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Day 8: Some Tips On CPA Advertising Through Youtube?

Day 8: Some Tips On CPA Advertising Through Youtube?

Hi everyone, this is Facebook live. Hi members Trish leadyourlifestyle.com I’m doing a Facebook like this is a really different experience. I’m actually doing on my laptop I hardly ever do a Facebook live on my laptop. So I’ll be curious to see how this looks weird maybe comments or people coming on So I wanted to do this video even though it’s still part of the health journey the health and well-being journey I just didn’t want to do a video Sweating coming out of the gym. Thought. I just wanted a change of scenery and Just do this video on my laptop. I wanted to share a few things with you today Yesterday on my facebook live I talked about my CPA campaigns and frustration because I wasn’t Maximizing or Google AdWords wasn’t maximizing my budget It wasn’t spending my budget and therefore I wasn’t getting the impressions and I wasn’t getting the views I have a CPA campaign. That’s running I’ve had a few CPA campaigns running and they just they just feel like they’re being restricted and the leads are just trickling in However, the numbers are really really solid especially on this one particular video the video ads that I did was very specific to a very specific market and as soon as that video starts You can tell it’s very very specific and I had a lot of faith in that video. It was one that was Scripted completely scripted and Which is a bit different from normal Normally, I do them unscripted and spontaneous but this one was very scripted and I had some help in the Dominican at the black retreat from Brian parsley. He gave me some help with crafting a message and getting a bit clearer about my journey and my story so that really really helped actually the Cameras, just up there. I just realized and in the last 24 hours, I Was getting frustrated. I don’t know whether I shared with you on the Facebook live But I had a mastermind with Todd Fox and we look at the campaign and he agreed that the numbers were really really solid Like my CTR was really solid. The opt-in rate was really really solid And the only issue there was just I wasn’t being shown enough and we just didn’t know how to get shown on this CPA campaign So he suggested that I go into Audiences and actually turn off Pause one of the audiences. I had an audience of self help and motivational and I paused that audience and Then today and yesterday as a result of doing that in the last 24 hours, it was like turning the tap on for leads. I have got 17 leads in the last 24 hours and it’s incredible like it feels amazing And what’s even more amazing is that? They’re all seem to be the right demographic like they’re all between sort of 45 and 64 So it’s sort of my age demographic as well. There’s a real mix of male and female and The other exciting news too is I’ve also got an app in the last 24 hours. So It’s just a signal or a sign now that things are now getting back to where they should be And getting back to where I was back in March the 13th of March before that split happened, so Very exciting news and I just wanted to share that and I wanted to share that outside the gym I didn’t want to be out there sweating and sharing that After being sweating it out in the gym So that’s the first thing that I wanted to share which is exciting news. It’s incredible the second thing is that I’ve just come off an interview with Landry Anka and she has done some amazing things with her business and such a powerful Interview with her and it’s amazing when like-minded people come together How powerful that is We spent I think our call started at 1:00 p.m. Prompt on the dot and We didn’t get off that we were actually forced off the internet because it froze and it wasn’t coming back at twenty past three So we had a conversation before the interview that went for 40 minutes I’m sure the interview went for over an hour then we did another short 10 minute clip and then we kept talking and then in the end the internet booted us off, so Very powerful. So we’re going to upload Landry’s going to upload it to her YouTube channel I’m going to upload it to mine and you’re more than welcome to once. It’s up there. I’ll let you know when it’s there It’s a good thing Landry oh, it’s a good thing zoom froze Or he would have gone another two hours we would have it was just amazing and awesome And it’s always were always the same as soon as we get on to zoom together if there’s just no getting us off so being intimate took control and Decided to boot us off in the end and there was no going back either It wasn’t just a little lag or a little delay. It was I was frozen I wasn’t going anywhere. So it was very very powerful So that interview is gonna be up Landry is gonna have it on her YouTube channel She shares some incredible insights. I share my journey and my story. It’s part one of a two-part series we’re going to have a second part which is going to share land Ria’s incredible story and journey and That’s all that for you guys to have a look at as well. So Anyway, I think that’s it. That’s all I wanted to share today. I’m heading off to the gym I’ve got a 6 o’clock Zumba class always good when you go back to Zumba because at least I know what I’m doing I don’t have to have a modified Lesson like I shared with you yesterday diets been fantastic like I said just MyFitnessPal in counting those calories just during the week has been really really helpful and I’ve not been hungry either. So that’s helped a coach. Claudia has always been there to guide as well You’ve seen in the group Some of those incredible recipes and some of those tips So that we all don’t go hungry as well because I think that’s one of the key Components of being successful in reducing those calories is not being hungry So that’s my share everyone Landry. Oh great the u.s. Year to check in and it was an awesome interview we have such a good time when we get together and Looking forward to part two of that two-part video series, so Bye everyone check in with you again tomorrow. Bye

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  1. This really is an impressive video. your content is top notch! I most certainly will be viewing the rest of your videos soon! ✌️

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