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Create Effective Facebook Ads

Create Effective Facebook Ads

Hello Guys , We’re here to learn , How to Create Facebook Ads i’m Mahmoud Hassan from Egypt and i’ll be your Instructor in this Small Track First , How i can do facebook Ads First , you can go to this App ( Ads Manager ) you can go to this App ads Manager Or you Can go from here , Create Ads Create Ads you will have this Choices First i have or wanna your people to interact Interact with your Posts Second , if you have a page and wanna more likes Third if you have a website and wanna a huge Traffic , u can choose this Make a Lead for or a huge Sales u can Choose this by Converting traffic to your website and Recieve them on landing page and your page ready to Receive this people who’d pre-programmed giving to you and review her prime and on Facebook you can the truth these military to their words is am it fact I’m if you’re if you wanna get people to
interact with you air and the if you have any Iran and when more people to come to
these hearing you can chew youth and a few
Anaheim of our you can truth youth are you room if you have a feel pension and DVD if you have read your
form mutual a new printer platform you can
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interaction PCs not sure storm for reconfirmed I are and if language you and am now Canyon the computer for the people who will
interact with both you fission reject Dustin Martin river in and every year star are the few morry archer and I we choose what can help me through and shoot uplifted vintage the thing that did you really can expect
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language for them Mar really have to the have to lose you or through your weekend for I will be true anguish or for United Kingdom and the United did am more demographic I we meant you because they’re too Mar if you have room
to reprogram them you can use it if you think it will be before you bar here enter you the most bar on Form to you can use the independent should be
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Britain you don’t need more going back and then
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have time and you wanna broom make it peabody invitation if you are interested to be for every run for a run ambition bar I want to be fragments and they which would get me want to
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like these and part in New make these mark I’m groove hardcore good people go
into making and remembered for be I would click reform might be feeling
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Richard alright we knew his job read invented production location Jeff can be here and the night with your
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good origins more for other countries every church who when you store on it armpits which in big or already firm you can be 1 p.m. be a full moon who have to be in and pleaded carefully been cool it
fitting to help you after you do you teach ruled it on we watching new job killing belief Arbor and after a few hours or many your head will be approved you
can be in with created from if you are are should be and you are
going now to to shoe what you have been confused can be these
can be im makers his everything’s were granted truth this Nationstar may be funded for RB
from tomorrow car party in miss you terribly mark green Mac shippers and ish if you
want to happen what could have been my budget 15 per and baguette newest member clicks and in my sig are with borrowing 5g the front you for Rome to 25 and if our take leave school before three feet from
to favoring Mark few weeks game arwood 52 bathroom and do we give this number of links investment its boot camp in to achieve
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need any hand Jeff in the meantime Mac mood image black and and bureaucrats
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