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Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL Ads & Advertisements! (Explained!)

Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL Ads & Advertisements! (Explained!)

What’s going on Neon Nation welcome back
for some more Cyberpunk 2077. Today we’re looking at all the Ads and advertisements
in Cyberpunk 2077, from logos to vendors to all those stereotypical larger than life full
scale building ads that the Cyberpunk genre is known for. The 48 minute gameplay demo had an incredible
amount of ads you may have missed so lets go through them and point some of the obvious ones as well as the more well-hidden ones. Starting off in the Scav lair we can see some
boxes with the Logo for DHL. Now DHL is a shipping conglomerate in Night
City and you can frequently see them all over the place, mostly on boxes and small advertisments. As we carry Sandra Dorsett onto the Balcony
for Trauma Team to rush to her aid, we see an open complex with some of our first ads
and logos. First we have Kiroshi. Now Kiroshi is a Japanese cyberoptic manufacturer
in Night City. This is the company that makes V’s optical
scanner, and whose actual Logo can be seen in the O in Kiroshi. Next we have Riot which is a Night Club or
bar in Night City. We know this because of this gameplay demo
screenshot. lIn this screenshot there is a poster for
Riot referencing Lights music, dancing and partying non stop. We also see Below Deck, which we will explain
later in the video. Next we have Turbo which is most likely a
reference to Supercars. This has similar lettering to the V Tech Quadra
logo on Jackies super car later in the demo, so this could be a car parts store or even
a dealership of sorts. We have Fuyutsuki and Hometown deli which
are both as you can imagine, restaraunts in Night City. Fuyustuki is most definitely japanese. We see a sign that says “POD” which could be a reference to these Japanese Pods that they have in densely populated cities
for people to rest and relax in. A little later on in this sequence we see a peep
show sign, which is a form of strip tease where the stripper is behind a window. Next we have V’s apartment. Now on the table we see Stanley Media as the
Radio station being played, and 2 more curious things. We see the Vodka on the table, whose logo
seems eerily similar to Cyberpunk game of 2017 Observer. Take a look at the covers and let me know
what you think. We also see a take away bag from Tom’s diner,
which is an old school diner, we walk through later on in the demo. As V opens the blinds of her apartment buildings
windows, we see the city and the boisterous ads the cyberpunk genre and cyberpunk 2077
is known for. Devon strikes me as a prostitution service
or a sex cyborg. The ad features a woman with 3 mouths and
a white substance dripping out. Now under it is says 3 mouths 1 desire the
Sasha Devon experience. Maybe this is a famous prostitute or joygirl
in Night City known for her 3 mouths. Next up we a Plug in Now advertisement. Now if you guys have been paying attention
to the world of cyberpunk 2077 this should look familiar. The silhouette is of a netrunner seen in this
concept art piece for the E3 trailer. Plug in now is in reference to Netrunner components,
which could mean this ad is obviously for netrunner gear including netrunner chairs
and interface plugs. Up next we have the Sky is the Limit. Now this ad is kind of hard to see here, but later
on we see that it says Orbital air on the bottom right corner. This is a megacorporation based in Africa
that sends cargo and passengers to space. This most likely means we will be visiting
space at some point in the game. We see second amendment on the tall building,
which we now as a weapons vendor in night City. In your own personal building, Wilson runs
the 2nd Amendment which features a weapon menu. 2nd Amendments are seen frequently throughout
Night City. Nicola Soda’s “Feel the Chemistry” slogan
can be seen here as well. Nicola soda is a drink which will most likely
act as a healing agent in the game, and V interacts with a Nicola ad that shows her
exactly where to purchase the drink. This is going to be standard in Night City
with more interactive ads, showing you exactly where to purchase the product. Brooklyn barista Mac n cheezus AOBA are most
likely restaurants and coffee shops, and Spunky monkey is a again a drink. We’ll skip some of the other ads in the
back as we will see them later, but more clearly. As we step into V’s weapons bunker we see
a magazine which shows us an Arasaka Smart Rifle similar to the Type 41 we see later
in the demo. We also see a magazine under the desk with
a another super car, which can be seen more clearly in this Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot
and really does look like a white Audi R8. As we spin around and see the Samurai poster,
we also see that Broseph beers is a sponsor. We see broseph beers earlier on as V shakes
an empty bottle looking for a pick me up, as well as during the E3 booth, where CD Projekt
