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Daisy Ridley on Life After ‘Star Wars’ and Coming to Terms with the Finale

Daisy Ridley on Life After ‘Star Wars’ and Coming to Terms with the Finale

100 thoughts on “Daisy Ridley on Life After ‘Star Wars’ and Coming to Terms with the Finale

  1. This sjw film is bound to go down in flames but not before they ruin the originals and make this Mary sue defeats the emperor alone and steals the skywalker name in the end so the movie name makes sense… but get your wallets ready!

  2. Say what you will about the sequeal trilogy, but I wish nothing but the best for Daisy Ridley and am excited to see her future work. I have high hopes for her.

  3. Daisy was the right choice to play a young jedi, too bad the people at Lucasfilm dont know how to create timeless movies anymore.

  4. SW new saga doesnt join but separate people ALL arround the World, and the Woke relation between fin and poe is simple is sin, so throwed, burned, dust. She got much potential so she will be all right, just need a good director and a good story to tell.

  5. I’m not even sad that it’s ending and that’s a bad thing… glad this trainwreck is over not blaming her but the writing was shit.

  6. She just comes off so genuine like she’s famous but she really is just like us. She hasn’t lost the humility and that’s why she fits so well in the Star Wars family because pretty much everyone involved is so cool

  7. If her life goes to shit the way Jake Lloyd's life did, or Hayden Christensen's did, I'm blaming the fanbase. And you guys are gonna have to grow up and apologize.

  8. Daisy did the best with the material given to her. Don’t hate on her, hate on Ruin Johnson, Jar Jar Abrams and the dumdum Kathleen Kennedy.

  9. 1:35 "Let's make a movie for 1% of the population and include elements in the marketing that will disgust (one can only assume) 90% of the population."—Star Wars producers

  10. boy she has been stepping in it during this press tour. Pissing off both the left and the right.
    She'd managed to avoid that til now.

  11. Im not angry at the actors they just want to work and get that bread. Im upset with the writhers and directors who came out with a copy and paste story line.

  12. Her smile looks creep af. At first it was nice. Now it's so annoying. Its super fake. She must practice it. It's really annoying now.

  13. Ms. Ridley blew it with her dumb mouth. She insulted every Trump voter=50% of America. This dumb Brit needs to STFU before… We dont need dumb, empty headed, actresses saying ANYTHING that's not on the fake movie script page. Shes DONE in movies, forever.

  14. She said "sad but right".
    That means the ending is wotihout some characters but is right because the fates of those who made it are okey.

  15. Ok we all hate Rey but why do y’all like Daisy, she’s a racist and narcissistic SJW, just go watch her other interviews and keep yourself updated on the news, peace out ✌️

  16. “ I don’t blame her. Thus, make your 💰, retire at age 45 / 50. Buy a quiet home 🏡 in a rural area. Great decision I did as well. You owe the world 🌎 nothing. 🔥 “

  17. Daisy needs to be a part of a "Blondie" biopic. She would make a great Debbie Harry. She likes to sing and she resembles her. You heard it here first.

  18. These are all of the spoilers for the new Star Wars movie coming out. I didn't create this summary but I'm sharing it with all of you so you can use it as a knockout blow to counterattack a bugman offensive. Enjoy.
    Rey has been training under Leia for a year since the last movie
    The First Order has taken over the galaxy, with a guy named Allegiant General Pride taking over for General Hux
    The maguffin of the story is called "The Wayfinder" and is filled with directions to Palpatine's secret space storage facility where he keeps his ships
    Palpatine is alive but slowly dying, and is "revealed" to have been behind Supreme Leader Snoke. He survived the explosion of the Death Star ll some how as well
    Kylo Ren wants to use his "Wayfinder" that he got from consulting an alien oracle to find Palpatine's ships as well as Palpatine himself
    This fact is leaked to the Resistance by a mole (later revealed to be General Hux who is pissed cause he got demoted)
    Rey and her band of merry diversity hires go to find another "Wayfinder", but need to delete C3P0's memory so that he can install a program to translate it from some ancient Sith language
    There's a big chase around the galaxy, with the Resistance eventually finding Darth Vader's "Wayfinder"
    Some where along the way, Leia dies of old age
    The "Wayfinders" lead both the First Order and the Resistance to the ships which are fitted with Death Star lasers, so basically every single ship can blow up a planet
    Kylo and Rey team up to beat Palpatine while the Resistance fights the big evil fleet of Death Star laser ships
    Rey is revealed to be the granddaughter of Palpatine
    Kylo Ren dies, murdered by Palpatine
    When all hope supposedly is lost, Rey is saved by the force ghosts of Luke and Leia who absorb Palpatine's force lightning and send it back at him, blowing him up
    Resistance destroys all of the Death Star laser ships
    Final scene is Rey returning all of Luke's stuff to Tatooine, with the cinematic shot being similar to Luke looking up at the twin suns in the original Star Wars movie. She then takes up the last name "Skywalker", which gives the movie its title

  19. Love to see Daisy thriving. I’m sure she won’t be outta work for much longer haha. But Variety, what the hell was that question about Finn and Poe lmao? He already had eyes for Rey, Rose had eyes for him. I mean damn 2 people ain’t enough?

  20. I think she should've been in Tomb Raider instead
    She wouldve made a better Lara Croft
    who cares if shes flat shes actually english and athletic

  21. Not a fan of the sequels, but I hope she manages to overcome the Star Wars' curse, and wouldn't end in obscurity as Hayden/Jake/Mark(I know, I know, Mark is Mark, but he had to find his field in voice acting because Luke was a character too distraction to play other roles) She isn't a bad actress, I saw her in Ophelia, and she has potential

  22. love daisy, hate this fail of star wars trilogy. Years later she will be talking smack about the trilogy once its long behind her

  23. Daisy Ridley wants to be a "working actor." Translated: she'll play more hooker types since recently she dresses like one in every interview she's in. Today she's dressed like an Imperial officer. And still has the world's most false smile and most dishonest demeanor. Why does everyone call her refreshingly human and mature? They said exactly the same thing about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

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