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Cyprien – Les pubs VS La vie

Cyprien – Les pubs VS La vie

The guys who make ads on TV: either they are completely drugged, either they come from
a parallel world. It’s the only possibility ! I think ads are the
farthest things from reality. No ? Hello,
I’m your new neighbor We met us the other day … Oh yeah it’s true. Oh ..
I see that you have a … Some cake?
It’s delicious ! No thanks. I think that
it’s a bit too much for me. I think I’d prefer the… Get out of my house! I think I’d prefer the Kin … OH, FUCK OFF!
OR I’LL CALL THE COPS !! No, I want a Kinder B … (They fight) Excuse me … Do you think
your teeth are really clean? Yes of course. Let’s check that out. (Cyprien)
Look. Bacteria ?
But I brushed my teeth this morning. Not with Colgate Total. Excuse me…
Do you th … No no.. Should I get myself pissed on the streets now ? And your ass? Is it clean? You asshole! With your shitty tie! Do you want to know if
you will go back with your ex ? Send “EX” to 81212. She is dead. It starts with itching
and burning sensations, Do you know what it is? These are yeast infections. No, I do not want to hide! You know…
I have yeast infections. By the way, it’s itching. But you know…
It can happen to everyone. But but…
Wait ! It really burns me, eh! I think I weakened it a bit. With 4G, you have access to
all of the internet in an instant. Uh … Should I go? No no… Come on!
Let’s say that I’m going! (Disgust) Me ? I like my bank. Me ? I don’t fucking care about my bank. I dream about a bank … (Laughs) I dream of a bank … (Boo) Come on !!! Subtitles: TeamSubtitle Subtitles made the Amara.org para community

100 thoughts on “Cyprien – Les pubs VS La vie

  1. 2:30 MAIS BORDEL, ça fais 10ans que je regarde en boucle ces vidéos. . . et je me rend compte que maintenant que y a plein de scène post générique O_o

  2. Kemar ( jsp pourquoi ) me fais penser à un mélange de tony stark et de doctor strange

    PS : Team 2019 vous êtes la ?

  3. Mdr le coup du bueno likes si c est vrai🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😜😜😜

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