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Create a TrueView video campaign in AdWords

Create a TrueView video campaign in AdWords

TrueView video ads can help you reach customers
on YouTube and across the web. You can create and
manage TrueView campaigns right in AdWords, and
control where they appear, when they run,
and who sees them. With TrueView video ads you can
reach just the right audience by targeting your ads by
demographics, interest, language, location,
and other methods. And finally, you pay only when a
viewer engages with your video. Let’s go through the steps. Want to follow along
in your account? Click Try It Now to start. Sign-in to your AdWords account
and click the Campaigns tab. Click the +Campaign
button, then click Video. Enter your campaign name and
fill in your campaign settings. Enter your daily budget. Choose the networks you want
the video campaign to run on. Choose the locations where you
want to target, or exclude, your campaign. Choose the language
your customers speak. Click Save and Continue. Now, you’ll create an ad group. Start by giving it a name. Next to your video
search for or paste the URL of the YouTube video
you want to use in your ad. You have to host your
videos on YouTube to use a TrueView
video campaign. Next to video ad type, choose
your advertising goal– to drive views,
awareness, or conversions, or to drive mobile
app installations. Next to video ad formats
choose either in stream ad or in display ad. Use TrueView in stream ads
when you want your video ad to appear before, during, or
after other videos on YouTube and the Display Network. TrueView in stream ads can
appear on videos across YouTube and on video publisher sites
and apps on the Display Network. Use TrueView in display
ads to promote a video when people are
searching on YouTube or browsing videos on
YouTube and across the web. TrueView in display ads can
appear next to YouTube videos, on YouTube search results, on
video plays on YouTube channels and watch pages, and
on publisher sites across the Display Network. For this example, we’ll
select in stream ad. Fill out the information
to create your ad. Enter your cost per
view, or CPV, bid. With TrueView in
stream ads you’re charged when a viewer watches
30 seconds of your video, or the full video if it’s
less than 30 seconds, or when someone interacts
with your video. Interactions include
clicks on call to action overlays, CTAs,
cards, and companion banners. With TrueView in
display ads you’re charged when a viewer clicks a
thumbnail to watch your video. Edit the targeting method
you want to use for your ads. By default, your ads
will show to all viewers. Click Save ad group. If your AdWords account
isn’t already linked to your YouTube channel, you
can follow the instructions to do that here. And that’s it. What are you waiting for? Get started with TrueView
video advertising today. Ready to start in your account? Click Try It Now to
create a TrueView ad. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, where you can get all the
latest AdWords tips videos. And if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
comments section. Have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

43 thoughts on “Create a TrueView video campaign in AdWords

  1. unfortunately is the automatic tranlation not always correct , I will always understand what you say because I learn very match from you . Even the transcript is not correct en contains a lot of mistakes .

  2. I automatically go into AdWords Express and can't find a way to change it so I may pick the video option. It is only allowing me to edit a regular campaign that I would normally run. I also would like to know if I have someone handling my SEO and AdWords campaign if I will be penalized by running a video ad concurrent

  3. Will this video be updated with the new additional Bidding option for TrueView In-Stream – "Popular videos bid adjustment." Would like to know some insights as to what kind of Video's are going to be considered as Popular Video. Does this also include the YouTube Channels.

  4. I only want to promote a single video on my channel, not all of them. Does this service narrow it down to a single video? I don't want to pay for views on other videos.

  5. Uh, My Google AdWords page looks nothing like that. I have no "Campaigns" tab. I only have the option of creating a text ad. What's wrong?

  6. what we choose display URL ? our youtube video link? my link more than 35 letters so i cannot understand what is display URL help me

  7. I am trying to run a YouTube only ad campaign. Setting up the video ad screen was easy only then it takes me to what I think is a google search campaign screen that I don't want. That screen will not even except "standard text" so that I can't move on to whatever screen comes next. Getting ready to give up & quit. Help??

  8. I would like to suggest that you guys update your user interface. Make the text much bigger — use large high end graphics. Structure it so that it is easy to understand like a tutorial to step through. Explain all of the terms on the site in multiple ways – at a glance with a few words, as a phrase explaining what it is via a tool tip, a longer paragraph explanation – perhaps with some strategy – some dos and don't and examples. You use terms like everyone already knows what they mean.

    Your user interface is like being on the back end in the admin section, rather than on the front end. I don't want to eat in the kitchen, I want to eat in the dining room; where everyone is thoughtfully looking to take care of me and serve me — as the paying customer!

    I shouldn't need extensive training in order to understand all of the options you have laid out in each step. One shouldn't have to go watch a video like this in order to fill out your form. If you wanted to make quality videos you would do better to make quick videos that are posted along side each section as tool tips. You guys put so much time into making the ad platform and make all your money from advertising, yet drop the ball in making the user experience fun and easy to buy ads.

    I would happily give you my money if you made the experience easy and happy. I am less likely to give you my money when you make the process laborious and difficult to do. It's like when you have to read a long paragraph and its all one section. Instead of broken up by ideas – it makes it harder to read and more work to follow.

    Look at the way organizations create forms that step people through a sale. They make it a super easy, quick, painless process. They keep the layout crisp, clean, professional, and easy to read – rather than minimalist and cryptic – requiring one to dig in to understand each step – wondering if they are about to do something wrong. Look at sales funnels or stock trading GUIs for inspiration.

    Please fix your user experience. Please update your graphic user interface to be more engaging, easy, instructional, larger type.

  9. When you create in-stream or in-display video ad campaigns inside google Adwords. Will your videos be seen on Youtube or in Google search result?

  10. you said TrueViews will get charged when it attains a 30 seconds watch time. With this 30 seconds from advert, will my original views count on the video be increased?

  11. does anyone have an idea how to do an instream video ad, and set the destination URL to the video itself. I would like my ad to play, so that when people click it, they get taken to my video, where they can decide to like, unlike, or subscribe. So Far every time I've tried this, I've been getting disapproved for destination mismatch. Thanks

  12. Please mujhe AdWords ka process bataeye mujhe Apne AAP ko Apne family ke samne proof karna chahti hu ki Mai paise kama Sakti hu o bhi YouTube se please help me

  13. Hi there, when exactly I start to be charged from google ads? And, how much? The price is based on the campaign's budget or on the views?

  14. My google Adwords page look like pay money so much per day, Can u help me how to get the best goal of our promoting?

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