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Cut to the BEAT / Edit to MUSIC in Final Cut Pro X

Cut to the BEAT / Edit to MUSIC in Final Cut Pro X

this video is brought to you by
Squarespace this video I’m gonna show you how we can
cut to the beat we are in the Firecat protein in the
face and the first thing that we obviously want to do is to bring our
song into the timeline I will drag the song and I will bring it into the
timeline I will right-click in my mouse and click on lift from storyline now the
second way to do that is let me delete this by simply select your audio track
and press Q inner keyboard as you see again we have the same result our audio
down and an empty gap above the audio the first method to edit the beat from
the methods that we will showcase the aim is to work with markers and what I’m
gonna do right now is to select the audio clip I will click here and as you
can see by clicking these elements I can adjust how large the audio scope is on
the clip we can turn that to the right a little bit so it we can have a better
idea where the beat drops and having selected the audio clip we press
spacebar in our keyboard to start playing the track and as we play the
music where we want the cut to take place we will press m in our keyboard
let’s go and see perfect now let’s go and bring our clips
as you can see here I have selected the start and end points we can do that by
pressing I in our keyboard for the start point and all in our keyboard for the
end point I’m going to drag this with a left click I’m gonna bring it into the
gap and I will and I will press replace from start now with the left click make
sure that you have this option here selected to enable the Magnetic cuts I
will drag with the left lip to the end and bring into the module now let’s
bring the second clip again we can select a portion with the eye and no drag and bring it to the marker and we
will continue the same process to cover the gaps between our models and as you
can see we have finished with the first methods
to cut to the beat now let’s go to the second method I’m gonna delete all of
these again we go to the audio we bring our audio here and lift from storyline
or with a cue in our keyboard I will said in the beginning and now I’m gonna
select the Cup and whenever I hear the beats that I want the cats to take place
I’m gonna simply press command + B in our keyboard let’s go and see and we have created the cats here no
time line now we go into the footages again and we will drag the food ads we
will bring into that gap and we will select replays from start we will
continue this process for all the creeps that we want to insert and let’s see
what we have so far and that was the second method before
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we have our clips and we want to bring all of our clips in the timeline all the
clips that we’re gonna use so we’re selecting the first one and by holding
shift in our keyboard were selecting all the other clips and we’re bringing all
of them into the magnetic timeline now we will bring also our song and we will
hear the beat and let’s say here we want to create a cut we will press in our
keyboards the alt or option key and the right heads and as you can see with the
right heads we have already created the cuts to the right we continue with the
same process let’s hear the song and here we want the other cut take place
again we press option and right aids in our keyboard and let’s say that here we
want the other card take place again option right aids now if we want the
next clip to start let’s say from here we will go we’ll select the clip and
press option and left aids and it will bring us the clip into the left
now we can continue with the same process and we will leave the song to
play as we’re pressing option and the Rite Aid’s to create the cuts perfect sand let’s play to see third
method is done and now let’s do the fourth method the
final methods we’re deleting everything again the fourth method is one of my
favorite methods and it’s the completely manual catch the beat we’re bringing our
first clip we will bring our song – we can zoom in so we can see the beats a
little bit better in our visuals we press play and let’s say here we want to
create a cut we will bring it with a left click or we will simply press B on
our keyboard cut this portion of the clip press Enter keyboard select the
other portion and delete it and we will continue the rest of the clips like that here we want the other one and you got
the idea of the fourth method I hope you found this very helpful and if you did
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23 thoughts on “Cut to the BEAT / Edit to MUSIC in Final Cut Pro X

  1. No talking heads this time, but with a very useful tutorial that a lot of you had asked me to create on how to edit to music. Two things I want you to know: 1st) I started a podcast and the link is in the description of the video and 2nd) if you want a 1-on-1 private lesson on FCPX now you have the option to have it, more infos about that on the description of the video as well. Thanks for being so awesome and can't wait to see you on my next upload. Let's see how many likes can we get on this video…!!?

  2. Another great video…. Thanx Emilio. Hey are you familiar with the Lumafusion app for iOS? I use it along with FCPX its a great video editing app for the iPad 
    and a good combination with FCPX its like iMovie on steriods lol

  3. Great. Only one thing that could be done more effectively in this video. In the last method, dragging endpoints, or use the blade tool, and then select to delete, is a time-consuming way of doing it. Rather, use the "Trim end to played" shortcut. Just place the played (or while playing) and press the keyboard shortcut, which automatically cuts away the end (or beginning) of the clip. You can also change the keyboard shortcut for this to make it even faster. I have added Trim Start to play head to G, and Trim End to play head to H, right next to the JKL keys, which let you do lots of editing just by using those keys.

  4. Excellent video! I sort of did this by accident the other day on just one part, but now I know how to do it on purpose 🙂

  5. I Saw ur post in the frugal filmmaker group and now i found ur channel is really helpful for me…. thanks man keep it up love from 🇮🇳

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