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Creating Instagram Video That Converts by XayLi Barclay

Creating Instagram Video That Converts by XayLi Barclay

hey guys it’s XayLi Barclay and in my
class I am going to be covering social video how to use it what to do with it
what you should be posting and all that jazz! I will see you on the inside.
Welcome to this class today I’m excited to share some tips with you about using
social video to educate your audience about your business on Instagram. So
using video on social media is a surefire way to increase conversions and
sales for your business, I’m telling you! You follow these tips that I’m
sharing today you’ll see an instant increase in your engagement and you’ll
see an increasing the interest of what you do, what do you do for people, so in this
class we’re gonna talk about why using knowledge based video on Instagram is a
complete game-changer we’re also gonna cover how you can
include video using different aspects of your Instagram account and I’m gonna
share a few accounts that I love that do it really well here and some tools that
I really love for creating and editing engaging videos for your social media
accounts. So why education through social video? Let’s dive in! I want to chat with
you a bit more about why you should be educating your audience using videos. You
see education based content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to help
your ideal customer to become aware of a pain point and at the same time position
yourself or your business as the solution. Think about that, it’s a game
changer. Think about when your teacher asked the question in school way back
right and they would ask who knows the answer to 6 plus 6 right and you
immediately know that he obviously knows the answer that’s why he’s asking this
hard question right because he’s the teacher so what he’s doing at the moment
is reminding you that he is the expert and that you are here to learn from him
so in your mind he has all the answers and he’s about to
teach you a lesson obviously so this is the same concept
that I want you to use when you’re sharing with your audience why they must
come to you for their needs. Think about it. So the importance of
education is… I have this quote that I really love from Nelson Mandela and
he says it the best, education is the most important weapon to change the
world and so that’s what I’m here to do I like helping people to really figure
out how they can use visual content that is educational to truly change the world.
So although we started off talking about school I don’t necessarily mean formal
education when we’re talking about marketing so with all of the tools and
the outlets that we have access to online educating your social media or
educating your audience through social media can be really fun and
engaging exciting actionable and easier than you think
so you’re probably wondering why educate with video specifically on social well
there is a thing or two about using video content that you may not know. The
first thing is that Instagram loves video right I mean every platform does
but Instagram loves video they love it so much they provided different channels
like multiple channels within our actual profiles for us to include video in our
content right and when you’re including video and you’re engaging the right
people hello so you need to move with the wave the biggest thing about video
for me is that it’s an in-person experience I love seeing that we’re no
longer in front of someone so if you can translate your personality through video
listen GameChanger your people feel like they
know you and it’s perfect for building that know like trust factor for your
business. So video has the ability to really convert at a higher rate than any
other form of content, bye pictures! I mentioned before increased engagement
increased awareness I mean listen
increased income you know you’re able to really turn that into something amazing
for yourself and for your business but you’re probably saying well why isn’t
everyone doing it? Most people think that video is really hard. People tend to
overthink the process as well right. So it’s my goal to break this down further
for you so that you’re ready to implement I want you to understand why
video content in your marketing or why use educational video content in your
marketing so I’m gonna break it down to what you should be thinking about when
you are creating it, so let’s dive deeper into different segments of the platform.
We know that there are different ways to use the platform and that they all
produce different results completely different right so today we’re talking
about a few of my favorites and one of my favorites is social video on your
feed right so your feed is your Instagram Timeline and then we’re also
gonna talk about video for IG TV and one of my favorites
guys Instagram Stories, game changer! So here’s a formula that I created for you I want
you to remember that if you’re on this side and you put your educational
marketing your educational content which is showing them you know the why and the
how then your ideal customer is on this side of the spectrum and that is what is
going to equal to your sales like this juicy little formula that you can think
about when you are posting or when you’re creating your content for posting
I also love combining this concept with one of my favorite people
Donald Miller of StoryBrand he is just amazing and so when I think about using
video in my own business I always think about using it in these four ways so how
are you connecting with your people you’ve got to be posting content that
helps your people understand your morals your values what does your business
believe in I mean come on that’s how you’re going to attract the right people. Awareness is the next thing how are you
making them aware of the power of what you have to offer transformational
content in your industry that supports what you’re offering or supports
testimonials of your clients and your customers that’s definitely what you
need to have on your profile as well also the desire. How are you creating
a craving for your product or your service think about that. What is you
know making them not want to purchase address things like that so that your
product is desirable also purchase are you inviting your people to buy are you
asking for the sale I mean a lot of people aren’t so now that I’m mentioning
this you’re going to start paying attention to if you’re doing this on
your own account and you’ll see account that you know like and trust are doing
it already just didn’t know. So you’re probably
wondering why should I put any effort into doing this? Well let me tell you
something my friend the right education is equal to sales your customer may not
know that they need your products and your services right they may not be
aware of the pain that they’re experiencing so they don’t know that
they need you and they may not even know that you are the person with a solution
for that pain think about that right so this is where I really enjoy using
exceptional visuals and information to attract and entertain my ideal customer
or client helps you blow their mind so this helps them to realize that they do
have that prominent pain right and they’re able to also learn more from you
about what they’re losing or the discomfort they’re experiencing or just
