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Day 5 Start Driving Traffic with Facebook Ads – ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Day 5 Start Driving Traffic with Facebook Ads – ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Hey there and welcome to day 5 of my 100 day affiliate bootcamp click funnels affiliate bootcamp. My name is Stacia Kennedy I’m your online marketer and trainer and I’m super excited to Have you follow me along follow along with me on this 100 day affiliate bootcamp Day number 5 as you can see my screen here they talk about traffic and this is really For people who are complete beginners. If you don’t even have a Facebook page or if you need a walkthrough on Facebook ads they have a great training course here It’s about 18 minutes about almost 20 minutes of a walkthrough on what what foot what? facebook marketing and and Facebook how to create your Facebook Ads account how to create your business page well Not the exact steps on how on your business page but it goes through the exact Walkthrough of what everything is inside of your Facebook Ads account? So if you don’t have a Facebook Ads account, you don’t even have a Facebook page you can start here But basically it goes through what is a campaign What is an ad set how to all the different options inside of the campaign ad set and ads? And just as a quick summary that campaign is basically what type of ad you’re going to create Whether you’re going to target getting views or the objective, like what do you want that ad to do? Facebook ad set is is basically the targeting of who you want to reach and then the type of app, you know So if you’re gonna do a video or an image and then so he basically walks you through in detail. What everything is? So you can start your first ad and start creating A landing page within click funnels and run traffic to that landing page Because you can have a pretty site you can have a pretty landing page, but if you’re not driving target, you’re not putting in front of people who actually want to buy it or You know want to get the value that you’re offering You know What’s gonna happen? Nothing you’re gonna have no results so drive traffic using Facebook Ads if you’re a beginner definitely watch day 5 if you need other help or support you want to also maybe even Join my training my free five. It’s like six or seven day training That will actually show you how to you can drive traffic Faster than Facebook ads or even at a better cost Depending you know cuz Facebook Ads It’s really a plate pay-to-play and you have to test a lot if you want a quick way to drive traffic I will teach you how to do that with solo ads inside of the bonus affiliate method So go to the bonusaffiliatemethod.com that’s my free Affiliate marketing training for you below this video, but that is my review of day five They talked about Facebook ads and I think it’s very good If you’re new to Facebook ads and you don’t know what to do or how to get started This is a great place to start so you can join the affiliate bootcamp as well and follow along with me And I’d love to see videos like this from you Showing you your results and the things that you’re going through on your 100 day challenge Thanks for joining again much love and aloha and i’ll see you in the next video

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