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Okay saiyans! Welcome back to our channel! To those who are new to the channel Please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. And this is the good news that I’ve told you guys about. We got a sponsorship from Tokyo, Japan. It’s international because it’s not yet here in the Philippines. But I hope you’ll support this just like how you guys supported me before. And to our saiyan subscribers from Japan. I hope you’ll support this. This is an awesome blessing for us. They will be supporting us through our journey for Mr. Olympia 2020 Japan. Okay so, we’re going to lift today here at Kinetix Technohub. Of course, now we’re going to pay. We’re not sponsored by Kinetix anymore, so that’s why. Back workout for today. We’re going to do deadlifts, saiyans! Yeah x4, welcome back! This is going to be the highlight of our video today. Let’s warm-up for deadlift. Because my last deadlift was, long ago. Last year, I think. Hurts already. Yeah. Okay. So, let’s do 2 sets first before we increase. Okay? So, you can use a small plate so that you can raise the bar. There we go. Now, you can easily put the plates on. Like this. – Gym hacks. – Gym hacks. Also on the other side, of course. But if you’re like those guys then use the finger of your friend. Just joking. Okay so, to our saiyan subscribers. These clothes will be released on February 7 This top and bottom, though the belt is available already. The quality is really good. If you can only touch it on your screen
it’s really awesome. Okay. Their leggings. I think it’s because my legs are small but you can always create an illusion. Like what the girls do when they wear leggings. So, for our 3rd set, we will be using 2 plates of 25kg on both ends. Because we just got back, please go easy on me. Wait a minute. We forgot something. We’re going to use these because we haven’t used deadlift for quite a while. So, our grip is quite off. Okay so, we’re going to use straps. Awesome, it’s thick. And the color is cool. Right? And you can just walk around. These can be used in different ways. Like for slapping yourself. This also can be used in many ways. For putting plates on and off the bar. And if you’re done lifting
you can use it to take off your shoes Right? So, the things we used for our workout
We should also return. It’s for getting bigger. To get bigger. And this is my tip. On how to put away the plates fast
Just one side and go straight. Fast, right? So, this is the tip
If you got one side off So, it will be faster on the other side. You can… what do you call that again? – Pole dancing.
– Pole dancing. Do you want to see me dance “Tala” today? Okay. Just joking, we’ll clean this up too. Okay saiyans! I hope you enjoyed our video today. Also, don’t forget to click the notification bell. So that you’ll always get updates on our latest videos. And also, please support the things we are doing today. And that’s all. Let’s grow bigger. Shout to Kuya. That’s it! It’s time to go home, it’s already 1 am already. And my wife’s looking for me. Bye! Sir, thank you!


  1. From Hater to subscriber. Sorry sa bash ko dati idol. sana mapansin moko idol na kita ngayon

  2. pashout out idolllll, solid po akong fan mo, meron po akong sasalihan na power lifting competition po kahit 17 pa po ako

  3. bro payong kaibigan. tigil mo n yung roids. mababaog k jn, magkaka dede ka, sisirain internal organs at pde mamatay sa heart attck. goodluck. see you across the rainbow bridge.

  4. YAN maganda may halong good vibes 😁😁😁 grabe nmn idol 1am+ natapos. tama ba kasaiyan 25KG kada plates so 330lbs lht nung 6plates tama ba idol or mali?? 😁😁😁 anyways. waiting ulit sa next vid mo..

  5. boss nag gym na po ako ng mga 2 years at nag bulk from 62kgs to 85kgs, kaya lang po nawawalan na po ako ng gana mag gym, busy po sa college rin. nag gygym parin po ako kaya lang hindi consistent, ano po yung mga tips na pwede nyo mabigay? salamat!!

  6. Congrats with you're venture with Nitro. You're videos we're very inspiring to the world especially to those who have passion in pursuing their dream in body building. I enjoyed watching this dude because he seems to have good attitude and character. God bless you and more power!

  7. Idol, ano po ba requirements para dayuhin mo yung gym? Matanda sa gym namen idol peaceful mag buhat pag 11pm onwards. Pwede ka din mag sauna idol.

  8. Boss kaibgan ko sila harvey devanadera saka si butch ng taga pila now nsa laguna na pde kabang makausap kahit sa messanger boss

  9. "Yung ginamit natin dapat ligpitin natin" Tama yung iba sa gym ang lakas bumuhat pero yung mga mga binuhat nila di man lang maibalik.

  10. Sobrang nakakamotivate idol saiyan Ken lahat ng vlogs at videos mo. Sana mameet ka ng #ajmotofitness HOPEFULLY😁 God bless!

  11. Salamat sa video na to idol saiyan! Pinaka favorite kong gawin tong deadlift hindi ko alam kung bakit pero feeling ko lang iba dating pag maayos naeexecute tyaka pag marunong ka mag deadlift haha more videos!todo support salamat ulit 👌💪

  12. Idol nkakamiss tuloy magbuhat… Nawala lang ako sa eksena kasi na stress ako due to financial problem… Pero ngyon mejo nkabawi kaya gusto ko na ulit magbuhat kaso tumaba nko… Parang hirp na habulin yung dati kong shape. Nung mataba ako 90kg ako tpos after 6bmonths of hard work na reach ko ang 75kg… Ngyon tumaba na at ng stop 84kg nko… Kainis slamat sa motivation idol godbless

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