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Create Your Ideal Facebook Ads Audience

Create Your Ideal Facebook Ads Audience

Hi everyone this is Chris from Chris London
online and today I want to talk about making sure that you’re targeting the
right people with your Facebook adverts that are relevant to your niche and your
industry. Now yes we can put a message out on Facebook and it can go out to
hundreds of thousands even millions of people if we have the right budget and
we may get a cost-per-click thats as less as 5p per click and that may sound good
but if you’re sending that message out to too many people and they’re not
relevant to your industry then what’s the actual point. So what I want to talk
to you about today is making sure that we’re hyper targeting our audience. Yes
it’s going to cost us more. Facebook knows that hyper targeted people are more
valuable to you but that’s exactly the point if they’re more valuable to your
business then surely they’re worth that extra expenditure. So in this video I’m
going to show you exactly how I would layer an advert and layer in my target
audience to make sure I was reaching the right people for my industry. Have a look
at this video. Ok so now we’re inside Facebook and we’re inside ads manager
and we’ve gone into the creating ad set section and as we scroll down what we
can see as we go past the budget, we go past the location and things like that where
we find detailed targeting and this is where people start to make mistakes and
add too many categories in without layering the categories down therefore
increasing the potential reach of people and not niching it down enough for their
industry. So for example let’s imagine we’re looking for business owners who
are interested in cars maybe a mechanic or something like that so people who own
garages and things like that so what we would do first of all is we want to
speak to or send our message to the business owners specifically so what we
would do is we would go in and we’d type in something like business owner and
you’d be able to pop in that that person has business owner or small business
business owners as employee. Okay so they’ve put in their employer section
that they’re a business owner and we can go into suggestions and you can find
lots more and we’ll just add a couple of those in so for example it could be
self-employed okay so that’s three obviously
you would add a few more you could go for in there so what that’s done at the moment is it’s
bought us in and said that there’s 38,000 people potentially in that reach.
Okay so then we think right okay well that’s too vague okay so what we need
now is people that are interested in cars and garages and things like that so
people who are interested in cars may be interested in Auto Trader and this is
the mistake people make so they try to start typing in Auto Trader for example
and they pop it in autotrader.com okay and they may also have an interest in
say top gear the program okay and we pop that in as well and all of a sudden our
potential reach of people has gone to 3.2 million people okay because actually
what we’re asking Facebook to do is we’re asking Facebook to look for
anybody who is either a business owner a small business owner a business owner
are self-employed or they might not be a business owner they may just like auto
trader or like top gear. Now that isn’t who we’re after so instead what we need
to do is we need to take these out of this section and actually click down
here in the narrow audience and what you’ll see it says is that we must also
match one of the following okay so that is where we’re going to type in Auto
Trader. Okay and what we’ll find now as we come
down and again we can then narrow it down further okay. So what we are saying to
people here is that these people oops that’s disappeared so let’s pop that in again so
these people must be a business owner small business owner or self-employed
but they must also like something in this category which is AutoTrader.com and they must also like top gear and now what we find is our potential
reach is actually less than a thousand people. Now although we’ve got less
people they’re hyper targeted people and the exact people that we want for our
niche, whereas before we had 3.2 million people that weren’t relevant to our
industry and that is how you should use Facebook to layer your audience and make
you reach in the right people. So what you need to do is go away have a think
about your business, think about who the main group of people are and then what
their interests are that fall within that so that you can layer your audience
so that you’re reaching the right people. Because as we can see here Facebook is
now saying that our audience definition it’s very specific and that is going to
be the right people that are going to be there for our business and that’s
how we layer an audience for an advert. So that video there shows us exactly how we
would layer our audience and so that we were reaching the right people with our
advert and like I said before as it may cost you a little bit more but they’re
more valuable to your business and it’s important for you to recognise what’s
valuable to your business and how much you need to have your cost-per-click
around, what you can afford depending on the product or the service that
you’re selling. Now if you need any help with targeting your audience or reaching
the right people or what messages to get across then comment on the video or send
me a private message and we can talk about how we can use Facebook adverts
and Facebook in general to make sure your business has an increase in its

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