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Create Facebook Ads for Engagements on Videos, Posts, Lead Forms | Custom Audience Engagements

Create Facebook Ads for Engagements on Videos, Posts, Lead Forms | Custom Audience Engagements

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome
back to another Facebook marketing tutorial on my youtube channel. Now this
is going to be an extremely crisp and short tutorial. All I intend to do here
is show you the latest update that Facebook has come up with in custom
audiences. You can now create ads for a lot of different kind of engagement that
users have either with your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, your events
your videos. So say you have a video and users have been engaging a lot with that
video. Now in the next step of the funnel, you want to create another ad and just
show it to people who engaged with that particular video. That is in fact
possible now to do. You need to create a custom audience. So to get
started once you’re in your ads manager go under audiences and once you’re here
create a custom audience. In this list of custom audiences – the last one here is
engagement. Let’s select that. Now these are all the different kind of
engagements you can select to target – there is video, so if someone spent time
watching your video you can show them another ad. If someone’s responded to
your lead form you can show them an ad. If someone’s responded to your Facebook
canvas ads or a canvas in general you can show them an ad. Here you can show
ads to people who responded to your Facebook page – interacted with your page
in any way or with your Instagram profile and finally people who engaged
with an event – maybe they’ve responded as interested or going to an event. So if
you select video you will have to select people who viewed your video for three
seconds, ten seconds and so on. You can also select the kind of video – you can
choose a particular video and target like that. In case of lead generation
form you can target specific forms. In case of Facebook page – people who engaged
with your page. You can narrow it down to people who sent you messages or engaged
with us any certain posts and so on and so forth. So
this is really really interesting – the way I look at it is suppose say you
wanted to convert people through some kind of an ad, what you could do is
create a video and target it to a vast majority of people and once a lot of
people have seen the video and they understand what your business is now you
can probably create a lead generation form and target to only those people who
already know your business because say they’ve seen 50% of the video. There’s a
lot of combinations you can make here and do some really interesting things. And
finally once you’ve created a custom audience, as you might already be knowing,
you go to ads manager create a campaign and while you’re defining the audience
for the ad you can just select the custom audience. Name it here and you can
select your custom audience. And that’s about it for this tutorial. I hope I was
able to teach you something new and add value to you. If I did please hit the
thumbs up button, comment and let me know and subscribe to my channel for more
marketing content. If you’re looking to have a one-on-one session with me the
best way to reach me is through Instagram the link is right here. Thank

4 thoughts on “Create Facebook Ads for Engagements on Videos, Posts, Lead Forms | Custom Audience Engagements

  1. Facebook doesn't even show my posts to the followers I already have. Why would I pay for more followers for them to not show my posts to.

  2. I just want to know if i have make a custom audience would it be a specific campaign that i have to run for custom audience and also if i have put the custom audience can i narrow the campaign further like select city and demographic and all could it be effective as well please help me out in it

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