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Creative Staffing Agency for Your Business │ F. Lawlor Testimonial

Creative Staffing Agency for Your Business │ F. Lawlor Testimonial

Frank Lawlor: I’ve been a Creative Director for 10-plus
years now and for a number of different companies, and I began working with Artisan about 10
years ago because I needed help with staffing our internal design team. I chose to partner with Artisan to build out
our internal design team because I knew they were experts, and I knew that they would be
a long-term partner. When it came time for me to decide about a
creative staffing agency, I was overwhelmed with the number of tasks that needed to be
done. We worked with five different agencies. Some of them got back to me and said that
it would take weeks to get me three people. Others sent me hundreds of candidates right
away, just to show me how good they were at searching the Web. And then, there was Artisan. They came back to me with a couple of questions
and a conversation, and within a day, I had some really good candidates, and you could
tell they were listening. You could tell that they were using their
experience and their expertise about the different needs of the project to place the right person. Artisan is different because they listen. When you give them a request, they’re listening
to the words that you’re saying. They’re not just filling, looking for acronyms
on a job description and looking for acronyms on a resume, and matching them up. They listen to the specific needs of the project. They listen to things about, who will this
person be working with? Do they need to come into the office? Can they work remotely? They know the type of person that they have
in their talent roster, the ones that work best offline, the ones that work best in the
office, the ones that work best online. The attention to detail and the fact that
there’s very little waste in what they give to you, you don’t have to weed through a
bunch of resumes. They do the work for you. My experience with working with Artisan has
been great. Every question that I’ve had for them, every
request that I’ve had for them, they take time to listen to it, to understand what you
need before just throwing a bunch of options to you. When they do give you options, it’s really
thoughtful. I think working with a partner like Artisan
has helped me feel more confident going into a situation that might have a tight deadline
and need a really talented person. Before working with Artisan, I would maybe
have shied away from doing a project that was ambitious because I couldn’t find the
right talent in time. When you have a partner like Artisan, who’s
an expert at finding the best talent, you feel confident going into those situations,
that they can help you out. Artisan is a trusted partner. When you’re looking to build your business
and find the right design talent when you need it, you need a trusted partner who’s
an expert at finding that talent. Today, in business, it’s important to look
good. Everything about your brand is constantly
being judged, not just in the way that you do business, but how you look. Artisan can help you find the people that
will help you look better, that will get you to the place where you need to be to make
your business look as good as it is. If you’re looking for a staffing agency
that knows what they’re doing, and a staffing agency that listens to you, then I would suggest
talking with Artisan. They’re in it for the long term. They want to set up a long-term relationship
with you, help you grow your business.

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