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Days 6, 7, & 8 — Georgia: GLAAD's Southern Stories Summer Tour

Days 6, 7, & 8 -- Georgia: GLAAD's Southern Stories Summer Tour

hello everyone so it's day six of glad southern stories summer tour and I'm in the Turner Broadcasting building in downtown Atlanta Georgia for our screening of a film that we actually made at GLAAD in-house back in March called state of change Georgia our southern stories program started out because we did some research not too long ago we conducted a Harris Poll we wanted to find out where the hearts and minds really are of Americans on LGBT issues we don't have time to waste especially not in Georgia this is a brave new world you either get on board are you going to be left behind and as a southerner so often times we are left behind because if I close-mindedness so I hope feels like this we have people to open that and maybe we can get on the train with the rest of the country it is about a 15 am on day seven of glad southern story summer tour and I'm here with Monica true sandesh we are going over to CNN and if I yo we're going to talk about all the different issues affecting LGBT Latinos CNN we just got to say hi and we're here we're at the screening tonight of Blackbird I think that it's really important to show the complexity and diversity of the LGBT movement and blackboard does just that as a coming-of-age film about a 17 year old african-american boy grappling with his sexual orientation in his faith is exactly some of the issues that we're facing in the south I think it all stories need to be told and I think especially black gay stories are not told enough game to openly gay person club young man myself I definitely could connect to the story I definitely wanted to at least be that person that I wish I could look up to when i was younger and growing up I don't think the back to be homophobic than anybody else I hope people walk away understanding that um when you live comfortably than your skin and you and you be open and you become obedient are you acting obedience to what God has put you here to be that is when all the doors open that is that is the main thing that I hope people get from me Southern America really just needs to expand as far as I'm thinking I'm actually from a cell phone from Louisiana so I know firsthand what it's like run up and the type of household it is day 8 of glad southern story summer tour and i'm now at Lost and Found youth which is a homeless LGBT Center in Atlanta and we're about to have a family-oriented event with a bouncy house that you can see behind me and food and drinks and a snow cone machine and tic tac toe and we'll just be an opportunity for Lost and Found to show what they do um I was homeless in october i found out to a friend that when i was still don't like what i needed like socks and she's gonna top and I just came here that let me use the computer so I can fill out my resume and I got a job maybe like a week after i came to Los avail I came in to lost and found about a year ago I'm a recovering crystal meth addict and upon coming here I never knew the family and the support that I would get and lost and found has done nothing but support and give me the courage to be what I am today I ended up getting strung out on drugs and finally it just one of my friends brought me here and was like you're gone you're getting clean and I've only been in the program about a month and I know I've for jobs and they without them I don't know where I gave like they have given me everything I need to succeed since we started we've helped over 750 kids here in Georgia in the past three years it is day 8 of glad southern story summer tour we've gone to six states in eight days and it's been amazing we've met so many LGBT people on their allies in the south and we just drove from Lost and Found youth to the airport and now i'm on the plane heading back to New York so thank you for watching these videos and dust mite subscribe to our YouTube channel by

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  1. nice to see my hometown is doing work to help people struggling with their sexuality. keep up the good work guys 🙂

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