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Creative Quarter 2008

Creative Quarter 2008

Hi. My name is Janson Hews and I manage the Schools Programme at the V&A. Today’s event is called Creative Quarter which is a free event for schools for 13-19 year olds and the day is to give students an insight into the Creative Industries. In this workshop we’ve got textiles designer Jehane Spiers and she is in the Art studio in the Sackler Centre and the students are basically doing a technique in textiles using Bondaweb, ironing and transferring. So they’re engaging in creative design and learning at the same time insights about textiles design. What we’ve got in here is an interactive for students, a drop-in event, a fellow called Joel Gethin Lewis, he’s an interactive designer. It is a product called Laser Tag and it is basically an interactive that students can engage in and using a green laser pointer they can illustrate and draw creative design ideas and the camera within the Powerbook Pro captures that real time and shoots it and projects it onto the wall and this is really on a small scale, but this same technology, which has been designed using open source coding can be readily distributed, anyone can download it for free and people can actually use this to project designs as tall as ten storey buildings. Up on the Level 1 landing of the Sackler we’ve got a drop-in event which is based around ‘What does Creative Design mean to you?’ and it’s being run with Ink Illustration which are former students of the Royal College of Art and it’s open to anyone who wants to come and just write, draw, scribble, illustrate, whatever creative design means to them and you can see with the cross-section of work there what that means to them and what creative design can or will be. In Seminar Room 2 in the Sackler Centre we’ve got a body adornment workshop with a woman called Jacqueline Cullen from the University of Arts London. She’s a tutor there. And what the students are doing is basically getting an insight into jewellery design, ornament design and getting hands-on demonstrations and engaging in creative design and learning about how to create objects and jewellery that’s wearable and its very practical hands-on based and they’re getting an insight from a creative professional, a jeweller, so it’s not something that you would ordinarily get in the classroom. We’ve got three of those workshops on today. In the Design Studio of the Sackler Centre we have a fashion styling workshop with Katie Sellers from the University of Arts London who is a tutor there. Basically the students will be doing mood boards, coming up with concepts to do with lifestyle and fashion styling and they’ll be illustrating that and learning about the industry from a professional. In the digital studio we have ‘digital retouching techniques used in advertising’ workshop with a professional digital retoucher called Joan Torrelles and the students are basically going to hear about how he got into that area of design, what he does in his everyday life, some of the programmes he uses and then he’s going to illustrate and demonstrate alongside the students how to retouch photographs and similar things which he would do in everyday industry practice. And then the students themselves will have a go using PhotoShop, using tools like the magic wand, the clone tool, the healing tool and using layers and by the end they will get an insight into what professionals do in digital retouching. So in the Raphael Gallery we’ve got first of all the University of Arts London students who are going to be showcasing their portfolios, having time with students who can come up and ask them about the areas of design that they’re in and we’ve got a really broad cross-section of students ranging from Foundation level through to Masters. We’ve got students in fashion design, textiles, graphics, gaming, photography So it’s a really broad cross-section of students and the idea is that these students aren’t that much older than the very students who are asking them the questions, so it will be a really great insight for them. The other activity that we’re running in the Raphael Gallery is Rod Judkin’s 100 Design Projects and he is a tutor who works at Central Saint Martins and the actual activity that he is running is small 15-minute turnaround projects engaging in creative design where the students walk away with an output – it could be anything from packing to typography to brainstorming and they’re really small vignettes of creative design and the idea is that you can drop in do a bit of that and then move on.

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