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Dental Practice Marketing: 7 critical reasons of using FACEBOOK ADs for your dental practice (2018)

Dental Practice Marketing: 7 critical reasons of using FACEBOOK ADs for your dental practice (2018)

smart dentists are already starting to
use Facebook as their dental practice marketing and are getting more and better patients will see some
of the reasons why you need to use Facebook dental practice marketing makes your practice to
really stand out from the herd. Stay tuned
am Solomon Iyassu who is the owner of the promotional marketing TPM and helps dentists. we
help dentists to grow and to have more less answers with our video prospects
attraction-system in this episode through our number one
dental practice marketing platform the promotional marketing tip here make sure to follow
us to learn tips tricks and strategies to grow your dental office and fill your
prime historically marketing for dental
clinics has been costly slow and unproductive comprising mostly of TV
Direct Mail or radio advertisements aside. In this with big budgets obtained
optimal results since they were the only one who could afford to as of late
though Facebook has changed the game to engage with potential prospects you
don’t need a big marketing budget anymore nor do you need TV and radio
placement agencies costly printing and postage expenses or direct mail
designers you just need to understand how Facebook can be effective for you as
a dentist you will maximize your results with a portion of the marketing expenses
that come with the conventional approaches offering the same results
smart dentists are already starting to use Facebook as their dental practice marketing platform and are getting a
lot of leaves and says of course it involves more calculated and
budget-friendly decisions you can use Facebook to stand out and separate
yourself from your competition and you have no idea how important it is to most
people one day lists is the same as another dentist that’s why you must use
Facebook as your dental practice’s marketing if you want to attract more and better patient let’s
jump to the five reasons why you as a dentist should capitalize on facebook for their dental practice
marketing as a way to enhance your practice you too can reap the rewards
that Facebook marketing brings using five of these suggestions okay
reason number one Facebook as one of the dental practice’s marketing platform provides you with the same information
access and power as large businesses the most optimal approach to developing
impactive ad campaign is to determine what audience to focus on with direct
mail or conventional media large businesses to have access to data that
smaller organizations didn’t such access provided large organizations
with the substantial advantage since they were able to spend funds on proper
ads to err on relevant radio or TV channels
in turn they were able to send potential prospectors to a specific website
through Facebook you can access those same details allowing you to target the
same customers largest businesses do ok second reason in comparison to other
promotion platforms Facebook marketing provides you with more useful data in
addition to giving users data large businesses can see the details you’ll
get from Facebook are much more practical than what other conventional
platforms offer Facebook has amazingly though data about users allow you to
find specific people to target you can use such data to create audiences as per
their location age income interest and other important details along with a mix
of other aspects further Facebook one of dental marketing practices lets you find and focus on
individuals who have shown interest in your advertisements but didn’t sign up
for your offer this process called retargeting is a strong approach to
promoting your clinic since it lets you focus on those who are already
interested in your offer at times your ad might be clicked but whoever did the
click might have gone and distracted by something else and failed to follow
through on whatever interested them from your ad some people might click your ad
but their uncertainity scares them away retargeting less you get more ads in
front of site people and before long and give you clicks from users who have seen
your ad before a key. reason number 3 compared to conventional media platforms
facebook as a dental practice marketing strategy is less costly by focusing on specific targets your money
is spent there through facebook dental marketing than blindly mailing out
postcards or putting out a radio or television ad for a random audience
further Facebook’s price are much cheaper allow you
target those individuals for peanut essential for instance like what I’m
doing now I reach people with a video for a penny or two penny per individual
yeah you can get new patients for just few bucks per patient for instance you
can make a dental add to get new better patients at an average cost per person
of four backs with the conventional marketing that just isn’t a possibility
besides Facebook as a dental marketing for practices or Facebook ads are scalable thus by boosting up
your budget you have more results okay reason number four in comparison to
conventional media platforms Facebook marketing is speedier a mailing must be
designed edited printed and sent out during a direct mail campaign before
anyone will see such processes can take a while with TV or radio advertisements
you have to write and record the ad before portrayed in the space to get it
air these two will happen overnight using facebook dental marketing however you can
quickly put out an active ad for your office and expose it to a specific
audience and then entice them with an offer they can’t refuse reason number
five in comparison to conventional marketing Facebook marketing for dental practices is more
adaptable if there is something wrong with the conventional advertising
approach you will need to analyze your plan which weren’t study editing and
child the process is a lot quicker with Facebook as a dental practice’s marketing can be split tested to access different pictures copy colors videos promotions
via Facebook power editor or ad manager the social network will provide
you with specific data on what is working effectively will be able to
switch off ads that aren’t performing well with a single click this is
something we regularly do with our ads with conventional as you will be aware
if if you ask a four months weeks or even days if
something needs to be changed you were back to square one without any data to
work with this is not the case with Facebook dental marketing as things can be
moving around with a few clicks here and there reason number six Facebook as one of dental practice marketing close following for your dental practice Facebook dental marketing is
not like the conventional marketing like radio on TV Direct Mail as thus other
and saying hey come see us because we are fantastic Dennis it’s about
connecting with audience and creating an actual connection with that potential
patient so that they will trust you and they will become part of your community
you can turn your Facebook advertising dollars into something that’s super
profitable by giving you an extreme return on investment ton of email
listing a ton of fan page you can build with it your groups to get trust and
authority in addition you need to step out of the herd as a dentist if you have
anything that sets you apart from other dentists
if you have your own culture or extra services you offer let the public know
is your Facebook dental marketing reason number seven in comparison to conventional
Facebook helps you to get trust and authority on your prospective patients
dentistry is a trust-based profession you need to trust the person putting
their hand and sharp instruments in your mouth and start doing things to you
anything that impairs atras makes it hard to get patient to your practice you
realize to become the trusted density or prospects is important than ever before
and this is hard to convey with conventional like radio TV and
newsletter Facebook particularly the video ones is
one of the platform for Dennis to get trusts like a brute restored the
authority expert solution for patient dental problems so are you using
Facebook marketing to promote your dental clinic
I would like to encourage you to use Facebook dental marketing for practice to get
more and bear patient before your competition does hope you enjoyed this
so if you like these tips and would like to see another one like this don’t
forget to hit the subscribe button so that to be informed as these tips come
out and if you want to know more about the promotional marketing TPM or have
any questions you can find us online at www.thepromotionalmarketing.com or call us to 204-4516460 thank you for tuning

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