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Creative Offline Marketing Strategy That I Have To Share With You

Creative Offline Marketing Strategy That I Have To Share With You

I want to shoot this really quick video
to show you something that I just noticed the here in stansted airport. and what it is, is a display that Volvic have don’t just giving away their water not
actually giving it away they bear a money box beside it so that
people can just take about the water hey you can see behind me so people
walking life are all taken over this is something that I put posters up straight
away when I walk I and everyone else that’s walking by is just taking those
his office so people that aren’t even buy enough I still know that still
seeing involvement and I just think it’s a genius move by evolving to grab
people’s attention gone by first of all and so some water without having to pay
anyone to be the cashier total you know they obviously pay the air force to have
the displays down there but yeah you can see the load on the bottle is gone I
don’t know when they started up laughs there’s a load of the battle gone from
there so on tour a lot people just running by to their flight taking about
the water dropping in their pound and yeah this is just some of the creative
things that you can do when you’ve a product to have a high profit margin
like water goes like I don’t know what the exact pathogen is on water but I
know that it’s very high like your bottle is probably your biggest cock and
that is around probably about 12 15 P a bottle or sent a bottle in China first
and the water itself pretty much free that’s insides of probably tucked you’re
talking about 20 P for a bottle of water is the cuff and then to sell that there
for a pound so they’ll probably make an 80 percent of marriage and honors
update and they will have to pay computers that are just displayed having
it there what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to leave the camera on for a
moment for the people walking by it’s Robin everyone
retention and that it grabbed my attention gone by for that just why I
wanted to shoot this read a quick video for you for the evening be for yourself
they’re different types of creative things that you can do if you have a
product that ratified the marriage on hey so was waiting here in total for 2
max 3 minutes and in that time a five customer came and dr. Barton of all of
the quarter as you can see though it’s everyone that even walk by that not
getting it is knows that it’s Venus and such good appetizers from all of it
because it’s different that’s what people are wondering with the walk about
is the water free do you have the paper what’s it all about and so many people I
take notes about that so genius move by evolve it and yes just some of the
creative things that you can do when you go fast imagine on the products that you
sell just wanted to shoot this really quick video one of shoes off now have to
get my flight but yeah hopefully you enjoyed it and look for a few minutes you

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