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Creating a Google Ads Tag & Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager

Creating a Google Ads Tag & Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Ads, you can set up your conversion tags using Google Tag Manager Additionally, we also recommend setting up a conversion linker tag, to ensure that those Google Ad tags have access to relevant ad click information across your site. Let’s show you how to do that. Great! So from within Google tag manager, we can create a new tag by clicking on the new tag box or going to the tag screen. Well first set up a Google Ads conversion tag. I’ll click to create a new tag. Under tag configuration, I’ll select a Google Ads conversion tag. Here, I’ll enter in the relevant conversion ID, conversion label, and other values, from the Google Ads interface. In this case, I’ll enter in some values just to demonstrate how this is done. Once we filled out the rest of these fields, we’ll choose where we want this tag to fire. In this case, I could choose all pages, but I’ll actually create a trigger for certain Page Views. Page URL, contains, thank you dot HTML. We’ll make this our Thank You Pages trigger. Now when I save and publish this tag, it’ll fire this Google ads conversion on all of our Thank You Pages. The next thing I want to do, as we previously mentioned, is to set up a conversion link or tag. Within Google Tag Manager, I can go to create another new tag. From the tag configuration. I’ll choose a conversion linker tag. Here, there really are no required options. I can, essentially, from the triggering choose to deploy this on all pages, and save this tag. Publish, and I’ll be good to go. If I want to, within that conversion linker tag, there are some options available to me. I can override certain settings, for the cookies that are written and read by the conversion linker, and the relevant Google Ads tags. This conversion linker tag will identify relevant ad click information on a landing page. Store that ad click information and first-party cookies, so that it can be read later on by our Google Ads conversion tags. Once I have the conversion linker tag in place across my entire site, I should be good to go with all of the Google Ads conversions. It’s worth noting, you only need one conversion linker per site, per container for a standard implementation. If I have another container on my site, I don’t need to have multiple conversion linkers, but there shouldn’t be any harm in doing so.

10 thoughts on “Creating a Google Ads Tag & Conversion Linker in Google Tag Manager

  1. Great video! Thanks for clarifying the fact that you only need 1 linker tag per site/tag container. While I don't fully understand where the data collected by the tag is in Google Ads, I'm glad I have this on the site and working correctly.

  2. A disappointed Google standard training video! Why didn't you use a real website? "1234789" and "abc123" are just for amateurs.

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  4. really you assume we all know where to get the information to fill out the fields. If I knew that I wouldn't need your dam video. when you make a video on how to do it, EXPALAIN IT

  5. ridiculously confusing. like, what is conversion ID? what is conversion label? a worthless instruction what you leave out most of the instructions.


    Conversion ID – 9 DIGITS – Eg : 123456789
    Conversion label (longgg mixture of letters and numbers) Eg: sdafwwfw1256fgsdfgbNNNsww

    You can find both of these in your Ads account.

    Note: The conversion ID above is for *Google Tag Manager*.

    If you are imputing the Conversion ID directly in your websites code (via <script></script> tags)it will be prefaced with "AW- " like this:


    gtag('config', 'AW-123456789');


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