warehouse escorting my father I have a good day guys yeah good dick
come on you’re gonna pay for this come here no I’m out yo guys by the way
Jordan told me I can break whatever I want so if you guys enjoyed this video
make sure to give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe turn on post
notifications get some merch I’ll see you guys next time peace

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  1. Imagine how dumb u can be to be doing this and just having to do this instead of actual good content and not going to a furniture store and breaking things

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