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DADDYHUNT: Gay Dating | THE SERIAL | All Episodes

DADDYHUNT: Gay Dating | THE SERIAL | All Episodes

Hi Hey I just moved into 3G this month Ah…Cool I don’t want to be pushy, but I was hoping
you might have time to come over Huh? …the leaky faucet …I reported it….but it’s really driving me nuts …so if you get a chance to look at it today I’d appreciate it Oh….Ah Sure Great! 3G…See you soon [music] Looks pretty old might need replacing Naw, these things are built to last …just needs a little tune up I’ve got a bigger one if you need it [laughs] I’m sorry…it’s not funny… maybe a little I’m so sorry Ah, no that’s not necessary… if you need anything else I’m right down the hall… 3A You sure…? Yeah Thanks! [knocking] Hi I’m Arnold ….your handyman …I hear you have a problem with your sink [knocking] Oh..hey Hey So I met Arnold…our Handyman [laughter] Why didn’t you tell me that you’re not our handyman? Well, you looked like you needed help I’m a little embarrassed, so this is for you Hope you like red Oh I do, but you don’t have to do that No, please take it My Mom gave it to me as a housewarming gift Its no big deal…I don’t even know if it’s any good Why don’t you come over tonight and we’ll find out? Oh no you don’t have to No…seriously we’ve got to welcome you to the building Look..it’s the only way I am going to accept it Okay Great 8pm? See you then Hold up… …much better [snaps fingers] [music] Hey Hey [manly voice] Hey [breezy sounding] [sniff] [knocking] Hey You must be the new neighbor Yeah The, um the handyman is running a little late tonight …he’s still in the shower Yes, sorry about that No, no, no don’t worry about that …we thought was hilarious come on…come on in Um…I actually just came by to apologize …I have to go into work last minute emergency Oh really? that’s a shame …maybe some other time Yeah, sure….um, just tell him I’m sorry I will Who was at the door? Yeah, um the neighbor…he can’t make it tonight Oh… …did he say why? Apparently some work thing Oh… …okay So he has a boyfriend? Yeah, I’m such an idiot Don’t blame yourself you had no way of knowing Maybe… Well, hello there! Oh hey Hey I’m sorry you couldn’t make it the other night Yeah, I’m really sorry So…I waited two nights …I still haven’t opened that bottle Oh …we haven’t decided yet …we might check out the roof …we hear it has a really great
view of the city Oh, it does probably the best in the neighborhood Sounds great… …romantic even Oh it’s really romantic Cool Okay, well have a good night Oh um….I hope my ex ….was well behaved the other night ….he has a terrible habit of just showing up …goodnight [message tone] [knock on door] No time like the present

99 thoughts on “DADDYHUNT: Gay Dating | THE SERIAL | All Episodes

  1. when I read 'serial' I was like – 'ok… he'll turn out to be a serial killer' story of my life… so clichè 😂

  2. I realy felt like im watching a porn movie like two muscler guy,one of them is handyman, and……

    Am i not the olny one right?????

  3. Ugh. Whats with the stereotypical crap! If some guy messaged Me "hey daddy" = blocked!!!!! Omg, the Ex turning up! Cant say here what id say if an Ex arrived @ my door but it rhymes with Duck Hoff. Lol.

  4. Completely wrong image of how gays look like, but very sure about gay behavior, always looking for a stick to put in the mouth and in the ass or a good hole to fuck. Gays are the biggest whores on the planet!

  5. I am Also Gay From India Any One Can Be My Partner For ever Mumbai ♥️🙏💋❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. homosexuality is a sin, it is a strong delusion, it is not physically, or spiritual healthy. Life is so short; please turn to God before it is too late! Romans 1 @t

  7. Okay so don't you guys at least agree that marriage should not have anything to do with the law or with covernment?

  8. I think we've let people get the wrong idea by letting them get married without checking to see if they fit the requirements or had the right undertsanding of what marraige really is. It's not just a union of two or more things that are attracted to each other, or two or more things that want gov benifits as it has become today. It's and institution made by God for the church body specifically for two humans, one pink and one blue, both past puberty, that love God. It's the preservation of the sanctity of the only human relationship structure, that can not only procreate, but properley raises children.

    Instead of trying to change the definition of marrage to "make it better" how about we just leave it as it is, and let the christians have their little tradition or whatever, and not try to make a hate group out of them by acting as though they're preventing anyone from doing as they please with their God given freedom.

  9. An Ode To Anal Shit Stabbing: Part 1. thrusting his tool up me

    As he thrusts his cock deep into my tight rectum I feel the pain and soreness from his huge man meat pushing the sides of my recrum like as if it was meant to be opening the vaginal love tunnel of a female cervix my mind digresses to thoughts of babies and impregnating for I wish that my partners semen would all club together and impregnate my non existent womb… he ejactulates his huge load fiercely and uncontrollably.. I lean forward and imagine him impregnating my arse like as if I was a middle aged happyily married mom not on birth control naughtily trying to be impregnated.. he pulls out his cock from my gaping arsehole and the semen load pours out with a stinky eggy wet fart. What a waste of sperms…

  10. This kind of stories makes me feel sad and hopeless. It's like starving, no money in the pocket and a fancy restaurant inviting you to eat. Fuck.

  11. So gay. anyway below capiche Italian for you or he or she 'understands' is capice or capici (you singular). putting an h after a c in Italian makes it a K as in bruschetta = brusketta. capeas-chee? spelled capisci.

  12. I really preffer daddies 40's above than below their 30's.
    On (2:42) that was really a sign that he likes him too.

  13. I give it 5 stars. This product “Suto Good Plan” (Search on google) is one that’s actually working for me.

  14. WOW… 😄 I accidentally came across this video and now im hooked. The main character is H.O.T af ! Does anybody know his name and if this is a DVD box set ?

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