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Day 7 Over The Shoulder Facebook Ads Tutorial Affiliate Bootcamp

Day 7 Over The Shoulder Facebook Ads Tutorial Affiliate Bootcamp

This is day 7 of my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp and on day 7 they go over the over-the-shoulder Walkthrough on doing a Facebook ad Scroll here. And so basically he does it within 26 minutes He goes through the whole thing from setting up their campaign putting up your ID picking an audience I’m not gonna do that here But I just wanted to talk to you about this strategy starting a Facebook ad so the Previous video I talked about your target audience. So you definitely want to pick a target audience Get real clear who you want to market towards and then create an ad the other thing is that the ad that the Walking service is a basic ad he shows you how to kind of make a funny one by picking some dogs He had an idea of that Yeah, he basically put an ad with a picture of a dog and and clickfunnels image and everything so if you’re promoting clickfunnels This is a good Training course here on doing a facebook ad If you’re wanting to become an influencer or an affiliate marketer My strategy right now is I’ve been doing video interviews So I’m going to be marketing the video interviews and bringing them back to my main site Which is StaciaKennedy.com I’m doing videos like this. I’m also going to be Doing different videos where I’ll be doing a Facebook ad where they’re where I’m actually talked about strategy affiliate marketing Maybe even doing just some short shorter videos that I can Do ads on on Instagram if you do a video Instagram Ad you can do it you have to do it if it’s like a story ad. I’m sorry You can do story ads which are really awesome the thing with the story I did you only is 15 seconds and You want to start building your audience on Instagram as well? Because it’s it’s When you do a story you’re hopefully reaching people that you’re already connected with and that’s going to be more powerful is To be able to convert the people that you’re connected with that. You’ve been building a relationship. They were watching your stories And then you can also ask them to swipe up if you don’t have 10,000 followers That’s the only way you’re going to be able to create something where Someone is seeing it and you can ask them to swipe up and then go directly to your link If you don’t have 10,000 followers, you can’t do this wipe up thing So that is my strategy that I mean that I’m going to be working on this week But I wanted to update you on day seven of the affiliate marketing bootcamp so if you’re a beginner and You want to know how to do a Facebook ad or we’ll have someone walk you through the exact training for free Because there’s a lot of Facebook courses out there, but this one is really good If you’re a beginner and you want to learn how to create a Facebook ad to promote click funnels or other affiliate products That’s why I’m going over the affiliate marketing bootcamp for click funnels I am going to be doing different types of ads where I am marketing myself as the expert and referring to click funnels a strategy or a tool and So that’s what I’m excited about. It’s doing more of that not just an ad because I think it’s more powerful if the Sponsored posts it really doesn’t look like a sponsored post Maybe it just looks like me going live and that’s gonna get you guys more clicks or get me more clicks and more opt-ins into my affiliate product or into my funnel Because that’s what you want to do is all the things they do advertising paid ads Social media posts videos all of that. It’s great But at the end of the day you want to start building your list and so that you can sell to those people because once a buyer is a buyer is a buyer the deeper they go into the funnel the deeper that they build know like and trust with you and buy anything that you refer to them over and over and again if you Are sending them directly to the affiliate link. You’re losing them you’re losing potential income the lifetime value of a customer Okay, so it’s getting late. I had a long day if you watched my last video and Just wanted to make sure that I get this one out Thanks for following. My journey guys join the affiliate boot camp or Join my bonus affiliate method where you get a shortcut version of the hundred a boot cap and start Generating commissions today. Okay. Thanks for watching much love and aloha and make sure to See any of the links that you need below this video Bye

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