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Dating Matters Model Promo AD

Dating Matters Model Promo AD

>>Two preteen girls are
hanging out in a bedroom. One girl is studying a book on the floor,
while the other girl answers a phone call.>>Hi, are you okay? I’m sorry. Seriously, you’re apologizing to him? He needs to leave you alone.>>The girl on the floor rolls her eyes,
and the girl on the phone shushes her.>>Unhealthy relationships can
start early and last a lifetime. The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention developed “Dating Matters” to prevent teen dating violence
before it starts.>>The two preteen girls are
depicted in a classroom setting, with several other preteen students,
and a teacher leading a discussion.>>”Dating Matters” is based
on the best available evidence about what works to prevent
teen dating violence. It is a comprehensive prevention model
that focuses on 11 to 14 year olds, with prevention strategies for youth, their
peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods. The model includes seven core components. The youth programs provide middle schoolers
with the knowledge and skills they need to have healthy, safe relationships. Parent programs equip parents with skills
that encourage positive interactions and communication with their children. A training specifically designed for educators
to help them understand the risk factors and warning signs of teen dating violence. A youth focused communications program
that reinforces key prevention messages through social media and events, led
by high school age brand ambassadors. And three components that work at
the community level to build capacity for comprehensive prevention,
identify and track data on teen dating violence,
and inform local policy.>>A circle appears on screen. The center of the wheel reads “Dating
Matters, a Comprehensive Model to Prevent Teen Dating Violence.” The circle is surrounded by four
sections Individual, Relationship, Community and Relationship, and Community. The Individual section expands to reveal its
core component youth programs, Dating Matters, Sixth Grade and Seventh Grade,
and Safe Dates, Eighth Grade. The Relationship section expands to
reveal its core component Parent Programs, Parents for Dating Matters Sixth Grade,
Dating Matters for Parents Seventh Grade, and Families for Safe Dates, Eighth Grade. The Community and Relationship section
expands to reveal its core components Training for Educators and Youth Communications
Program, Eye to Eye, What Are You Looking For? The Community section expands to reveal
its core components, Capacity Assessment and Planning Tool, Guide to Using Indicator
Data, an Interactive Guide to Informing Policy.>>Together, these components
help create environments where young people can have respectful, healthy,
teen dating relationships free from violence. To learn more about how Dating
Matters can work in your community, visit www.CDC.gov/violence
prevention/dating matters.>>”Dating Matters, Strategies to
Promote Healthy Teen Relationships.” A logo for the CDC appears, featuring an
abstract bird made of human faces in profile. Department of Health and Human Services, USA.

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