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Create a Gmail Ads Campaign – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Create a Gmail Ads Campaign – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

ERICA: Hi, everyone. I’m Erica from the
Google AdWords team. And this is AdWords
in Under Five Minutes. This video will
teach you all you need to know about
showing ads in Gmail. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sign into your AdWords
account at adwords.google.com and create a Display
Network only campaign by selecting no
marketing objective and then all features as
your campaign subtype. Fill in the rest of
your campaign settings as you would for a
normal display campaign. It’s best to create a campaign
and ad group for Gmail ads only. This will ensure that
all of your Gmail ads have the correct targeting
and aren’t competing against your other campaigns. When creating your
ad group, select use a different targeting method. When asked how to
target your ads, select placements
from the dropdown. Then search for Gmail and
select mail.google.com, click Save and Continue. It’s important not to
use in market audiences targeting, remarketing lists,
dynamic search keywords, custom affinities, or placements
other than Gmail inboxes since these targeting methods
aren’t supported by Gmail ads. Since Gmail ads must be created
by using the ad gallery, we’re going to skip ad creation
after creating our ad group and create the ads
directly from the Ads tab. Click the Ads tab and then
click the red plus Add button and select Ad gallery
from the dropdown menu. Click the Gmail ads image. Remember, you must use a
Gmail ad from the ad gallery to run on Gmail. Select the template
you’d like to use– choose from image, single item,
or multiple items templates. Custom HTML creatives require
some coding knowledge. You can see how these work
in the Gmail ads custom HTML specifications article. In this case, we’ll select
Gmail image template, enter an ad name, display
URL, and a landing page URL. Note that static tracking
URLs can be used, but impression pixels
and dynamic tracking URLs are not permitted for
landing page URLs. Upload a logo with a max
size of 144 by 144 pixels. The logo image will be
used in the collapsed ad. Enter the name of
your advertiser next. This must be the domain
or recognized name of your advertiser and
under the character limit of 15 characters. Next, enter the subject which is
the title of your collapsed ad. The subject can have
up to 25 characters. Try including an offer,
percentage discount, or compelling announcement. Enter your description– this
should be a short summary or powerful call to action and
can be up to 100 characters. Finally, upload the image. There are a few requirements
to keep in mind. It must be less than 650 by
1,000 pixels with a minimum of 650 by 300 pixels. JavaScript, stylesheets, Flash,
HTML5, audio, iframes, and GIFs are not allowed. Once everything looks
good, check the ad preview. If it looks correct, click Save. And that’s it. Let’s wrap up with a
few important things to remember when setting
up your Gmail ads campaign. First, to run ads and Gmail, you
must use a Gmail ads template from the ad gallery. Other ads will not work. Second, when creating
ads to show in Gmail, it’s important to
remember that this will be your main targeting method. You can target topics,
demographics, interests, and keywords as you would
in your display campaigns. However, it’s best to avoid
other targeting methods. Third, ads that show
in Gmail can only show to an individual Gmail
user up to four times. Be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have further
questions, you can find us on social media,
discuss this in the AdWords community, chat to
an online specialist, or pick up the phone
and give us a call. Thanks for tuning in
and have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

44 thoughts on “Create a Gmail Ads Campaign – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

  1. You forgot to mention WHEN you're actually charged with a click, on the expanding of the ad, OR the actual click on your creative inside the ad. It seems its on the expanding of the ad, which makes this much, much more difficult to get an ROI out of these campaigns since the user needs to click twice in order to get to your landing page.

  2. what is difference between marketing objectives and non marketing objectives in adwords display network?

  3. One point on this video it isnt clear on the targeting available on the gmail ads. SO you cannot use remarketing lists so what can you use ? keywords targeting, Interest ?

  4. Hi, awesome video. When i get to placements i typed in mail.google.com and it doesnt show gmail. It just shows many that are similar or anonymous. And idea why gmail isnt showing?

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    I want to know how to run the search ads for small search websites in search networks. I am really for this if you could help out with it .. will be greatly appreciate .


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  7. GM Campaign. I'm getting 5,000 "clicks", 250 "clicks to website". $0.02cpc ~50%ctr 100% bounce wtf. Search / Display / RM / Shopping / YT campaigns in same account are getting good clicks, good conversions/low cpa, low bounce rate, with similar demo target options. Why are gmail metrics so skewed and super high bounce rates and ridiculous ctr(mostly mobile)???? Also GM campaign banner "crop" is busted. Also View-Through Conversions is 0, but then how is display viewthrough conversion is accurate when gm campign says 0 for realative same number of clicks (to website)???? Please Google Engineers, fix CLICKS columns to reflect only clicks to website and then have GMAIL columns template with new column called Gmail Views to replace Clicks — Some accounts have like 2,000 "clicks" with 50%ctr and only 2 "clicks to website" even though other campaigns are good because your GMAIL CPC is totally messed up, esp for click sto website, for example can get 5000 gmail clicks with 0.02CPC but only 20 clicks to website, so real CPC is actually $5.00 NOT $0.02. Also view-through conversion attribution is busted, I am certain of it. GM campaign metrics are a total mess. Is your GM demo targeting even accurate??? 🙁 So make Clicks + CPC = clicks to website and make Gmail Views + GM View CPC = related to open rates Thank you.

  8. Hi, i tried your way which is really nice and easy, but when i typed mail.google.com, it doesn't show me the gmail option to choose it as a placement, please advice.


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  11. Hello, thanks for the video. I was trying to create a Gmail ad but when I get to the red button, mine doesn't have a drop-down option to choose ad gallery. It is just a read button nothing else. Is there anything am doing wrong?

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