Red replicated this beer for their visitors. Stepping out into the megabuilding, we see
a Trauma team platinum membership ad which promises a response time of 3 minutes, as
well as an El Dorado pawn shop. The pawn shop might mean we can sell some
of our stuff quickly, if we happen to be in a pinch for eddies. As we pass through a corridor, we see a bunch
of movie posters on the left side. It may be hard to see, but we see Bushido
3, like we have seen in the E3 trailer. We also see Bushido 6 and 9 but it’s again
hard to see. If we fast forward to Mistys shop, we see
them both on her walls more clearly. This means that they are either making these
movies incredibly quickly, in increments of 3, or people just like to leave stuff on the
walls for a really long time. Slightly further ahead, we see an ad for a
strip club or brothel of somesort. It may even be a male specific strip club Even further ahead we see Pizza joint Buck
A Slice, Magami market which is a Japanese Kiosk, that seems to serve ramen, And a 2
for 1 stamp on the wall. This stamps logo has angel wings, and we know
that there is a bar called “The Afterlife” so there might be some correlation here. The bar is a hotspot for Fixers and Mercenaries,
so the 2 for 1 coupon might be fitting for that kind of business deal. We had a subscriber asking if Muscle cars
will be in the game, so there’s your question answered there with the Blend in Advert. As we circle to the Nicola ad, we see one
for Skin and Chrome, which is a modification used by Lizzy Wizzy. We also see a tatso booth which seems
to be serving again ethnic food, with their workers wearing the bandana that we can see
in their logo. Right ahead we see a dual advertisement, one
being Popturd a jab at pop tarts, and the next being all foods, which is the processing
plant the Maelstrom are holed up in. We see all foods all over Night City and they
seem to even supply or own this kiosk later down the road. At the Vending Machine we see a new protein
drink called Abydos. These all seem like temporary buffs to me,
and the protein drink is 1 eddie more expensive than the other beverages. In the elevator shaft we see a Dynalar sub dermal
grip presumably for faster reloading. We can see Dynalar in the Teaser trailer, In the elevator shaft We also see combat cabb services. Now this can be seen in the E3 trailers with
the braniacs hitching a ride with a combat cabb. Combat cabs will drive you through the combat
zone, well equipped and hopefully without a scratch. As we take the elevator down to the base floor
of the megabuilding we see a Sojasil Machistadog advert which is a granola bar featuring an
Explosion of taste. Lets hope your head doesn’t explode from
tantalizing your tastebuds too much like the dude on the sign. At 12:31 in the demo we see the iPhone 43,
which im sure only has a couple more features than the one you have at home right now. We can see it a little more clearly in this
screen cap a little later on. In this Concept screenshot we see what looks
like one of those old blackberries, so maybe RIM has experienced a resurgence to compete
with Apple. I mean it is 2077, anything can happen. At 12:39 we see Johnny silverhands album. This point of the demo is correlated to this
screenshot, where we see the man in the tiger stripe jacket looking at Silverhands album. Fun fact of the day, We see the vendor in
the back selling Kiroshi canisters, something Dr Victor opens to extract your Cyberoptic. As we open up to the most impressive part
of the demo in my opinion we see an advert for a rockergirl in the top left. We later find out in the Maelstrom hideout
that it’s a woman named Zana. All night every night refers to a strip tease
or show and Mixn up is for an energy drink called Cirrus. We have Masala Studios, Kabayan foods and
Caliente which showcase the ethnic diversity of the Indian, Filipino and Latino population. At 13:01 we see a band called the Cartesian
Duelists and new megacorporation THortech, which ill speculate is a company responsible
for making service robots in Night City. We see a karaoke place in the distance here,
as well as El Guapo, and a Brain Wash location. This could be a place where we pick up skill
chips and increase our intelligence levels as we see a Brainiac boostergang member around
there are for potentially that reason. We also see a macroware store, which could
be various cyberenetics as well as this logo for a strip joint that we see in the red light
district section where we are meeting Jackie. As we walk to Dexter Deshawn we see the NCART
the Night City Area Rapid Transit which was featured in the E3 Trailer, as well as Data
INc and Varsa adverts. We see Cali Express as we look over the rails
down to the streets, which could be a train station that allows us to visit the outskirts
of Night City. Food vendors populate this street, and we
see an ad in the distance that says “Set sail” which could clue us in to boats being
in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Again a lot of these ads we have no idea about
