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Creative Excellence on Search: Ad Extensions

Creative Excellence on Search: Ad Extensions

[MUSIC PLAYING] MICHAEL CHANG: Hi. I’m Michael. And I’m here to tell you
about step number two in achieving creative
excellence on search. Including three or
more ad extensions. Ad extensions can
come in many forms, and they all provide additional
information to your audience. Examples include addresses,
phone numbers, or more links to other parts of your site. While the ad extensions
you decide to use should depend on your
marketing objective, there are three
extensions that are relevant for all businesses– site link extensions,
callout extensions, and structured snippets. Let’s start with
site link extensions. Site link extensions are great
because they not only make your ad more visible,
but they also reduce the number
of steps users need to take to connect with
your business, which should boost your clicks by up to 20%. Next, let’s move on
to callout extensions. Callout extensions are
extra non-clickable text that communicate what added
value your business provides. These are important
because they immediately differentiate your business and
can also increase your clicks by up to 10%. Lastly, we have
structured snippets. These are non-clickable
lines of text that allow you to
highlight specific aspects of your product or service. Examples of snippets include
amenities, brands, styles, or anything else that
you see on this list. Now that we’ve covered which
extensions you should use, let’s talk about best practices. When creating an ad
extension, make sure that you keep content
fresh and relevant, watch out for overlap
or repetition, and enable all extensions that
are relevant for your business. And that’s it. If you have any questions
about ad extensions, reach out to your
account manager or click the link below. Up next, the third
and final step to achieve creative excellence,
optimizing your ad rotation. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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