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Cross breeding chocolate molly and yellow molly ? What might be the result?

Cross breeding chocolate molly and yellow molly ? What might be the result?

We connected this tube to this elbow They are not just an ordinary chocolate Molly’s because their tails are liar tails So we will feed them out here. Hey guys. It’s a beautiful morning once again, and you’re here back at Dexter’s world Channel Yesterday we talked about the importance of the Rock salt to our fish especially during rainy season and we showed you that Rock salt is really best in maintaining the health of our fish because it will provide good health to our fish Especially during the time of cold temperature Well during rainy season us what I have said the pH level will rise So we have to control it by means of putting rock salt on our pond And we also have made a video about the breeding of our Shubunkin And we have just placed the breeders here and you will note that we have provided them with This kind of plants the hornwort and also Of course We have provided them with air pump so that they will not be gasping for breath and they are expected to lay their eggs maybe tomorrow or a day after it depends upon the capability of Adjusting the new environment. Of course, we cannot make this perfect Sometimes we set today and they will lay eggs after 3 days or 4 days because they are still adjusting to their new environment so we are expecting to massively produce our Shubunkin and even other fish like more and This Oranda’s. Well, I have to make an update also about our Molly fish See that I have segregated hundreds of chocolate mollies and this mollies are just so Amazing because the color is too dark chocolate and their eyes are red that they are all having lyretail they are not just an ordinary chocolate mollies because their tails are lyars is the lyar tail is really different from the rounded tail because they are so beautiful to see and you will also know that we have here the tangerine mollies, if you will see this one we call this the tangerine mollies and tangerine mollies is the result of crossbreeding of this chocolate mollies and This yellow moly if we will breed the CLO mollies to this chocolate mollies It will produce two kinds of fish either. The color is darker orange, or It will become in Marble moly you will see this one and this is a product of crossbreeding Of course, we have the so called control crossbreeding Control, meaning that you have to select the kind of fish that you are going to breed and now we are aiming to produce more Of this tangereine mollies because this is more darker than the ordinary yellow moly We are expecting to produce more of this mollies this Tangerine this yellow moly and even this chocolate Molly’s because this is high in demand in the market today So that’s our objective and thank you for always following us now. We will go to The tank that we have mentioned Yesterday we have to completed the destruction of this tank. And also we have completed the making of our bucket for our filter Yesterday and made mention that this filter gonna be the area also of our aquaponics. Oh, come on Let’s examine this one So guy’s just this morning. We made or. They fabricated the stuff We made the hole on this tube and you look at this We connected this tube to this elbow and you will note that this pipe or this tube has no holes Only the lower portion of this. Well, maybe you will ask Dexter. What’s the reason for this the reason is that? We will use this tube For the water to really flow down over here and go out from the holes that we made because it is wrong to just Immediately put the water over here and allow the water to rise up and then flow in to this exit pipe Because the water will just be spilling over and it will not really cause the filtration So what we do is to provide this kind of system we have to put in the water this the inflow and then the water will go down freely and Rise up out of this holes that we make So this will be placed Underneath this gravel and by means of this this gravel now will become our media for filtering the water And the water will really become clean So we will put this now we will take this one and put this under the gravel But of course we have to cover this one. Maybe we will cover this one with rag This one is a cotton that we will use to cover so that the water will come out from the hose of the stew So this is the effective setup. I hope that you will get a lesson out of this because I have already Try this one. It proves to me that it’s really very effective Especially in maintaining the health of our fish and guys please allow me also to give you an update about our Rabbits, well this rabbit are just three months old I think they are turning four months by the time that they will reach eight months That’s the right time for us to breed them because this rabbits are also in demand in the pet store and here in the Philippines This rabbits are not considered yet as food but as pets Well many people coming to our pet store and they will buy this and make this as their pets at home well This rabbits are also good for petting purposes because they are too Responsive also to humans and they can be tamed so we will feed them now with this grass and of course their diet is not purely based on the Pellet because we have to give them also this grass that they need for their health so we will feed them out here and The technique is that you will just provide them with a small amount of this grass because if you will place volume of this grasses the chances are we will just be wasting Because they will no longer be eating that grass the moment that they can urinate on it so they will feel dirty already That is why we will just give for control the giving of this grass. So we are just giving it in small amounts So we will give also Some to this cage of rabbit’s And we always said also that in your a filter bucket You can put some live-plants and you will see here that there are some Live-plants But the problem is this algae that is always disturbing them so what we do is to regularly remove the algae by means of lifting this up and Getting the algae out of this plants Because if we will just allow this to thrive then of course this plants also will die So what we will do is to remove this algae Every now and then and you will see that the algae is striving that all the time but is striving here in the filtered bucket So you will see also that this plants is working for the filtration of our water So you look at this one. They’ve been here for almost a month already and this is the thing that we are always saying we can provide a good ecosystem in our fish tank and you will see the health of this fish very healthy and you look at the way they swim you look at the way they respond to their food is an indication that they’re really having an a.1 condition and of course you will see also our Plantation of our lettuce and of course this was disturbed by the heavy rain last night You can see that this lettuce are just growing very healthy and the roots are already Penetrating the lower portion of this pot. Of course we have made holes on this plastic glass which we use as our pad and you will see that the roots are really growing down and This plant is getting vitamins out of the water of this tank. And I am so proud also to announce there that we are massively producing This goldust we just bought i think 2 dozen or less and they are now to plenty. Well, come on We will catch some of the breeders. They are already big That’s what I have said breeding This Gold dust is also Very challenging. You see that they are very big Wow You see them and this is very beautiful to see inside the aquarium And what is good about this gold does is that they will not really eat their babies? They will take care of them and you will see this very pregnant one. You see this one This is very pregnant And this fish can even give us more than 50 fingerlings You see that and their babies are just here, you know The babies of the Goldust will appear in black color when they are newly born But when they reach about four weeks, they will develop already this yellow color So this is the thing the we can share so far today and I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and if you haven’t yet subscribed and if you’re new to our channel, we haven’t asked you to please hit the notification bellow and subscribe to our Channel also We would like to ask you to please visit our website where you can see items for sale And also we have some kind of t-shirts and even mugs Especially designed for you guys. And also you would like to encourage you to please visit the channel, also my son Dexter’s world junior and He is really thankful for your support. And thank you also for subscribing to this channel only here at Dexter’s World.

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