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Creating Offer on Facebook. Effective Facebook Ads 2018

Creating Offer on Facebook. Effective Facebook Ads 2018

hello everyone I’m Salman and on this
video I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook offer how to promote
it and how all of this can increase your sales. so first let’s start from
understanding how Facebook works facebook gives an option for every
business to create an offer reach the offers wide audience find your
customers and finally sell your product so this will be our main concept
offers are discounts you can share with your customers on Facebook to
encourage people to shop on your website at your physical store or the both
places people see your offer in their newsfeed on Facebook they can
save it like it or comment on it when someone saves your offer it will appear
on their offers bookmark to use later a person who saves you offer will be
reminded about it on Facebook up to three times depending on their
notification preferences so there are many advantages that facebook offers can
give us but the principle and the primer one is the targeting options targeting
options Facebook deeply differs it from other advertising for platforms but
how so that’s all on this tutorial I’ve tried to show
you how to create an offer for Game of Thrones accessories by using their
Facebook audience insights and Google Trends tools there’s a lot of another
ways to narrowing your target audience but I tried to keep it short in Maximum
understandable for example we can use the thematic thems of Game of Thrones
there’s a lot of and there’s a lot of this kind of page on Facebook and you
know like I could install Facebook pixel but I have not a site for it also on
this offer we and campaign in general would be useful to create an
custom audience but anyway let’s now have a look on how other companies use
facebook advertise let’s go you’re an example of offer from the
Boston sports club and let’s have a look just for needs use it it’s let’s say
like why this should this works so it’s visual yeah the future falling
is bold colors and clear typography to draw my attention to the details of the
offer and the women exercising gives me an idea of what I could gain from
purchasing the offer what else that’s a relevant let’s say like I just recently
moved to Boston for sure that and then this adds offer used their Facebook like
geolocation targeting’s options and functions so let’s say like
I just recently moved to Boston and I have been researching for gyms in my
area online so this ad is finally relevant to my
recent Facebook and search activities so it’s should I say like it’s valuable
paying just five dollars for a month gym membership it’s a great deal even though
the price may increase in the future the low probably definitely makes me want to
click it what else it could be it like it has clear call-to-action that’s I
think the main thing like CTA emphasized that discount offer is limited and
should be claimed quickly using their word hurry and tell me when the offer
expires is theater so let’s have look on the next one the hellofresh
ad that’s the that’s kind of College of image as even more vibrancy and contrast
then if there was just one image and all the cars coordinated well have together
and the process description includes the engaging call to action asking we were
stick common with the in emoji and what for their favorite meal choice so no
matter no matter what type of protein you use taco illustration it’s important
to keep a few teams in your mind use a higher level of
contrast complementary colors bold fonts and the wide spaces you can see from
here setters to make you add I caching and visually appealing
so incorporate your brand colors as much support as possible image is highly
quiet high quality so like as you can see from here people will not ask you
like the quality of product or service or brand it’s also good idea to include
their multiple folders on this ad because the Facebook will display
different images for different users you can use your like analytics to see
which four is producing the highest CTR the click-through rate so let’s check
the another one it’s ad from Adobe stock they they just use one of their
stock photos to advertise their stock photo for the collection the image itself is
aesthetically pleasing and likely to grab users attention with the pink stock
logo and the company could be improved by making it more personalized to the
audience such as a design made easy high quality premium and
editorial stock photos from adobe and now the have a look on the last ad
I found I think it’s the best one from my point of view that’s a Google ad I call
this one is it’s all about you why Googles Facebook ad emphasized that
their offers it was about here not they’re not your potential clients but
you the app looks at very benefits through the prism of your benefits so
they tell like new domains that tell your story gets your demand today find a
domain name for your story the ad leaves no doubt that is here to serve you as
better than can let’s take a look on there
case takeaways from this ad I think the main one is sure they’re using the word
of you Google just made their customers feel important by letting them know they
actually care about them and talk directly to them not everyone at once
riddles that’s this body as you can see from
here yeah the perfect ending to every
beginning this makes their readers hit the power bottom and stop to think about
this meaning because people hate unsolved riddles
so they are breathing to spend more time on figuring out this message and the
last one thing that’s making the choice simple Google talks about their product
without mentioning any benefits or futures they simply state like that the
customers can get a domain to tell their story without mentioning any futures
they are basically saying like it’s good and you don’t need to worry about their
specifics so I think these guys are really genius I’m sure that their ads
their campaigns was real successful and they reach that purpose they made for
on this point I want to end my video and thank you very much for watching

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  1. Looks like a great video but on my end the video quality is very poor. I can’t make out not see clearly what you’re doing….I’ll just tell you here in the comments section rather than disliking your video

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