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Crown Catering talks about Google AdWords

Crown Catering talks about Google AdWords

My name’s David Warren. I own Crown Catering. It’s a great little business. It’s a family business. Five years ago my grandmother
lent me $30,000, and I bought the business from the Trading
Post. I knew that there were caterers operating in
Sydney doing 20, 30, 40 functions a week. So, I started looking at all my
different types of ways of generating business. Hence, AdWords. This was a means and
a way for me to get the website out there. With every single person that
looked at that website as a potential customer, there’s no
doubt whatsoever in my mind that Google AdWords is by far
the most effective, by far the most effective way to
maintain advertising and marketing services. It’s vital to my business. It’s vital to my future. Setting up the Google
AdWords couldn’t have been more simple. I started out with a daily
budget of around $5 a day. I was getting leads
from $5 a day. Those results, and the
inquiries, and the bookings happened within a
couple of days. That was a crucial factor and
why business in the last two years has gone from $500,000 to
$600,000 turnover, we now turnover close to $3
million turnover.

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  1. this is a warning…this man is a fraud, never use his companies: crown catering or sydney tallships you WILL be burned…

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