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Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(suspenseful music) (woman screaming) – [Governor] The state
of Florida has issued a category five hurricane warning. All residents must evacuate immediately. Grab your families, your loved ones, and get out. – [Haley] Dad! – [Governor] We won’t
be able to come for you. – [Haley] Dad? (creature groaning) (suspenseful music) Dad!? Oh, God. What happened? (woman screaming) – Haley, are you hurt? – I’m fine. Hello, can anybody hear me? I’m trapped with my father in our house in Coral Lake. – Haley! – Please send help! – [Wade] Haley? – Wade, down here! – Pete, do you hear that? – In less than an hour we’ll be under water. I’m banging on the pipes, it blurs their senses. – I can distract them for you. You got this! – You need to go, now! – I’m not leaving you here. (suspenseful music) (gun shots) – We’re in here! (breaking glass) (water surges) (gasping) Come on you son of a bitch. (suspenseful music)

100 thoughts on “Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

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  2. If I ever get invited to that house for tea I’ll be like ‘hahahaha HELL NAH YOU HAD AN ALLIGATOR EATING PEOPLE!!!!!’

  3. I live in Florida and I have seen 3 major hurricanes, I do worry about this kind of thing after hurricane’s they warn you not to wade in puddles deeper than your ankles gators are stealth animals, you wouldn’t know one is near you until they attack you, although gators are not that aggressive they have a mutual respect for humans mostly they fear humans, but all that changes when it’s mating season then they can be extremely dangerous, and unpredictable. They rarely get that big without animal control catching them and sending them to the gator farm ( yes there is a gator farm), having said that this movie was disturbing because it has indeed happened where gators end up in swimming pools and even in peoples living rooms, under parked cars on porches they can even climb fences, in some areas they advise you not have dog doors in your homes, they can get into your home that way too.

    This is a little overblown for dramatic purposes but, this is a real problem in some areas in Florida, nightmares are made from this, welcome to the sunshine state.

  4. I watchex it yesterday. Damn it sucks. Fucking alligators rip peoples limbs off if they get a bite. Here it seems like The main heros are indestrucrable

  5. I went without any expectations just to kill sometime but Man, I'm amazed by the cinematography and the suspense. You should give a try, every second you feel the suspense and there are enough twists.

  6. after watching the trailer im sure i wont watch the movie. Not only seems predictable and boring and uncreative, but also the trailer showed basically the whole movie. I can only expect that a dinosaur shows up, and would be the only surprise. I was just a bit interested because of Kaya, but the way she acts, honestly the could have used any other cheaper random actress for such a bad movie, why spending more on an actress that wont even get to show her skills, it is like using Jim Carrey as a secondary actor in a movie…stupid.

  7. Can we agree that the real enemy in this movie weren't the gators? But horrible Florida building safety codes ? 🙂

  8. Worse Acting And Worse Film I Have Ever Seen!!!!! If You Can Kill A 15Foot Alligator With A Showel After 3 Wacks Then How The Hell Does It Take Over Ten Gunshots To The Head To Kill The Second One? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Just came back to say it’s such a bloody good film! I ended up seeing it twice, you never get bored not even for a minute!!! ❤️

  10. Just started watching this and a sweet innocent dog was just introduced. Im sure the writer is talented enough not to resort to killing a dog for cheep and pathetic thrills. But as always I wish the fate of the dog in this film apron the writers and directors children and loved ones. Lets hope the dog makes it out alive. ; )

  11. Waste filim & cash too waste..dnt watch anyone… sometimes we think English people are mad ones(no brain)…it's a filim which we can't imagine it will happen..no it will happen only in English filim only

  12. A movie about 2 people too stupid to get out of a house and have a basement in FL… Just saved 12 bucks thanks to this trailer of disappointment.

  13. Well as I'm leaving the theater I'm realizing I could have just watched the trailer lol they literally showed all of the parts.

  14. I just saw movie, I live in Florida, and we are facing a hurricane,: now I'm scared 🤔😰🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  15. Hmmmm……..I see Hollywood. Is this just a movie or y'all speaking of what we're about to face in a few days here in Florida with Hurricane Dorian approaching us? They reveal a lot of things through movies that they try to pass off as "entertainment".

  16. Welp since this hurricane hitting florida (i live here, exactly where its gonna hit) is gonna be a reenactment of this movie? This movie was simply a subliminal message predicting/displaying its wrath & whats to come.

    Blame geostorming & people for angering this planet due to all they have done since they started inventing mechanisms that become major devices of pollution let alone themselves

  17. Well I mean they made horror movies with tits and asses, they were bound to start making them for foot fetishes as well.

  18. The one movie that should be set in Australia and it’s in America, I mean, come one, we have giant 22 foot crocs that would eat people. ALLIGATORS DONT EAT PEOPLE!!!! I give up with Hollywood sometimes😭

  19. Okie let me just say something here… IF THAT DOG dies I will run out of the cinema and tell them to give my money back

  20. Yeah you get your hand squeezed by a crocodile's jaw you aint going to use that hand for days if at all – this bitch popin flairs and doing muscle ups get the fuck outta here with that bullshit

  21. Alligators: hide underwater and wait for pray to start drinking water before springing out and biting them

    This bitch ass alligator, waits for guy to start talking to his buddy before attacking, grabs girl and crawls at about 60mph

  22. who would have taught that this hurricane is actually happening in FLorida 😁😁😁, im ready to fight some gators

  23. If a full sized American Alligator grabs you by the leg and drags you it's game over. They have the third most powerful bite force of any animal in the world (stronger than a bull shark) and when they grab you they twist their heads rapidly to break your bones as fast as possible. If this bitch ain't dead then fuck this movie.

  24. I saw the movie no spoilers but if i would rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 I would defintitley give it a 5!!!! but thats just my opinion so not telling anyone that they have to likke it but I DO reccomend it!!!

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