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Creator Sessions: Talking Tech with Austin Evans – View In 2 | YouTube Advertisers

Creator Sessions: Talking Tech with Austin Evans – View In 2 | YouTube Advertisers

Hi, I’m Steph, and this is the YouTube “Creator
Sessions”, our new series where we chat with YouTube creators
about the content they make and how they work with brands. Today, we’re here with
tech expert and creator, Austin Evans, to talk about the
popularity of the product demo on YouTube. It’s a subject we’ve discussed
in a previous episode, linked in the description box below. Want to tell us a little
bit about your channel? AUSTIN EVANS: Of course,
thanks for having me. So my name is Austin Evans. I’ve been a YouTube
content creator, specifically around the
tech space, since 2009. So it was a very different
time, as you might imagine– STEPHANIE WENDELIN: That’s
like the beginnings. AUSTIN EVANS: It was
super early, right? I mean, so to give you
guys some perspective here, I was 16, living in
my mom’s basement. I didn’t even have a camera. I was literally doing
like after reviews and like screenshots and stuff. It was a very, very
different time. STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
And you were doing voiceover over screen shots. And now, you have a
full set up, and you’re doing glossy content,
fully edited, and you’re appearing in it. AUSTIN EVANS: Things really
changed a lot since 2009. STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
That’s awesome. And I think that the product
demo category has changed a lot and evolved as we’ve seen. People in the beauty
space, like graveyard girl, kind of having a sense
of humor about it. We have creators,
like “What’s Inside”, physically cutting things
open now to demo them. What’s your approach like? AUSTIN EVANS: So one
of my favorite things is when I get my hands on
tech, I want to check it out. I want to test it. I want to take it apart. And I like to take
that knowledge, and then sort of condense it
into a little bit of an easier to understand form. Because, I think,
a lot of people, they want to know, like,
hey, is this a good product. They don’t necessarily
need to know all the details of how
the processor performs or what the specific
thing does over here. So one of my favorite things
is taking very big, complicated subjects that I just
want to learn for myself, and making it easy
to understand. STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
Educational, but digestible. AUSTIN EVANS: There you go. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: Yeah. All right, speaking of your
audience, a lot of the people that are coming to your channel
and they’re viewing the content are actually at
the point of sale. They’re making a decision
about what product to buy. Yeah. Can you talk a little bit
about what that looks like. AUSTIN EVANS: Well,
I think that’s one of the unique things
about the tech space, is it’s one of the
very few verticals where people are coming to
actually purchase things. It’s not like you’re
watching a blogger who happens to be showing a
private placement thing. You’re actually coming
to watch a video all about the product,
which I think really makes it sort of interesting
because a lot of people, they might be ready
to purchase, right. They might watch
one video, click the link in the description,
and boom, it’s over. Or maybe they’re sitting in thee
store, and they’re like, hmm, should we get this one? Should we get this one? I don’t know. I’ll watch a video. That’s a really powerful thing. STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
Yeah, super powerful, especially if you’re a brand. AUSTIN EVANS: Yeah. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: You’re
working with a lot of brands. What are some of the types
of partnerships that you get the most excited about? AUSTIN EVANS:
Definitely the ones that allow me to do things
I can’t normally do. So whether that’s
giving me the ability to build some crazy new set
or some cool gaming setup, whether that’s to give me
access to the facilities, maybe the factory or their
offices to talk to engineers. And sometimes, that’s just
giving me stuff early. So if I can get
access to a product before it’s even
available, especially before it’s even been announced,
that can make a big difference. So I guess a good
example of this would be, I recently
worked with Intel, and I’ve been wanting
to do this setup where I have a small laptop, and
I power, like, three TVs. I game on them. Like, it’s really sort of
over the top, elaborate thing. Like, I want to build a set– STEPHANIE WENDELIN: Dream setup. AUSTIN EVANS: Exactly,
and so basically, when they came to me, I was able
to pitch the most on this idea, like, yeah, sure. That gave me the resources
to be able to do what I’ve been wanted to for so long. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: So it can
be as simple as a factory tour, going inside. Or as elevated as doing
a passion project. AUSTIN EVANS: Absolutely, or
getting the product early. That’s also a big one. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: Yeah. OK, so what about the
challenges working with brands? AUSTIN EVANS: It’s almost
always to do with time. Obviously, everyone has
their own timelines. But when I have to find
out about something a week beforehand, and fly across
the world to make a video, that’s fine and
obviously it works. But it’s not really
ideal, as opposed to being able to say, hey,
look, this is what’s going to go on two months from now. This is what I get to do. And we can sort of work
together with the brand to make sure that,
hey, look, this is something that’s working
very well for everyone. And there’s really
an interesting story to be told, versus, like,
oh, I just showed up. I have 30 minutes. Let’s do it. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: It’s not
nice to be put on the spot. AUSTIN EVANS: Exactly. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: And
it’s a much better product if you have time to actually
collaborate together. All right, last question. AUSTIN EVANS: Go for it. STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
Talking about timing, how would you like to see brands
working with creators like you in the future? AUSTIN EVANS: I
think it’s actually a lot to do with doing more
long term stuff, right. Now, it doesn’t even
necessarily mean, like, oh, we have to do a five
year deal or something. It’s just like doing multiple
videos with the same brand. I feel like it helps everyone
make their stuff better, right. I have a track record
with the brand, so it’s easier for the audience
to know that, oh, yeah, we don’t like that last
cool video together, or whatever the case is. And then from my perspective,
it allows me to really kind of improve everything. I’m learning. I’m able to say, OK, look,
this worked really well for the last one. I can roll it into the next one. So the more that I’m able to
do long-term partnerships, it really does make it a better
overall package for everyone. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: I
think so, and then, you’re also able to AB test. You’re able to look
at performance. You’re able to develop a
relationship with the brand. And it’s better for everybody. Thank you so much for
joining us, Austin. AUSTIN EVANS: Thanks
for having me. STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
And thank you for watching this
“Creator Session”. If you enjoyed this episode,
please like and subscribe. And don’t forget to check out
Austin’s new channel, “This Is”, which applies his
educational approach to interesting questions you
never even thought to ask. AUSTIN EVANS: I think
I’ll have to steal that. That’s actually a
really good line. AUSTIN EVANS: Yeah,
you’re welcome to. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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