what’s possible right so they’re able to learn that there’s a solution for that
problem and that is your business and they’re also going to look at you as
the expert the person to come to the person that’s going to alleviate that
pain you’re kind of like a doctor right so let’s use a coffee shop
that sells organic coffee as an example we’re sharing examples of this you know
using social video on such an account so that they’re educating their customers
about their organic coffee experience so think about the Instagram feed for the
coffee shop examples that they would have of video content on the main feed
might be videos of the shop the shop’s kitchen or the seating area, the
experience of being inside of where the product is crafted right
you also want happy customers on there like somebody talking about how great
this coffee is how it makes them feel or even like why do other people drink and
love your coffee. Videos of products think about hot delicious coffee just
dripping off of the brim of a mug that’s gonna stimulate different senses that
makes you want to have that coffee. So let’s move on to what might be on their
Instagram stories right so just thinking about you know the coffee of the day
process how they’re making it in real time using their special machines you
know think about using a boomerang or a pole you know of what would be the next
flavor of the week right so we’re talking of if you had a coffee shop
these are things that you should be doing and even the manager grooving to
the coffee shop soul playlists right I mean that really shows people what your
coffee shop is about and so they’re like learning about you and interested even
promotions that the coffee shop is having or signups to their email list
for special offers you should always have perks for your insiders so you know
that’s a great way to think about that also interaction with the staff or
employee of the month I can go on and on but let’s dive into IGTV. So IGTV can have educational content like you know how to brew their coffee
at home maybe they have an at home market and an in shop market showing how
easy and good the product is is something that I feel needs to be done
and then showing how how life changing or transformative
drinking organic coffee is less of a crash better for your skin I mean there
are so many different things so think about it like a how-to you’re guiding
that person to making the purchase you’re getting rid of any doubts that
they may have right or even share how to pick the healthiest coffee for their
consumption so that leaves the person really thinking this is the best
purchase. So let’s talk about an account that I really like BrittneBabe has
been on Instagram forever and I witnessed her journey she really uses
high quality content to connect with her audience and share her workouts so when
you think about her her body is her product but she also has products that
help you get her body right her physique so she uses all different aspects of
Instagram to lead her people to that sale video is a huge part of her
strategy so head over to Instagram and look at Brittne’s account you’ll see
that she’s doing a few things like amazingly her feed obviously I mentioned
her body being her product or the result of her product so she is on her feed and
then you’ll see videos of her doing her own workouts which encourages
you to want to do the workout right and also she shows the back end of her life
as a fitness influencer on her IG stories so she takes us behind the
scenes and shows us things that are not on her feet so you want to think about
it in that way getting your people to know like and trust you so start looking
at the things that I mentioned before about the different aspects of video on
different aspects of the platform and you go analyze I want to know what you
guys are thinking. Now the next attempt that I love is Beauty Bakerie they are an
amazing brand of makeup and I love how they show videos of something they’re
launching the texture of their new glasses you know they also show how to
videos they have a lot of influencers on the back end creating video content
that they use on their feet so they repurpose that content and they also share things
like coupons and sales in the Instagram stories or the backend of what
it’s like working there or what’s going on and so their IGTV is really
reserved for tutorial based content – genius. So you want to think about those things you
will really see a difference if you think about it in this way. So guys I
wanted to leave you with some tips for creating engaging video content I could
not leave without sharing these with you right so when you think about actually
you know what let’s start with tools you want to have a camera phone a tripod
some great lighting use your window you know use what you have that’s the good
thing about Instagram Stories you’re able to use what you have and just roll
with it using the assets that Instagram is giving you to interact and entertain
your audience or you know raise your engagement is essential they really love
when you use something that they’re giving you hello so use it use
countdowns quizzes questions make your stories look good with gifs or gifs I
always get that word wrong and you know really integrated into what you’re doing
make it fun help your people to get to know you another thing I love doing is
what I call a tip chain it’s where you’re giving tips or tricks in your
story and I like that people are going to the next story consistently because
they want to know the end. The next thing you want to do is create a schedule get
your audience used to getting something from you at a specific time or a
specific day so if you want to think about that
because it’s exciting for them to keep up with what you’re doing and know that
you have something specific that you’re offering on a certain day so let’s talk
tools for enhancing your visuals your first tool is you show your face people
love seeing people the second tool is Over for amazing graphics and it’s right
in your phone it’s mobile hello Canva is also amazing I use Canva as
well sometimes I layer these and I get really great results from it and I want
to also share with you InShot hello InShot for video editing is the best I’m
able to chop up videos on my mobile phone I’m able to do so many different
things I can layer things I can make it look interesting like nothing you’ve
ever seen before I mean I love visual content I’m a very visual person so I
know that and I always get these questions like what did you do how did
you do that so you want to spice up your story so you’re giving people an
experience with your brand also don’t be afraid to use all these tools together
just to create an experience like no other I’m telling you you’re going to love it! Okay whoa you really stuck around thank you let’s just recap what we covered today. So we
covered why using education based content marketing and using video on
Instagram is a complete game-changer for your business and we also covered how
you can include video in different aspects of your Instagram profile and I
shared with you guys a few accounts that I really love so go check them out and
you know see what I’m talking about work it out and we also covered tools for
creating and editing engaging Instagram Stories so I hope you guys had a good
time and I will see you soon!

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