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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #24

Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #24

ah ah and to all a good night while losing him where is that IV doctor we couldn’t find any more IV tubes but we did find these crazy straws from the cafeteria that crazy stride eeeh just might be crazy enough to work damn you oh it’s not gonna make it it’ll make it here comes a loop oh yeah he’s been dead for a few minutes I take it there’s good news about my husband the winning lottery numbers dollars [Music] hey how much for you two benches to fudge this duck I’m rich bench hey you want to taste something scrumptious I’m actually pretty full [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] pretty tasty huh [Music] yeah where you headed I I’d like to go that way please okay oh yeah no shortcut sorry I’m late should we order some wine this is Tom Harrison a loving father bold community leader and proud American but what about his opponent Jamie Williams he may be running for office but can he run from his past this crooked politician wants you to believe his campaign isn’t funded by shady offshore banks how about voting for someone who doesn’t want to sell your vote for a quick buck Jamie Williams bad for you bad for America hi I’m Jimmy Williams and I approve this message Jimmy Williams is also a creep who gets off on his own humiliation just look at what a low-life that Jimmy Williams is I’m Jimmy Williams and I approve this message Jimmy Williams is out of touch with America he doesn’t even know the names of his own children when he fills out the ethnicity section on surveys he chooses other and writes in racist I’m Jimmy Williams and I approve this message Jimmy Williams likes to pay his taxes with your taxes and he doesn’t even care who knows I’m a bad boy he also likes to put on a diaper and be spoken to like a baby I’m a bad wittle boy last year Jimmy Williams was caught with dirty money dirty because it was off his foot Jimmy Williams knew who the Zodiac killer was and didn’t tell anybody it was Jimmy what do we say to a scumbag like this I’m Jimmy Williams fuck you Jimmy Williams and I approve this message also he’s got a tiny penis I’m Jimmy Williams and I’m gonna prove this message I’m Tom Harrison and I’m not Jimmy Williams this just in it seems Jimmy little Willie Williams has won the election in a landslide we’re here now live for his acceptance speech be bad folks y’all are gonna need a Superman to fly around the world back wants to fix the mess I’m gonna make it’s about to get real crazy around here yo guess which race is gonna get arrested first not gonna be mine instead of money we’re gonna start using bubblegum I’m raising the drinking age to 50 and lowering the cocaine age to sit here will not be a federal crime we’re gonna flip some space shuttles upside down and drill them into the earth see how far they can go the color blue is no longer part of the acceptable color spectrum so we’re gonna have to make some changes to that I’m changing the official national language to one that I made up myself called Jimmy talk so Jimmy Lee Jim John Jim everybody but that’s probably good enough first turn see y’all Gators later yo now which one of y’all got that nuclear button and there you have it both words from a bold new leader Jim Jim Jim Lee Jew Jimbo America I’m chip jopley good night [Music] this used to be your favorite place on earth whenever we’ve come here you’d always get that little twinkle in your eye and have just the biggest smile [Music] anyway I think it’s time to say goodbye I know you’ll be happy here that ride made me sick I think I’ve got oh those bathrooms are nasty I’m not pissing in there oh sweet yeah I don’t get it I always fucking hated this place [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] B Part II Auto inner II or yogurt [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] so what would you say your greatest strength is I’m a go-getter with real commitment sir I always get the job done no matter what all right then and what’s your biggest weakness I’m suicidal [Music] [Music] so you going to next party on Saturday yeah I don’t know man the last time I fell asleep at da G’s here comes fart in a jar Martin oh come on guys it was one time and it was back at 4th grade see ah then why do you keep bringing the jar because I have to prove to you guys that it only happened to one time but everyone keeps calling me fart in a jar Martin look the only reason people call you fart in a jar Martin is because you’re always carrying around a fart in a jar Martin uh for dessert Martin it was one time in the fourth grade we didn’t even go to your elementary school Martin we would never have even known except that on the first day of freshman year you told us that story and pulled out a five-year-old fart in a jar if he didn’t bring it up tomorrow we never talked about it again [Applause] Jesus was one time I lied AFN if you like that short you were like ha ha ha ha and if you didn’t you were like but either way you should click on this one and watch it another one [Music]

100 thoughts on “Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #24

  1. News:Jimmy williams found dead on his own bed after his first day of presidency

    CIA:İt had to be done

  2. I love the gravity falls reference in the jimmy williams short

    (If you don’t know it’s the one where Tom Harrison dies in a landslide and jimmy wins)

  3. Green immortal guy:gets eaten
    Throwen out green guy:hello darkness my old friend

  4. Dad:I am rich bicj

    10 hours later

    Court:Yeah you are under arrest because of using you identity as the lottery winner
    Kid:Hey dad I am bich rich

  5. How do the kids get that money money that's a lottery but kids can't do it by their self get money you know what I'm talking about everyone Lido

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