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Creeper? Aw man… [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#62

Creeper? Aw man… [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#62

[Music] ♪ Creeper♪ ♪Aw man♪ ♪So we back in the mine♪ ♪Got our pickaxe (mumbles) from side to side♪ ♪Side-side to side♪ (Unintelligible singing) f***ing cringe Do you know what I’m not even gonna restart the recording. That’s the — meme review everyone. Creeper aw man creeper, that sucks. creeper, aww, man Insecurity, anxiety creeper aww man. This is of course the beautiful lyrics from the song that everyone’s heard. What is this song? Let me find it, wait there’s a rap genius of CaptainSparklez Revenge featuring TryHardNinja produced by Doc Exx. Creeper, aw man. Creepers are hostile mob in Minecraft. Possibly the most iconic mob in Minecraft. AWW MAN! Have you guys ever played the discord game where someone has you have to say creeper, aw man, the whole lyrics without interruption JUST SING THE SONG!!! aww man Aw man this is lyrics that truly touches me. This is really lyrics that makes me go peepee poo-poo in my pants. I love it so much What if like in the comments section on this video people just go creeper aw man creeper aw man You know this is not gonna be funny long. (laughs) It’s already kind of Like all memes, Felix. Oh, okay. Sorry for pointing out obvious observations This creeper meme gets a creeper. Aw man Next meme. All right guys, love him or hate him He’s spitting facts This was across men Love em, or hate em. Love em, or hate em he’s spitting facts and you gotta acknowledge people spitting facts. Ray William Johnson. Love and more hate him. You gotta acknowledge. He’s spitting facts You can’t — you gotta at least like love him or hate him he’s spitting facts. God, I hate that sentence, “love him or hate him.” It’s such a f*cking redundant remark. “Love him or hate him. Whatever your opinion is, you have to think this way” You say it say it about anything. Yeah, I like this joke, actually the more I think about it What’s someone that everyone loves? Ice cream. “Love it or hate it, but you have to acknowledge it tastes good.” Good, good observational comedy there, Felix you really made the point. (Sniff) So this meme started off -uh- with that do you agree with him? Love him or hate him you gotta acknowledge. He’s spitting FACTS! WHATEVER YOUR OPINION IS DROP IT! He’s spitting facts! What is this guy? Is it Kernel something? Do you agree with him? Listen, whatever your opinion is, you have to put it aside cuz he’s spitting facts. There started with these memes and then it just, of course, like any memes, its just becomes a competition or of who can make the most incomprehensible version of this meme. from villages I mean listen, whatever you opinion is just drop it. Whatever — however you perceive villager 69, just drop it. He’s spitting facts. That was beauti (laughs) — that’s art yes Love or hate PewDiePie, you’re gotta acknowledge. He’s spitting facts here This is my third shout out to jacksepticeye Hope you guys enjoy it. Guys, please. You have to understand, whatever your opinion is about Sonic the Hedgehog while he’s in a critical condition at Saints Mary’s Hospital and physically unable to speak straight facts, you gotta acknowledge that he’s spitting facts Is that a freaking Sonic knob or his leg — please tell me it’s his leg, it’s his leg, right? (Gibberish) Love him — Love or hate Scatmans World, you gotta acknowledge he’s spitting straight facts. Listen, whatever your opinion is of Donald Trump, like I get it — all these bad things (mimicking sounds) love him or hate him, you gotta acknowledge him when he spit facts Listen whatever your opinion is about the 21 kid meme you got acknowledge he’s spitting facts Love or hate him, Steve is going crazy (wheeze) so dumb I rate the spitting facts meme — I’ll give it an 8. I actually kind of like it. I’m sorry. (idk) I like it Okay. Next meme Thanos made a bounce back. You thought it was over with Marvel Thanos memes. Oh no, no, no, no. How long is this gonna last like two or three days? Rain fire But sire, our troops! Just do it! Make a crossover meme! Are you sure this will work!? Ha ha. I have no idea! Yeah, this is this is so weak. Post the meme! But sire, we’re in the wrong movie! Just do it! I don’t even know where this is from. Kung Fu Panda? Open the fridge But sire, you just opened it 2 minutes ago and it was empty! Ju– yeah This is awful. More endgame memes But sire, they will die in new! JUST DO IT!!! Thanos: “Rain Fire!!” Corvus: “But sire, our troops!” Thanos: (video) HELP ME! HELP! ME! (video) N***** ope (laughs) I think the only way to summarize this meme is this Next meme. Peppa the Pig, back at it again with another meme Why you might ask, why are people freaking out about Peppa the Pig? Well, she has a seven inch pe- height of seven point one inches. I think that’s how you say it, I don’t know. Freaking inches, it makes no sense. Which makes Peppa the Pig a freaking giant. Can we talk about how big Peppa the Pig is? Peppa the Pig seven inches. