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Create VIRAL 🔥 VIDEO ADS on Facebook (5 Secrets)

Create VIRAL 🔥 VIDEO ADS on Facebook (5 Secrets)

in this video I will expose 5 SECRETS
that will make your next video ad go VIRAL!
now before I reveal secret number one here is a warning for you when running
ads DO NOT use any form of engagement be you should not ask your viewers to like
– comment – share or to take your friend so when you are creating your ads
remember do not write things like comment if you are a dog level share if
you like dogs take a friend who love dogs because if you do this this is a
form of engagement be and you will be penalized by Facebook so if you want to
find out more you can read the official article from Facebook I will put a link
in the description down below however there is actually a clever walk around
today alright now I’m going to put up an image so this image is from a video ad
by blue crate so what they put in the video is they say this we all know and
anymore level who needs this so you realize that they are not beating for
engagement they are not asking anybody to comment they are not asking anybody
to like or share or tag anyone but when you actually read this line now you will
suggest to you subconsciously to share this video with your friends because
everybody would know a friend who is an animal lover so they are using the same
strategy in the comment section they say that we all know an animal
lover who won these paw Sox then of course you can just use this clever
workaround for your own product you simply substitute anymore level for
something else so you can try out using this line instead of blatantly asking
people to like comment or share okay now for secret number one you will need a
strong who listen if you don’t entice the viewer to watch your video in the
first five seconds then it doesn’t matter how amazing the rest of your
video is because your viewer will simply continue scrolling away from your head
so a strong hook is very important now I will give you two ideas to hook your
audience the first idea is to highlight a problem so I will show you an example
by playing a shorty so there you go in just a few seconds
you understand what the problem is so when the woman grooms her cat or when
she pets her cat what happens is her shirt catches all of the fur the Nixon
showed that a sofa was full of pet fur and finally they showed that the floor
was full of pet fur as well so this is the first idea on how to hone your
audience you simply highlight the problem and you focus on the pain points
now I’m going to show you a second idea to whom your audience which is to
highlight the best benefit in other words you show the product in use so now
let’s take a quick look I’m going to show you a sample so there you go it is
very simple in just a few seconds the viewer will understand that this glove
is used to pet your pet and at the same time it can groom your pet plus you will
catch all of the pet fur on to the glove alright so these are the two ideas to
whom your audience you either start a video by highlighting a problem or you
begin the video by highlighting the best benefit showing the product in use now
for you to realize the power of hooking your audience if you remember at the
beginning of this video I told you that I will expose five secrets so in a way
if you are still watching right now then you are kind of fool because I told you
there were five secrets so right now I have revealed to you the first secret so
it’s a little bit difficult for you to just close this video right now because
if you stop watching then you will never know for the rest of your life
what is secret number two what is secret number three or number four or number
five you have to keep watching otherwise you will never have closure
so hopefully this can help you realize the power of using a strong hook because
imagine if I started the video by saying oh I’m going to share with you how to
create a video ad then by the time it is two three minutes in then half of you
will be but if I use a hook by telling you that
there will be five secrets then it is very hard for someone to just stop
watching and the three mini-map because they will not know why the remaining
secrets so that is secret number one use a
strong whoo now before I reveal secret number two if
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okay now for secret number two make sure your video is shot and see so it should
be under one minute long between 30 seconds to 59 seconds you have to be
very strict you have to trim out any boring clips anything that is boring you
have to cut it up do not show a clip for more than three seconds unless it is
absolutely necessary to demonstrate the product otherwise every three seconds
you are showing them something new all right now secret number three I’m sure
that you are using square videos so now let me put up an image so as you can see
it on the screen on the left side in this landscape for a landscape which is
the blue color this is the standard widescreen video in fact what you are
watching now this is a landscape video it is widescreen right 1080p now on the
right side this is a square video most people when they surface book they are
surfing their phone in portrait mode meaning they are holding their phone up
right just like what you see in this image so if your video is in a white
screen mode which is landscape on the left it will show a lot less so the best
way to show a video ad would be to use a square video because it will show a lot
better on a phone screen so now with this example you’ll be very obvious to
you that using a square video on the left it shows up way better than using a
widescreen video alright so that is secret number three always use square
dimensions for your video for a pixel wise you can use trough hundred by
trough hundred alright now for secret number four always use the thumbnail so
you should always create a custom thumbnail for your video ad so firstly
you either look for the best product image that you can
otherwise you just take a screenshot from the most interesting frame in your
video if you do not know how to take a screenshot from a video then go and
google it alright now that you have your image weather is the best product image
or a screenshot from your video you go to canva.com now in canva.com you can do
two things you can either add a last red arrow pointing to your product or you
can add some emojis to the image you can put in surprised emojis or happy emojis
or basically any of these which I will put up on the screen right now so you
either add a large red arrow or you use emojis or you can use both at the same
time now of course ensure that your thumbnail
is square all right now for secret number five in order to create a video
that can go viral you need to evoke emotions so your video needs to do one
of the following either make people laugh or amaze people make them go wow-wow otherwise your video head needs
to make people feel happy surprised or excited now for some products it is a
lot easier to evoke emotions whereas for some products it can be quite
challenging to evoke emotions the bottom line is always try our best to evoke
emotions when you are creating your video now for examples on good video ads
you can go to Facebook and then you search for I won 1 by howlers so that is
actually by blue cream so you can have a look at their videos they are all pretty
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  1. HI, Dave, at the end of the video, you say for the good videos ads we can search on Facebook search for "I one one by", what is that? do not understand.

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