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Crispy Korma Salmon | Jamie Oliver | AD

Crispy Korma Salmon | Jamie Oliver | AD

So guys I’m gonna give you the best
salmon dish ever, this is Crispy Korma Salmon. oh yes the flakiest, most beautiful meat, crispy skin and the spices from the Patak’s paste, oh my lord the layers of flavour are gonna be unbelievable and I’m gonna buddy that up with the most incredible failsafe fluffy coconut rice yes! and then a quick homemade cucumber pickle That is a dinner and that’s gonna happen
with hardly any ingredients in about 15 minutes So pan we’re gonna put on medium-high heat, a lot of people constantly tell me they get sticky rice, it’s not light, it’s not fluffy, let’s fix it once and for all. Nice basmati rice for four people, fill up a regular builders cup, in we go, then
we’re going to go in with two cups of boiling water, let’s make this really delicious, let’s make it really exciting So I’ve got coconut cream you just get a nice chunk of it like this and this is gonna give you the most amazing tropical
flavour, so I’m literally just gonna crumble into the water and it will dissolve, but the flavour is phenomenal! Then lemon is a good friend of mine and then I’ll have a little chili, in it goes Lid on full whack, about 12 minutes that will take and the minute that it cooks dry it’s done, perfect every time. Okay salmon I got this from the fish mongers but you can go to the supermarket and
you can ask for a nice big chunk you can do this per portion, that’s fine,
but it’s just nice to mix it up okay so it’s been pin boned, those have been removed and it’s been scaled, very important as well. So what I’m gonna do is add a little oil to that pan. I’m gonna put it skin side down and I’m just
gonna put the weight of my hand on here just for 10 seconds, we’re gonna cook this salmon 70 percent of the time on the skin, to guarantee you crispyness.
It’s gonna protect that precious fish so you’re going to just get lovely flakes
of salmon and on the outside we can give it a little bit of attitude, do you know what I mean? so what I’m gonna do is take some of this amazing Korma Paste right, that’s all I’m gonna take, add a bit of lemon juice and then what I want to do is
paint it onto that beautiful pink salmon, Now you can use a brush or you just take
a little herb like this, we’re just gonna mix this up and then watch this, this is natural fat here and that olive oil Now look what happens when I get that paste look at that and now we’re gonna paint it, look that is flavour that salmon is now transformed forever, so cucumber pickle
go get a regular fork, go get your cucumber and I want you to scratch it down by doing this you’re creating surface area which will allow you to get pickle in there flavour in there and it’s gonna look and taste amazing right. Slice up this cucumber, you wanna season fairly generously with salt and that’s gonna draw a lot of excess moisture out, you’re not gonna eat that salt but you need it to kind of get that pickle thing going on and then we want to hit it up with some vinegar, white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar you could use a herb like coriander and literally all I’m gonna do is kind of almost scrunch it up, this with the rice, is gonna eat so well. So guys we’re probably ten minutes in, if you look at the salmon you can see it’s just over half cooked, we’ll flip this now Get a fish slice, get carefully under the fish like that Very confidently, just go like that, now
look at that skin, that my friend is phenomenal!
it’s blistered it’s crackled, it’s crunchy, it’s like a crisp, so one minute on the other side of the fish that’s off now, I’ve got the pickle the rice is done, you can see the little holes That’s the steam just fighting to get through, there’s no more liquid in there, okay let’s serve this up, this is gonna be beautiful, any of those juices we can keep full of flavour, full of flavour Finish it with a few bits of coriander, a little wedge of lemon, get your cucumber and just kind of squeeze the juice out of it and that excess salt is left behind, gorgeous and then you’ve got that
wonderful fluffy rice, the lemon and the chili have done their job, the smell of this is absolutely phenomenal and that’s the coconut cream, look how fluffy that is guys, you can just slice up the lemon and the chilli Look at the colours guys! Let’s get to the fish, let’s get to The flavour, the spice. I’m just gonna break it like this you hear that? it just crackled, you can literally pull it off Ooh you know, you know that, that is tasty, that is just outrageous and then the crispy skin is completely ridiculous, a few little bits of coriander and my beautiful little pickle and enough talking, Look at those crispy bits, come on! Oh my lord In the spice, it is complex and it’s there but it’s so gentle it works utterly with the fish Mmm I’m so happy right now, so there you go guys Bring a little bit of spice into your life, that
is my Crispy Korma Salmon Cooked by me with a little bit of help from Patak’s
thank you very much

100 thoughts on “Crispy Korma Salmon | Jamie Oliver | AD

  1. I just tried the rice part of this dish with whole grain rice but its a bit sticky does using hot water really stop it from sticking also there's not much flavour of the coconut but I can taste the chilly

  2. okk i am a bengal hailing from the state of west bengal, India where rice and fish is our staple diet.
    And this fish korma is going to be thrown away from every bengali kitchen.

  3. Just tried the lemon and coconut cream and chilli with white rice I can really taste the coconut it tastes really good thumbs up Jamie

  4. oh ya allah ( oh my god ) …. what are you doing with me man ……. it's amazing … thanks Jamie … thanks from Egypt

  5. Jarred curry is definitely not designed to be used like this. You can tell how it’s badly burned onto the fish, and despite how much Jamie says it tastes great, in reality it’ll be as bitter as burnt toast.

  6. The corma paste will be raw in both sides of the fish. Not the best way to do it. Marinade the fish first then fry. it will be even better

  7. Its just gone 1:00 am in the UK and I’m sooo hungry watching this🙈. Need to sleep to wake up and try it in the afternoon… InshaAllah god willing

  8. Its just look like malaysian nasi lemak..but way to different version one..well salmon it’s one of big proof to show this is western style..good job

  9. I guess we all cook rice differently. Here in the Philippines you can't just pour out the rice like in 4:09. We want a stickier cooked rice. Anyway though nice looking salmon man.

  10. i would recommend using your spice mix using yogurt it will give nice thick curry sort of paste, which tastes amazing with rice..

  11. This is a Bengali dish we call it fried fish, use 5 spices or less, curry, coriander, chilli, turmeric give or take some more, and serve with rice lol. Classic and very tasty! Especially with salmon but any fish can be used

  12. See, I’m too afraid to have a go at salmon because it tastes too earthy for me. Is there a way to combat that? However I love the idea of the flavours in the rice; the whole dish does looks scrummy 👍

  13. That’s not how you cook rice. The basmati needs to be washed to remove the starch, ideally for about 10 minutes. The ratio of rice to water is 1 to 1, not 1 to 2.

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