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 6’2″ How tall does that make Daddy Pig? Oh my god I could literally crawl inside Mommy Pig. Think about it. NBA scouts when they see Peppa Pig’s height damn aww, man Why am I laughing? It’s so unfunny (continues laughing). Peppa the Pig height, 7 inches. Clifford the dog height, 25! (still laughing) Pathetic. Peppa-san Peppa Pig height, 7 inches. LeBron James, 6’8″! Can anyone beat Peppa the Pig? Well, Clifford the dog. How big is Clifford the dog? Wait, how big is Pikachu? How tall is Pikachu? 40 centimeters? WHAT? How tall is PewDiePie? WHAT? All right, we’re gonna have to fix this. Instead of Swedish YouTuber, I want it to say 7 2 inches Reality can be whatever I want. Frick you Peppa the Pig. Frick you! Next meme Oh, yeah, if I have to rate it. Uh- 7 1 inches because that’s her height. That is the joke Next meme. Me when my mom went shopping for three hours and she says we’re going to another store after this say sike right now This is another meme. It’s very epic. Time Traveler: what year is it? Me: 2019 Time Traveler: So World War 3 hasn’t happened yet? me say sike right now Ha. Say sike right now. Me:hey wanna play minecraft? Friend:what’s that I play fortnite say sike right now Time traveler: Who the heck is that thot? Me: That’s Belle Delphine. Time traveler: Oh okay- wait you mean president Delphine? say sike right now Goddamn time travelers always trying to troll me Well, it started with Belle Delphine’s Instagram getting deleted. say sike right now Not safe for work cosplayer Belle Delphine Instagram account removed for violating nudity guidelines. Thot vanquished thot gone Listen, I understand that you think all thot equal bad But I gotta say not all thot equal bad and even though I’m not 100% sure about Belle Delphine and you know at least she’s not throwing cats over her head. Okay. Love me or hate Belle Delphine spitting facts Enter code PewDiePie, by the way, I haven’t promode in a while because I thought you guys knew by now But I think there’s a 30% off. It’s probably finished already. Now, the next meme isn’t really a meme, but since I play Minecraft now, I just enjoy it. It makes me laugh. Okay USA soldiers when they hear popcorn in the microwave This is awful by the way. Okay let’s just– (laughs) Gamers when they hear someone open a bottle of soda. Only Minecraft gamers can truly understand. It’s a joke. It’s a joke. Alright, love me or hate– It’s your– Pewds it’s spitting facts. If you want to be mad about this meme then creeper aw, man Me: peacefully building The creeper behind me: It’s funny! LAUGH! Only Minecraft gamers will truly understand. Perfectly cut scream compilation, my girlfriend cooks me bacon Finally the final meme everyone, Area 51 memes still going very strong for whatever reason Okay For some reason Area 51 is the meme that’s gonna carry through this year. When you open a room in Area 51 and find one of the boys who went missing a few years back aww. This is so nice. The US Air Force has also begun their negotion process. They’re trying to bargain with us. But don’t listen no matter what tricks they use, no matter what temptation they try to fill, it ain’t gonna be worth it because what they’re hiding inside is way more valuable than any Minecraft diamonds you could ever possibly imagine. If no one attacks area 51, we will revive Club Penguin. aw man They really know how to speak to my gamer! The hardest choices require the strongest wills. Our fantasies will never be quenched, okay? Don’t listen just for the record straight, okay, this is all a joke. Do not go near Area 51. Don’t go in towards Area 51. It’s a military zone. Don’t do it! You could get hurt, other people get hurt, you could go to jail. It’s not worth it. Not even for the meme, okay? Just send one of the drones. Okay? You can have a drone with flamethrower– It’s a joke. You’re supposed to laugh. Anyway, that’s it for this week’s meme review Hope you guys enjoyed. Smash like. Subscribe. We’re almost at 100 mil. Merch is always available. No, it’s not limited-edition. that was a trixie, almost did an oopsie and as always, so we back in the mine I got to my pickaxe swinging from side. This is not work at all. WHAT!? You never played Tube Simulator? PFFFST You know it’s fun, right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not. Not convinced yet. Okay. I’ll cut you a deal The game is available for free and that’s a great price [Tuber Simulator Music]

100 thoughts on “Creeper? Aw man… [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#62

  1. Friend: plays Minecraft
    Me: comes in
    Friend: get the Fuck outta my room, I’m playing Minecraft!
    Me: …
    Friend: looks back at screen Fuck!
    Me: what?!
    Friend: Creeper!
    Me:… AwWwwwwWwwWW mAaaAn

  2. Creeper?! Aw man so way back so way back in the mine go to pick taxi from side to side side side to side a Teske grill in one hope to find some diamonds you night night night night I’m in seal night XD

  3. Can I just use 10 seconds of your life to say: "Wtf, the italian traslators have translated "Aw man" in "Aw friend" WTF, you can't translate that! That's from a song!!!"? Thank you <3

  4. ‘ is feet, “ is inches. She’s 7 foot 1 inches. Or 85 Inches tall. Which Is 2 M 15.9CM, or 2.159M, or 215.9CM, or 2159MM. Which is 35.9CM taller than you in your high heel platform shoes or 37.9CM taller without them.

  5. 11:36
    Holy shit please do I miss my 15 puffles, epic igloos, music, events, mini games like puffle rescue, fishing, and skiing, and all my exclusive member items and clothes

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