so drop a comment a speculate with me on what some of these could be. The demo still has some placeholders so we
see the Cyberpunk 2077 logo at 16:06, but im sure this will be replaced with something
else in the full release. As Dexter drops us off we see an Android looking
face in the top of the screen, which again we see in the Maelstrom lair as a Cyberhub
ad, which could be a cybernetics store. We also see Piez which is mostly likely a
pizza rival to Buck a slice. As we enter the next part of the City we see
the Love hub, or the red light district. We see Misty’s esoterica, which is a fringe
hippy joint where they burn incense and harmonize your chakras. We see a poster inside Mistys place, which
shows Below Deck. We see Below Deck during the chase scene on
the right side of the street next to Fuyutsuki. According to episode 9 of CD Projekt Reds
frame by frame series, Below Deck is a underwater-themed club opened in a former aquarium. It looks like gangs and Deshawn have gathered
here in the past. Now Misty is not so innocent as she appears
to have a male porn magazine named “Ballsy” on her desk. Maybe we can actually read magazines in the game, although
I think Ill take a pass on the Ballsy one. We walk into the Ripper doc clinic and see
No Life 3, a poster obviously imitating and poking fun at Half Life 3. As we begin our Cyberware upgrading procedure
we see a 4ST store logo on the Ripperdoc surgical software. This is the store and interface for making
cybernetic purchases. At 21:55 its hard to miss the Mantis Blade
schematic, and we’ve all seen what these arm scythes can do to our opponents. Its TBD if this is something a legal ripper
doc can upgrade us with, or if well need an illegal ripper doc, and if this is considered
military grade cyberware. As we check out our weapon we see Tro Industries
as the barrel of the Pistol , and Militech branding on the rest. This is a clue into how we can modify our
weapons, with putting pieces from different corporations together to craft unique weapons. Taking the Heal inhaler, we see the Medical
logo on it, which also looks similar to Trauma Teams logo. TT could be developing these healing inhalers
for Night City seeing as they are a business. Maybe being a high end insurance also means
making more mainstream consumer products as well. Outside the ripper docs office we see an ad
for Gomorrah, again looking like it has something to do with stripping or a night club. We see more sexual ads as we walk down the
red light district with this moustached man enjoying an upside down lapdance, El guapo
which seems to be a strip club and Bliss, yet another strip club. As we circle the car and stop we see a vending
machine for Hot Mess, whose slogan is “A hot mess in your mouth” and is probably
food of some sort. There is an absurd amount of sexual innuendos
and references in the gameplay demo. As we get into Jackies V Tech super car and
round the corner, we see a BDShack, which most likely stands for a braindance shack. Maybe we can pick up braindance recordings
here, or experience them in a safe environment. A little further up and we see an advertisement
for a potentially unseen weapon. A little further still and we see what looks
like a Braincash store. Atleast that’s what I think it says, the
motion blur doesn’t really allow you to make out the words. Again, something to do with augmenting the
brain. As we drive through the tunnel we see a car
advertisement. This looks more like a Bugatti veryon than
anything else, and shows that theres some diversity in vehicles in Night City. Coming out of the tunnel we see Orbital air
again and Softsys. Now fast forward to the Maelstrom lair, and
the panel we re-wire to open the doors using our engineering skill tree, is made by Softsys. Looks like they make electrical components. As the scavs pull ahead of us, we see a Militech
ad with the word Freedom on the bottom. Militech sells arms and although they are
a big megacorporation, this seems like kind of a dinky little ad. As we pull into the outskirts of the inner
city, we see a Geisha looking figure similar to the ones from Hollywoods adaptation of
Ghost in the shell. We also see Vainajokule which looks like a
drink, as well as a giant billboard featuring someone who reminds me of Miles Tost from
the CD Projekt Red team. Is there a resemblance here or am I totally
off with that? We do also see a Cyberware sign as we pan
around the car. This means Cyberware and macroware stores
are different from each other. This is the stage where we see less ads and
logos. So im just going to point out the important
ones for you during the maelstrom section. We see a triple barreled shotgun type weapon
on a billboard. We also see the all foods plant logo in its
full glory. As we look down the sights of the blunderbuss,
we also see what seems to be an Arasaka logo. Thanks for watching guys and for everything
and anything Cyberpunk 2077 make sure you’re subscribed to The Neon Arcade.

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